I was sitting on Friday night watching Spurs throw away their title challenge, thinking ‘this is a bittersweet symphony, Tottenham have bottled it, sweet for Chelsea, but I’m a bit bitter about Kane, Eriksen, and Alli all bloody blanking!’ In all fairness, it was pretty much Sky that had created the Spurs title challenge, Chelsea would have had to have dropped 5 points against Boro, West Brom, Watford and Sunderland, and three of those matches are at home. We thought it was in the bag at Christmas when lucky man Lester Deeble (6th) pulled the Blues in the £2 sweepstake and here we are, almost six months later, about to receive the prize (£40 in Lester’s case). Come on Chelsea!

A few highlights from Gameweek 36 for you. Well for the rolling people that like me, have held Sanchez for weeks and weeks while waiting for a return, it finally came last night, a goal, maximum bonus and a clean sheet vindicated the masses of Sanchez Captains and Triple Captains alike. His goal is a joy to watch, barely given the space and time to move, he took the Southampton defence out like a magician. Perfect! Many of us awoke to a velvet morning of green arrows, and for those of us, let’s just hope this form continues.

Southampton v Arsenal - Premier League - St Mary's
It’s been a while Alexis x

It was more good news for Chelsea on Monday and Alonso was in the points again. This time, Alonso came up with a quality 14 point haul as CFC dominated the now relegated Boro, one day when the dubious goals panel were obviously feeling generous. Fantastic, much like Forster’s penalty save on Sunday which made the Southampton keeper the highest scorer of the gameweek. Asides from Liverpool supporters, who wouldn’t have liked it much, Fraser’s catching a butterfly save stole the dull show on Sunday, awarding all our cheeky Southampton defenders a surprise clean sheet. Deep freeze defending froze out Liverpool, though we must feel a little sad for poor old Milner. Maybe Coutinho will be on pens now, and what a turn up that would be!

We’d all love to know what he whispered to you James!

Vardy owners will have been happy his gameweek, with 2 assists contributing to a 3-0 Leicester win, leaving Watford wandering under a weeping willow, while Man City’s 5-0 whooping of Palace reads like a beautiful sonnet, Kompany, Otamendi, Sterling, Silva and KDB all among the goals. KDB has been here all season but in a neon wilderness of rotation risks and injuries abound, only now is there both the offer and the opportunity to once again bring the ginger prince into our sides. KDB is the most transferred in midfielder this week and will surely be found in many teams for the big double. Anyone already bring him in for Sanchez? Just remember the drugs don’t work people, and every hit will cost you.

FFUK Top 50

Screenshot 2017-05-11 at 10.39.43 AMScreenshot 2017-05-11 at 10.39.52 AM

So who was singing this week? None other than the big man, the one and only, our leader, FFUK Chairman Chris Galloway (47th)! Back in to the Top 50 with a bang, an immense score of 101. Chris triple captained Sanchez for 42 points backed with an all round, tidy looking team. The backline of Caballero, Stephens, Alonso and Monreal did the business, accounting for a not too shabby 40 points between them, with Jesus’s assist points in there too. Glad to have you back Chris!

That score was bettered by just one man in the league, with 102 points, Donald Macauley (22nd), no bench boost, no triple captain, we applaud you Don. Like Chris’ team, it seems that many of the points came from defence this week, with Cech, Stephens, Monreal and Yoshida forming Don’s. Without the TC Don earned 28 from Sanchez, but had points coming in from Albrighton, Vardy and King too. Well played Don, and you have bench boost in your back pocket too!

Oh go on then, seeing as he wrote in and complained last time we omitted his top score, we’ll make an exception for Jimmy Spence (56th) this time. Jimmy will surely hit the Top 50 next gameweek after a massive 102 this time round (whooping my brother Steve Cronin (74th) from a beach in Bali!!!). TC Sanchez came good, and Jimmy was also one of the few Fraser Forster owners too, it was always a good move that we all overlooked. Sterling, Costa, Jesus, along with clean sheets from Cahill, Kos and Bertrand all did their bit for Jimmy too. One to watch for next season surely!

Hope you enjoyed your honeymoon Jimmy!  @Stadium Cafe, Indonesia

And from the good, to the not so. Frankly, brutally, it’s no time for a bad week. Nothing seems to be going right for Challenge Cup finalist Toby Jones (23rd) who could only muster a surprisingly low 29 points this week. Let this be a lesson. No double gameweek players in Toby’s side and in fact, no returns at all bar Costa’s goal and an assist for King. We all know that taking risks doesn’t always work, but clearly this was no week to be conservative.

Likewise FPL pain was felt by Dave Stone (49th) with Captain Gabbiadini, Arsenal fan James Amar (28th) with no Arsenal players, and Rob Eade (24th) who was left taking Lukaku’s vice-captain points. I’m sure I’ve already said enough for these guys…

And possibly a load of you too, so on that note I will bid you the best of luck for the



Hell yes. The one we have all been waiting for is destined to excite, frustrate and adjudicate our league positions, as after this one, we’ll just have one afternoon left. Polish your bench boosts, your triple captains, your AOAs, and if you don’t have any of them, polish something else, GW37 is coming!


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