You may be thrown by the title but in fact this week’s review is not in tribute to Daron Russell (15th), Jamie Stewart (2nd), or even my main man Christopher Galloway (99th). Nope, sexy as these guys are, this week’s Sexy Beast is Trevor Dennison (35th) who smashed it this week with 82 points. Trevor is walking on the beaches, looking at the peaches, lapping up the sun. Trevor has keeper of the week, Jordan Pickford (13) in the sticks, whose penalty save was a real peach for Everton. Their 4-0 stomping of West Ham was the turnaround of the week, apparently all it takes is Big Sam sitting in the stands to inspire an almost complete change in spirit for the Blues. For me, Everton have been unexpectedly atrocious so far this season, and all they needed to do to get a result was play like they gave an FFUK. Has to be mentioned that one Wayne Rooney turned up with his first Everton hat trick too, and his goal from inside his own half was a bit of a peach too.


Trevor is keeping faith with his own team (for now), captaining Kane (6) for Spurs’ loss to Leicester, with Eriksen (2) reportedly tired and surely a risk for this weekend’s match away at Watford. Luckily Trevor was able to benefit from Vardy’s (8) goal and bonus. Kolasinac (9) came up with an assist and a clean sheet, while KDB (13) chipped in with a goal and an assist, and there was a clean sheet from Joe Gomez (6) too. But one man, more than other has got us all going up and down this week. He didn’t start the match as expected, he then came on and scored two, grabbing a couple of bonus too.

Mo Salah (13) – you are one sexy beast.


Moving swiftly on, for most of us, Gameweek 14 was a very average week. The most popular captain Morata (1) failed to score, Hazard sat out (1), and Aguero (2) blanked despite starting after all. Our league average was 47, which is bang on the overall game average, and I’m sure most of us weren’t far away from that score. For example, Don Mac, the lowest in the Conts this week, finished on 35 which was only 12 under.

But, the major cause was surely all the rotations this week, and our benches were in full effect as Azpilicueta (0), Sane (0), Coutinho (0), Jones (0), Stones (0), Tripper (0), Davies (0), Lowton (0), Elliott (0), Abraham (0) and bloody Scott DANN (0) all missed out.


Stats courtesy of Statto Steve



Screenshot 2017-11-30 at 10.29.29 AM

Screenshot 2017-11-30 at 10.29.40 AM

Kudos to Josh Prentice (1st) who takes the top spot this week, and Manager of the Month for November too. How sexy is this? Josh has captained Salah every week since GW10, that’s five sexy gameweeks in a row. Good for you Josh, and congratulations for taking the top.


hero to zero
3 UP, 3 DOWN

The aforementioned Trevor Dennison (35th) high scored this week with 82, and rose 40 places from 75th off the back of his fat score on a bang average week (that’s the way to do it). Sam Clegg (96th) came straight back up after being a big faller last week, it doesn’t take this man very long to find some mojo! A big week was also had by Stephen Fielden (91st) who had an excellent week with 73 points, rising 48 places with it. Well done to all of you.

Neil Freeland (161st), Andrew Russell (111st) and James Stroud (121st) all fell badly, and largely due to a lack of depth. Will rotation bite us again this weekend?



Eviction notice
Donald Macaulay – you have been evicted.

Don Macaulay (14th), we won’t drag this out any longer than it needs to be. You have already been removed from the Conts League, we know you are in pain and we assume you’ve now brought Salah in for a hit?

Anyway, that’s it for this week, just enough time to share with you that Chris Galloway placed 216th in the FFUK League for November, and I came 197th. Not sure whether that means there’s hope for everyone or the opposite? 😉

Anyway, best of luck to one and all for the weekend!



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