Welcome to the GW27 review. It’s a little later than usual this week, owing to the anti climax that was the additional City game. My team is now broken. There can be no other explanation, I have had 6 red arrows in the last 7 weeks.

I will keep the ranting to a minimum and it won’t be long before we look at Top 50 of the FFUK league and discuss how some of the FFUKers are doing at the moment. But let me have my moment first.

It was a momentous gameweek. Well it was supposed to be. The first double of the season. City’s stars were ripe for investment as they squared up to a couple of the juiciest fixtures imaginable – Sunderland and Stoke – does it get any better than this? I took a minus 8 to get into position. In my head I knew it wouldn’t work, but what was the alternative? Go without the most devastating striker in the league with a double? No chance. I went for it, knowing full well that my -8 would also require at least a -4 this week to rectify the situation. It is comforting to know I wasn’t alone. Broken describes me and my team right now but it isn’t over and I am sure a few of you know exactly how I feel. Those who decided to avoid the DGW madness currently look a lot wiser for it, but more on this later. Would I do it all again if I had the chance? Probably, and that is why I am not beating myself up completely (although you could be forgiven for thinking that this review was along these lines!). There was a chance of glory and I was there. You have to be in it to (not) win it, or something along those lines.

Bore Draw

There is more… What made it all much worse was how it eventually panned out. To be honest I can’t remember a lot of the games over the weekend as I was working but I enjoyed the Chelsea performance against West Ham on Monday night despite my Alonso (2) clean sheet being wiped away a the last minute by a late Lanzini (10) goal. It was all about the 2nd City game on Wednesday night. After the team news I was deflated with no Sterling (6) in the lineup or even on the bench, I guess I should have been thankful for the assist in the first game. Certainly not satisfied I decided to watch the Barca Champions League game on BT Sport. Barca were 4 zip down and needed a miracle. This is not the Barca side of a few years ago and if you remove their front 3 are nowhere near the levels they were at. Having said this they gave it a bloody good go against a disorganised PSG who looked the complete opposite of a side that dominated their Spanish counterparts in the first leg, had they be taking lessons in how to play in Europe from Arsenal? An early goal was followed by a scrappy second which meant I ended up watching the Barca game, I knew the boys on WhatsApp would let me know as soon as anything happened back home. A 3rd goal, the comeback was well and truly on only for Cavani to get a vital away goal leaving Barca needing 3 more in the closing stages in the Nou Camp. I watched for a bit but foolishly made the decision on 84 minutes to switch back to the Britannia. Still 0-0 closing stages, he couldn’t could he? No he couldnt. 0-0 final score. Checked my phone and there were about 25 messages. I missed the greatest comeback ever? Maybe, although there was some benevolent officiating from what I saw, not the first time Barca have benefited from this. Disgrace. But yes I missed the comeback 6-1. Incredible stuff, Michael Owen nearly tore a hamstring celebrating. I was broken.

SCENES! Just after this Owen does a lap of honour for some reason

Getting back to the situation in hand. In terms of GW27 and how it all panned out, perhaps it is best demonstrated by the dream team below. The best scoring team featured no city attackers, 3 stoke players, 3 city defenders and 2 saints midfielders. Other than Mane, Kane and Llorente none of these were massively popular picks.

Screenshot 2017-03-09 at 1.42.56 PM

It wasn’t all doom and gloom, and for the lucky ones there were some big scores around and even a couple who hit the holy grail of the 100 club. Lets investigate.

Screenshot 2017-03-09 at 2.36.01 PMScreenshot 2017-03-09 at 2.36.11 PM

Nick Johns (1st) returns to top spot and the top 2 have opened up a huge lead on the chasing pack. Congratulations Nick, your score of 101 was also the best in the Top 50 and 2nd best in the league overall. Up to 315th in the world right now, this is some performance from our leader. The rest of us watch on in awe. Nick was one of the 42 FFUKers to wield the Triple Captain chip this week, a season high so far. Aguero (9) was the lucky man responsible for most of these. However, it was the rest of Nick’s side that came up trumps including a lovely pair of stoke picks. Grant (13), Pieters (14), Mane (13) and Kane (13) all did the business. Would you triple captainers have settled for 9 points x 3 at the start? Probably not. It is of some crumb of comfort that I and a few others still have that chip saved up for a rainy day.

Sean Colohan (2nd), off the back of a solid performance in the most recent Meet the FFUKers video on Friday evening, held his own too with 86 points although he didn’t need to use the TC chip so has that in hand. He was, of course, one of the 81 who gave Aguero (9) the armband. Anyone who watched the video will know that he also picked out Lanzini (10) as a good pick for the next couple, did anyone take the advice? These two look unstoppable right now. Always listen to Coolers!

However you may have noted that Nick Johns, despite making it into the 100 club was not the highest scorer. That honour this week goes to Tom Page Chatton (104th) our youngest manager with a staggering 105 points. The TC was used on Aguero (9) but he had a couple of fantastic city defenders in Kolarov (15) and Stones (6) plus Grant (13), Whelan (9), Alli (12) and Firmino (12). Well played Tommy, make sure you claim your best GW score and keep up the good work, I reckon you can still make it up to the top 50 with some good moves… Good luck!


Another who acquitted himself rather well in Friday’s video was Stu Allen (15th) who decided to ignore the City DGW completely, in the process rising 13 places in the league with 86 points. Mr Sensible. We all thought he was mad. Stu you are the voice of reason in a world of uncertainty right now. Talk to me.

However, we now have to discuss the less fortunate. I am one of these, only 3 teams scored worse than me in the Top 50. This is getting desperate. As is my prerogative I will completely ignore my own performance now and focus on those below me. Sorry guys. If its any consolation this could easily be my last week in the Top 50 and you will all be above me next time round.

Jamie Cooper (46th) has the unwanted award for lowest score this gameweek. 33 points was shocking. The red for captain Zlatan (-1) must have hurt. Only Kane (13) spared this from what could have been a real blood bath. Moving swiftly on to avoid prolonging the pain…

ZLATBAN – misses next 2 premier league games

Next worst was John McHugh (41st) with 38 points. This time John had Lukaku (6) captain so it wasnt the worst start. The Iheanacho (1) punt didnt work out on a week where only Firmino (12) stood up to be counted for Dearg. Painful stuff. Darren McKeown (45th) is lucky I wont go into details of his performance but suffice it to say if it was the only other one worse than mine then it didn’t go well. We must all regroup and go again.

This is it again for another gameweek, thanks for reading. Looking ahead to GW28 it’s certainly going to be interesting. Only 4 games as below. How many players do you have playing in your squad? At least there isn’t long until we get going again. I don’t need more time to mull things over. Lets get 27 forgotten about and move on, beginning with getting all these City players out. Once I have removed naughty boy Zlatan first.

Finally if you haven’t already check out details of the End of Season do and let us know if you can attend, we need to know numbers please!

Screenshot 2017-03-07 at 12.53.47 PM

Have become all I lost and all I hoped for.

But I must carry on

Always one

Never broken.

Jake Bugg, 23 years old


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