Welcome to the GW2 review. Is your team showing signs of recovery after a bad start or are the warning signs evident after a disappointing second week? Either way the signs are there, we just have to understand what they mean. Hopefully a bit of 90’s Swedish pop group Ace of Base will help.

We had no Friday night football this time so we reverted to the traditional Saturday morning deadline of 11.30. Man Utd read the script and continued with their very impressive early season form smashing another 4 past the Swans with several of the usual suspects in on the action. The form book flew out of the window just as I got to the golf course. Watford won at Bournemouth, West Brom won at Burnley, Liverpool even beat their bogey team Palace. The Saints and West Ham were involved in a 5 goal thriller. Then on Saturday evening Stoke beat Arsenal. All very exciting but not a great deal of points for many of us other than the early Utd ones, certainly looked like being a lower scoring week than the first one was.

Super Sunday saw Huddersfield continue their winning run by beating Newcastle 1-0 with Aaron Mooy (10) catching the eye at 5.6 with a well taken goal and 2 bonus. Those holding Geordie assets are now beginning to question the decision. I managed to get back in time for the Chelsea game at Wembley vs Spurs. Glad I did. Not owning any CFC players was a calculated move but I still jumped for joy when Marcos Alonso (16) scored both of his goals in a 2-1 win, making him the highest scoring player of GW2. The first was a peach of a free kick. He was a joy to own last season and I wish I still had him, at 7.0m he is a tricky one to bring in though unless you have pushed the button. Spare a thought for my golf partner Kevin Trotter (35th), who late on Friday night decided to transfer out Alonso for Yoshida (5). Ouch.


That left just one game. And many of us had a lot riding on it. City vs Everton on MNF was a hard one to call. In the end an early goal for Rooney (8) and a red card for Walker (-2) at the end of the first half were significant. City equalised but not before Jesus (1) and Sane (2) both disappointed their owners. Jesus was hauled off in a reshuffle and Sane completely forgot how to play football. He couldn’t even manage a throw in. This is from a bitter Danilo (1) owner who I had hoped would start but he came on late and looked like he could do the things a wing back needs to do. It’s Pep’s guess who plays next time round.

That was that. Next let’s check out the Top 50 and then look a bit closer at what went down in the rest of league including that FFUK average once again. Oh yeah we also have a brand new stat-tastic feature which I think you are going to love and needs a name. Plus, I nearly forgot, there is a big removal from the NEW Conts league too!

Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 12.10.13 PMScreenshot 2017-08-22 at 12.10.37 PM

We have a new leader! Congratulations to Paul Austin (1st) for his 74 points which when added to his impressive 79 in GW1 means he has even managed to open up a little lead at the top. Captain Lukaku (6 x 2) was a solid start plus plenty of points from Rooney (8), Pogba (15) and Alonso (16). His defence could even afford a Walker (-2) as everyone else got amongst the points. Taking a look at Paul’s history he is a seasoned veteran in his 9th season of FPL with a best finish of 2131 overall. This is a man who clearly knows his stuff.

However, Paul was just pipped to the best weekly score by Gregg Dampier (T4th) who managed to go one better with 75. Gregg also captained Lukaku (6 x 2) and owned Pogba (15) but his star performers were Bailly (15) and Chicharito (13). Bravo, what a fantastic start!

utd 4.jpg

Last season’s Phoenix Scott Volker (7th) is another one who is enjoying a good opening to this season after a 73 this week. Scott gave the armband to Lukaku (6 x 2), in fact the big Belgian was even more popular as a captain this week with 111 FFUKers deciding that was the way to go.

Ben Radjenovic (218th) was a late returner to the league from down under and missed the GW1 deadline but his 74 points means he is already ahead of plenty who have had the fortune of 2 GWs rather than just one. Looking at his squad he is well set and has 4.6 in the bank. Watch out for Jammin!


Ok now its time for an exciting new feature… One that doesn’t even have a name yet (open to suggestions readers), that is how new it is. The concept is a simple one – each week we will look at the notable risers and fallers in the league. No longer is it just about Page 1. If you do something brilliant or remarkably stupid we should know about it.

Therefore it gives me great pleasure to announce the four biggest movers upwards in the FFUK league for GW2. These boys are on fire. This should give you faith, one good week can make such a difference.

  • Jack Wilson (16th) scored 73 moved up 114 places from 130th.
  • Paul Browne (31st) scored 71 moved up 112 places from 133rd
  • Rob Eade (106th) scored 63 moved up 85 places from 191st
  • Olly Wimshurst (86th) scored 62 and also moved up 85 places from 171st

Now it gives me absolutely no pleasure at all (ok maybe just a little) to announce five of the biggest fallers in the league this week. I’m guessing these FFUKers are all walking around today like a bear with a sore head.

  • Stevie Fielden (143rd) dropped 93 places from 50th after scoring just 31 points
  • Jimmy Sheridan (94th) dropped 83 places from 11th after scoring 31 points
  • Sam Blake (136th) dropped 77 places from 59th after scoring 30 points
  • Steve Cronin (107th) dropped 70 places from 37th after scoring 34 points
  • Daron Russell (91st) dropped 61 places from 30th after scoring 34 points

As you can see some familiar names above to avoid for the next couple of days. Big thanks to both Pete and Steve for working their magic with the spreadsheets and enabling this new feature, think this will be a really useful tool as the season develops. Snoop Dogg clearly agrees. Anyone got a good name for it?

ups and downs

Incredibly, the Stattos didn’t stop there and also worked out the FFUK average for GW2 which once again was above the overall. Just a 2 point difference this time with FFUK average at 45.5 (rounded up to 46) with the official game weighing in at 44. Well done FFUKers once again for proving that you are smarter than the average fantasy player!


Don’t forget Steve’s brilliant weekly stats above that are ready after each deadline and posted in the WhatsApp and FB groups immediately. As you can see unless you captained Lukaku or Mane you were up against it from the start. Interesting that 7 players pushed the wildcard button at the earliest opportunity, and I understand a few more regulars have made that decision this week.

Eviction notice

It’s eviction time again. For only the second time we now have to remove a FFUKer from the NEW CONTS LEAGUE with the lowest GW score. Once more there was tension going into the last game on Monday evening. James Page-Chatton was right in the firing line unless Pickford could save him with a clean sheet. Even then it was looking unlikely, however as the game unfolded and Pickford made save after save there were others getting twitchy. Last season’s runner-up being one of them, Sean Colohan quickly lost faith in Jesus and with just 30 points he was certainly not sitting comfy. Sam Blake (136th) was in a similar position. But alas they could both relax in the end as the City equaliser meant that JPC ended GW2 with 28 points after a bit of a disastrous Salah captaincy and with that he becomes the 2nd FFUKer to be removed. I’m sure no-one will even mention it on the WhatsApp group Jimmy 😉

Thanks once again for reading. FYI the FFUK league is now closed to new entries and we are chasing agents for their monies, if you have not yet arranged payment to your agent please do so ASAP. There are 227 in the league at the latest count. I will be back next week with another review plus I hear Pete is taking a look at the Free-Hit chip analysing how it has gone for some early adopters and looking at options for those of us who haven’t used it yet.

2 GW’s down, 36 to go.

I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes.

The sign said to get rid of KDB. I think. And hold on to Danilo for one more week.

warning signs


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