When I woke up this morning it felt like there was something special in the air. Dreams of Harry Kane hat tricks (17), goals and assists from Aguero (16) and Sterling (13), even Chupo-Moting (13) and Gross (11) getting into the festive spirit. I looked around and there were not only scores in the 90s everywhere, but 113 points for Mark Leathem (14th), 101 for James Amar (7th), 103 for Paul Browne (10th), 100 for Daron Russell (13th), 100 for Dave Foster (47th), 105 for Matt Reid (49th)… and that’s just the Top 50!

“Wow,” I thought, “it must be Christmas”.

I almost don’t know where to start! Let’s start with Harry Kane (17), I took him out this week for a hit. This was a bit of a gamble that I lost badly as Kane soared again, versus a decent Burnley side, scoring his seventh hat trick this year. Burnley had only conceded 3 goals at home this season, until Harry Kane showed up. Santa Kane has now scored 36 Premier League goals in 2017, equalling Shearer’s 1995 record. And he can take this record if he scores at home to Southampton on Boxing Day. Phenomenal.

The other phenomenon that needs to be mentioned is Manchester City. Shearer says the title is already done and dusted. 13 points clear at Christmas. Fair enough. But there is also a possibility that we are witnessing greatness. City seem to be breaking records week after week at the moment, and they look pretty unbeatable… They look like they are just not going to stop winning.


Screenshot 2017-12-24 at 1.40.29 PMScreenshot 2017-12-24 at 1.40.42 PM

The average score in the Top 10 this week was 93.4. That is a full 33.4 points up on the overall FPL average (60). I know it’s Christmas but this is special.

JDS (1st) retains top spot with a decent 90 points, with Matt Cox (2nd), and Sean Colohan (3rd) getting over 90 too. Dan McBrearty (4th) saw a red arrow despite 88 points. It’s tough at the top. Likewise, Phil Smith (5th) overtook John Harper (6th), 6 points the difference. James Amar‘s 101 points saw him back in 7th place while Andy Letham (8th) dropped with 84 points. Sam Blake (9th) and Paul Browne (10th) enter the fray off the back of their super scores.

hero to zero
3 UP, and another 3 UP, It’s Christmas after all. 

So Mark Leathem (14th) was this week’s high score with 113, but these guys deserve a mention too for their excellent gameweek:

Matthew Page-Chatton (146th) rose 36 places with 98 points.

Sean Galsworthy (67th) rose 34 places with 96 points.

David Horton (130th) rose 32 places with 94 points.

Youngy Xmas

And as it’s Christmas, let’s have the next 3 risers and leave the fallers alone.

Matt Reid (49th) rose 31 places with his 105 points.

Jake Drant (143rd) rose 30 places with 93 points.

And finally,

Mev Berwick (81st, 92 points), Dave Foster (47th, 100 points), Greg Ferkin (73rd, 91 points) and Tom Aitchison (95th, 103 points) all rose 29 places with their excellent scores. Merry Christmas gents!

Eviction notice
Mark Tarbox – Christmas is cancelled

But unfortunately, as festive as the Conts League would like to be, somebody has to go. Sorry Mark Tarbox (34th) but you have clearly not been a very good boy. Ironically it was your United triple up that really let you down this week, rather than the Gunners who entertained us all on Friday night. You are probably feeling much like Jose after dropping points to Leicester, special once. However, for the 19 survivors that means you have reached the halfway point. Well done, plenty more brutality coming your way very soon.

So Chris and I are going to sit back and enjoy the festivities now, we have birds to stuff and there is rapping to be done. Enjoy the fun, we go again on Boxing Day. Merry Christmas to one and all!

GW19 Stats courtesy of Steve Cronin



roque mesa xmas

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