Welcome to the GW18 REVIEW – COLD. As I write this full of cold it seemed the obvious theme. Massive thanks to Stu for taking the reigns last week with his Roulette Review -another cracker. In terms of a tune there were good options but I am going with a personal favourite, Aim’s Cold Water Music, which is soothing the sinuses as we speak!

There is only one game to begin with and that is City vs Spurs. This was seen as a potential banana skin fixture for the Cityzens but no fear they were ice cool in defeating the north London side 4-1. I watched this game in the pub at another Xmas drinks but to be honest once David Silva was missing from the lineup (not that they missed him incredibly) I focused more on the mulled wine and less on the big screen. I have since watched back the highlights and KDB (10), Sterling (12) and Silva’s replacement Gundogan (13) ran the show in some style. City really are doing something special… See below for the records that they could break this season, many of which are Chelsea’s 😦 Staggering stuff.


Kane (1) and Alli (1) were both lucky to stay on the pitch after bad challenges, similar to when they lost their tempers against Chelsea a couple of season’s ago. Worrying for those who own Spurs assets if they cant even put the pressure on, something that in the past they have been quite proud of.

Is it time to get rid of all Tottenham assets now with their impending blank fast approaching? Moreover are we actually holding anyone else other than Kane now?

Indeed the premium forward options are getting slimmer each week. The midfielders have now taken over and the top 5 highest scoring players are all mids, a formation shift is now taking place and the 352 is back in fashion, how long for is anyone’s guess. This seems a season where things change rapidly and our ability to react is key.

Screenshot 2017-12-19 at 5.45.49 PM
Top 5 highest scoring players in FPL

Lets move to the FFUK league and assess the latest ups and downs as we are right in the festive flurry of fixtures. Traditionally this period sorts the men (and women) from the boys (and girls).


Screenshot 2017-12-19 at 5.48.15 PMScreenshot 2017-12-19 at 5.48.26 PM

It is all change at the top again and last week’s leader Phil Smith (8th) finds himself slipping down the table after a less than average 48 points (The FPL Average was 52 and the FFUK average was 55.3). Looking at his team it was his defence and his forwards that let him down with only DCL (6) earning any points of note. Poor Phil.

Returning to the summit is our resident Doc Jamie Stewart (1st). His captain Hazard (2 x 6) wasnt spectacular (but it was most popular in the league as 59 FFUKers went with the Belgian wizard) but the rest of his squad rather made up for it. Alonso (14), Sterling (12), Firmino (12), DCL (6), Gomez (6) and even Speroni (6) all plundering the points. Congratulations JDS, what a time to recapture top spot!

The only man in the top 10 to beat that score was Dan McBrearty (3rd) with 84 points scored courtesy of captain Salah (8 x 2), Alonso (14), Coutinho (13), Sterling (12), Fabianski (9) and Dunk (8) all amassing serious points. Well played Dan!

Top scorer in the top 50 goes to Matt Packham (47th) who came out of nowhere with his late captain pick Rooney (13 x 2) doing the business despite a missed penalty. He even got auto-sub points from Depoitre (13) as David Silva missed out completely, now that is what you call squad depth! Well played Matt, is this your time for a run to the summit?

hero to zero
3 UP, 3 DOWN

This is the time we look at the 3 biggest risers and 3 biggest fallers in the FFUK league. Without further ado lets get to it. First up our 3 heroes:

  • Congratulations to Jonathan Britcher (73rd) who rose 56 places from 129th after scoring a whopping 92 points making him the top scorer in the league! Captain Rooney (13 x 2) was the highlight but Firmino (12), KDB (10), Sane (10) and Alonso (14) were right there with him. Incredible scoring Mr Britcher!
  • Jack Pound (90th) rose 45 places from 135th after scoring 91 points. Wow once more!
  • Jason Beal (133rd) rose 37 places from 170th after scoring 84 points

This is all very well but we must remember those less fortunate especially at this time of year. These 3 all suffered from the cold and will be hoping for a quick remedy in GW19:

  • Andrew Russell (103rd) fell 40 places from 63rd after scoring 34 points.
  • Darrel Cooper (146th) fell 35 places from 111th after scoring just 28 points.
  • Steven Sharman (103rd) fell 32 places from 71st after scoring 37 points.

However there was one man who struggled even more. Pete’s Dad, Mike Cronin (208th) was the lowest scorer this week with just 20 points accrued. Pete help your Dad out or maybe that is the issue, have you been advising him badly?

Eviction notice

Once again we have to remove the lowest scoring team from the FFUK Conts mini league. This time round it was left to Jake Walker and Mark Ford to sweat it out, they let us know on the WhatsApp group that they both feared for their futures. However in reality they were saved as another man fell, they can both thank Kenny and DCL for their survival at the very end of the gameweek. That man was Mark Leatham who managed just 37 points. Unlucky Mark. This mini league hits the half way point next gameweek. Pete has done the honours and removed Leafy – Just 20 remain!

Pete has been a busy bee and has also created this lovely image below which details exactly what PL football we have in store on our TVs over the festive period including a rather tasty day of games this Saturday!



So that is it for another gameweek, thanks as always for reading. Not long until we go again, one more gameweek before Xmas day. With that in mind we are putting in plans for a couple of xmas specials over xmas, probably between xmas and NYE depending on availability. One will definitely take the form of a MEET THE FFUKERS VIDEO – let us know if you would like to take part, priority will go to those who havent done one before.





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