Welcome to the GW15 REVIEW – REDEMPTION

Massive thanks to my partner in crime, Peter Cronin (100th), for a couple of fantastic reviews over the past week, it has certainly been a frantic time at FFUK but Pete even found time for a cracking Cupdate. All cup ties are now in full flow, both Challenge and FFUK Cup ties are one gameweek down six to go. Normal service (whatever that is) is resumed this week and you lot have to put up with me once more. After a near-suicidal FPL November for me I am desperately seeking something positive in December to recover my season. I am looking for redemption right now so lets go with Bob’s classic for inspiration. I certainly need saving!

What is more the FFUK GW REVIEWS 2017/18 playlist for the season is updated for your listening pleasure. And dont forget you can add songs to our collaborative playlist MUSIC TO FFUK BY and we will use some of these when we need inspiration.

The Players’ Tunnel pre game

In terms of this review I have to gloss over a lot of the action as my memory of it all is a little blurry. Don’t worry I am not losing the plot but I was lucky enough to enjoy a bit of hospitality on Saturday for my first visit of the season to Stamford Bridge. In fact we got to go down the players tunnel and on to the pitch pre-game which was amazing before having breakfast with Chelsea legends Kerry Dixon, Paul Canoville and Tommy Baldwin. The Singha beers were flowing over sausage and bacon. In terms of the game itself it was all about one man, a man who I didnt own in my team. Eden Hazard (15) was head and shoulders above everyone on the pitch scoring 2 goals and max bonus in a 3-1 win.

As a part of my redemption package Pete also procured a couple of tickets for last nights’ game vs Atletico in the Champions League making it 2 games in 3 days at the bridge after almost a year without attending a game. The same man dominated the game, the little Belgian wizard wowed us once more to leave us questioning our teams – currently neither of us own him!

Half Time vs Atletico (no beers so we took a photo instead)

Thats enough of my trips to Stamford Bridge, this is supposed to be a GW review. So lets take a look at the GW15 team of the week to see who we should have had in our teams (I had the correct formation, although only owned 1 of the players!). Phil Coutinho (18) was the highest scoring player of the week.

Screenshot 2017-12-04 at 1.35.54 PM

Now let us concentrate on the FFUK league and top of it in particular as we have a new leader!

Screenshot 2017-12-06 at 12.32.26 PM

Screenshot 2017-12-06 at 12.32.35 PM

As mentioned we have a new leader. Congratulations to Phil Smith (1st) who makes his way to the top spot courtesy of 65 points. Phil was one of 24 FFUKers with Hazard (15 x 2) who got it gloriously right with the captaincy pick. The rest of his scoring was left to Otamendi (11) and Morata (8). Bravo Phil, incredible prowess to this point, can it continue? The rest of the top 10 are snapping at your heels.


There were some seriously good scores in the 70s around on Page 1 and Page 2 of the table but the top score in the league this week went to a man from the lower echelons of the league, this gives us all hope. Jamie Shuell (202nd) managed a massive 81 points – of course his captain was Hazard (15 x 2) but he also had Otamendi (11), Silva (9) and Firmino (13) to swell his score nicely. Is this the start of something special?

A quick word for my nemesis Neil Stewart (39th) who took a -4 but it worked out very well as he achieved 74 points via Captain Hazard (15 x 2) plus a few of the usual City suspects. My dad, Ian Galloway (53rd), also managed a very respectable 70 points without the need for a hit. Well played chaps, showing me how it is done. When I am done with this redemption lark I hope to be chasing you both down!

hero to zero
I’m holding out for a hero!

These HEROES certainly need no redemption. They don’t need saving. These men are a glorious inspiration to us all of what can be achieved:

  • Tom Stacey (110th) rose 56 places from 166th after scoring 80 points!
  • Mark Ford (124th) rose 46 places from 170th after scoring 73 points!
  • Craig Knowles (143rd) rose 41 places after scoring 78 points!
  • Neil Freeland (120th) rose 41 places after scoring 71 points!

Special mention to next best Stu Allen (99th) who rose 37 places from 136th after scoring 65 points – All that squad restructuring in recent weeks is now paying off!

However for every HERO there is an unfortunate ZERO. These men are in need of salvation. Desperate for any sort of redemption, sit down chaps and listen to a bit of Bob’s philosophy, everything is gonna be alright (just as long as you dont appear in this list again!)

  • James Sheridan (135th) fell 33 places after scoring just 28 points!
  • Ashley Cox (140th) fell 33 places after scoring just 28 points!
  • Yabah Turnbull (149th) fell 32 places after scoring just 30 points!

Spare a thought for the lowest scorer in the league Chris Ward (48th) who managed just 25 points. At least you are clinging on to the top 50 Wardy, stay strong!

Eviction notice

I am in a strange position with this next section, I get to announce who is leaving the Conts mini-league this week even though I am no longer a part of it. I am on the outside looking in enviously. Pete has kindly done the honours and removed James Amar (11th) who suffers the embarrassment of being shown the door from this most brutal of mini leagues after scoring just 26 points.  James was hanging on to some semblance of hope as the final game concluded on Sunday. In fact at 85 minutes of the City game redemption looked possible but Peps decision to firm things up by bringing on Fernandinho (1) for the final minutes consigning his bench points from Surman (7) back on that bench. I know how painful it is mate, and this task gives me no pleasure at all, but be strong and at least you can console yourself with your lofty position in the main league. You can concentrate on that league form now.

That is it for another week, as always thanks for reading. While I am at it I can also confirm the manager of the month page is up to date – Congratulations to Josh Prentice (2nd) for topping the table for November.

I’m off to find a replacement for Pogba before I emancipate myself in the mental slavery that is choosing a captain for the weekend! Its about to all kick off again with yet more mid week madness next week to look forward to!




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