As you will know from the previous It’s Business Time article, it is business time. And this is, It’s Business Time Part 2. So let’s get straight to Business.

After taking a quick look at the Top 10, and a round up of the cups, I’ll also have a look at the other remaining prizes, the Manager of the Month, and Best Gameweek Score.

Here you will see the run in calendar I have prepared with TV scheduling paid particular attention to. Come Friday we are going to have football almost every day, for 16 days, until the season ends on Sunday 21st May. I am looking forward to that day, and will be spending it with Scott Volker, but I’ll get back to that.



The FFUK Top 10

I covered the FFUK Top 10 in the previous article, and as it somewhat speaks for itself, I’ll say just a little. Notably, the Top 2 is unchanged, with Nick Johns (1st) and Sean Colohan (2nd) leading the pack, and with a gap of 73 points to Matt Reid in 3rd. Neil Freeland in 4th has more than cemented his place, in fact closing the gap to Matt to just 5 points. Sean Griffin (5th) completes the Top 5 a further 7 points behind, on 2000, with a steady 37 point lead over 6th place. These guys all have chips to play, although the power of said chips will be realised across the next two weeks. Coolers is the only one with Triple Captain to play and I for one am keen to see if this chip can outshine the bench boost as it proved an efficient tool in the big doubles last season.

The next 5 of Richard Green (6th), Phil Smith (7th), Lester Deeble (8th) and Jamie Stewart (10th) are a bit more of a mixture affair, two of them holding both bench boost and triple captain chips, and a couple of AOAs floating about in there too. But one of the Top 10 has no chips at all (that’ll be me- Pete Cronin 10th), so that place is definitely up for grabs. Also, Chris (71st) suggested last season that the AOA could be a very interesting chip in GW38, and I reckon it could also be utilised on a double. Either way, we’ll see if anyone can get some good use out of an AOA over the next couple of weeks.


The Cups

Some of you will already know how the FFUK Cup semi-finals played out, but for those that don’t, the matches finished as follows:

Nick Johns 351 v Scott Volker 377

Pete Cronin 354 v Jimmy Prebble 327

Firstly, commiserations to Jimmy Prebble (26th) who had me worried getting through to the final, you’ve had an excellent run and I’m sure we’ll be seeing your name in lights again next season.

Now do I commiserate our league leader, Nick Johns, who also lost out in the cup? Go on then, commiserations to Nick, although it’s always easier for the rest of us to back the underdog (except for United fans). Scott V (The Phoenix) had a blistering final gameweek, bench boosting Josh King to Nick’s Kane. Ironic as Scott is a massive Spurs fan, but interestingly he only has Son in his current line up. What does he know that I don’t?

But onto the FFUK Cup Final. Now it happens that out of the 198 people in the league, Scott and I are lucky enough to be meeting someone we know in the final, eachother:

On the final day myself and Scott will be meeting up to see out the season together xx

As a quick indication of how our final may play out, I did a bit of a tot up while we played 5 a side on Tuesday. Scott had a great game, netting a hat trick in the first half, while I managed a couple of assists. I scored late in the second half, having been handed a one-on-one with the keeper, being given enough time to stop the ball dead before smacking it straight at him. Fortunately he moved out of the way. Another of our players got a couple of goals and an assist but I would still put myself in the running for bonus. However, aside from skying a big chance earlier in the match, I lost the ball a number of times and my pass completion was frankly horrendous. Obviously Scott gets max bonus.


The final 5 a side FF scores are as follows:

Scott Volker                                                                                    Pete Cronin

Minutes 36                                                                                       Minutes 36

Goals 3                                                                                              Goals 1

Assists 0                                                                                            Assists 2

Bonus 3                                                                                             Bonus 0

Total: 20                                                                                            Total: 13

As you can see I’m going to have a tough time beating Scott across 3 gameweeks, especially as Scott has bench boost and AOA still to play, while I have no chips. But I think it’s fair to say we’re both more than happy to reach the final.

The Winner of the FFUK Cup receives £200 in prize money, with £100 for the runner up.


The Challenge Cup

The CC is also down to the final two following a couple of strong performances in the semis.

Toby Jones has only recently been dislodged from the Top 10, but still managed a sufficiently strong month to beat Tom Aitchison in the Cup. It must have got a bit hairy in the final gameweek for these two, as a mere 13 points took the win to Jones. Well done Toby, you’ll be joined by Jamie Cooper (85th). Jamie, the Rashford triple captain in GW34 must have hurt, but you’re through to the final of the Challenge Cup, with a prize fund of no less than £150 for the winner, and £75 for the runner up, enjoy! Both Tony and Jamie have played all their chips, so this will one come down to a battle of might!

Toby Jones 334 v Tom Aitchison 321

Jamie Cooper 288 v Louise Wilcockson 260



Manager of the Month

April’s massive 6 gameweeks means this prize is as good as won. Of course it may change, as there are plenty of games in the 3 gameweeks of May, but the scores to beat are pretty big.

Robert Simpson’s ‘Bombers Legends’ (30th) finished the month of April with an impressive 401 points, the highest monthly score so far this season which guarantees him a prize.

The second highest monthly score vying for a prize is John Gordon’s (110th) December score of 378 points, which is now the score to beat in May. To do that you will need to score 100 this week, 200 next week and a decent 79 in the final gameweek. Not impossible.

The winner of MOTM will take £100 with a runner up prize of £40.

Best Gameweek Score

Now last season a benchmark was set high for this prize in Gameweek 34 by Lester Deeble (7th), so when the second big double gameweek came around in GW37 Steve Cronin (81st) stepped up for the runner up prize. This season the benchmark currently sits comparatively low, especially as both DGW27 and DGW34 this season were a little limp.

That means that the current scores to beat are:

Kieran Webb, 114 points, GW32 – an immense bench boost with Captain Son earning 38 points.

Andrew Roberts, 110 points, GW21 – a beautiful first eleven score (off a wildcard) with Captain Kane earning 34 points, and Alonso’s 21 point haul among the points.

Now while we entirely expect these scores to be beaten in a double gameweek, they haven’t as yet, although it is difficult to imagine scores in GW37 not surpassing them. However, the winner and runner up of the Best Gameweek Score prizes are awarded for different gameweek so if Player A scores 150 points in GW37, and Player B scores 149 points, the winner of the prize will be Player A and the runner up will default to Kieran Webb. Of course it is viable that someone gets a great score in GW36, but that will rely on Arsenal and Southampton scoring loads of goals. It could happen in theory, but I’m not holding my breath.

So we’re almost there, almost at the end of the ride, and what a ride it has been. The ups, the downs, for some there have been more ups, for some more downs, and for Nick Johns and Sean Colohan, barely any movement at all, occupying the top two places in the league for 5 months. Can anyone else imagine no green arrows, no red arrows, for about 15 gameweeks, that would be well boring yeah! 😉

Well whatever happens, you two are winners, and we all bow to your greatness.

Best of luck to one and all for the final three gameweeks, it is going to be LARGE.









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