Welcome to the GW20 REVIEW – WISHING ON A STAR

We are right in the middle of Xmas and New Year, what do you call this bit? Its hard to remember what day it is. We have eaten our own body weight in quality street by now and drank concoctions we would never dream of in the other 51 weeks of the year. Anyone for a Prosecco, Amaretto and Orange Juice? Oh go on, tis the season (tastes better than it sounds). Did you have one too many egg nogs? However more importantly than all this there was a whopper of a gameweek. We all did a lot of wishing. I know what I wanted. It all started on Boxing day with many of us pinning our hopes on one man. As you can see by the image below, Super Harry Kane (17) was given the armband by 97 FFUKers after his hatrick in the previous round vs Burnley. Could he repeat the magic?


There are few better feelings in this game than a hatrick from your Captain. Our wishes came true (for all those who held onto Super Harry Kane) and the double hatrick was a thing of beauty, especially the 3rd goal, a delightful finish.


Next up is a blank in GW21 that complicates matters slightly, followed by a double against Swansea then West Ham which leaves us licking our fantasy lips. This is prime Triple Captaincy territory (or another chip if you prefer) but of course there are risks. Just today there are reports Kane has a cold. Sometimes I wonder if all this information can be a hindrance. I was all set to lay down the chip but now I may wait. His form is undoubted though and I cant imagine we will see a better combo of fixtures in a double gameweek. Big decisions lie ahead but that’s what makes this game so great. Is the treble hatrick on? I’m wishing on a Harry Kane Star that it is! The man is a hatrick machine! Lets look at just what the Hurricane has achieved in 2017.


  • Harry Kane has now scored the most Premier League goals in a calendar year
  • Kane broke Alan Shearer’s record after scoring a hat-trick against Southampton
  • The Tottenham forward has netted an astonishing 39 times in the league in 2017
  • He has also overtaken Lionel Messi for most goals scored by any player this year
  • The 24-year-old has smashed in 56 goals for club and country in 52 appearances

Incredible achievement by the Spurs talisman. I predict he will be the hottest property in the footballing world next summer, even more so if he has a good world cup. £200 million for Neymar? Kane could go for even more. Spurs fans wont want to hear this.

This time it was a rather forlorn Southampton side in his way. They too had clearly been on the brandy and didn’t put up much of a fight, since then they have sold their best player to Liverpool (as usual). Can the Saints now re-enforce in the upcoming transfer window to avoid relegation?


Screenshot 2017-12-29 at 1.14.40 PM.png
GW20 DREAM TEAM – How many of these did you have?

As time is tight before the next gameweek begins lets get straight into the FFUK top 50 and look at some serious scores from some FFUKers who’s wishes came true…



Screenshot 2017-12-29 at 2.13.53 PMScreenshot 2017-12-29 at 2.14.08 PM

Jamie Stewart (1st) retains his place at the summit after a stunning 111 points which is in fact the top score in the league. Is there any stopping this man. Hot on his heels, Dan McBrearty (2nd), also smashed it scoring 106 points and both have membership into the 100 club, not bad for a single gameweek. Paul Browne (9th) was the only other FFUKer in the top 10 break the century with his 101.

WELCOME TO THE 100 CLUB – plenty of FFUKers have gained entry this week!

There were more centurions. Massive respect to Tom Shepherd (29th), Martin Whitlock (36th), Myself Chris Galloway (42nd), Tom Motley (44th), Andy Jackson (45th) and Mateusz Kaleta (48th) who all smashed through the 100 point barrier in style. Our wishes came true this gameweek.

Chris Panayi (72nd), Amar Shah (87th) – who triple captained Harry Kane for 51 points! Sam Parker (100th), Nick Boorman (108th), Ifran Zaman (159th) and Kaine Sinclair (209th) also entered the 100 club – well played to you all! Some seriously impressive scoring throughout the league showing that even in the lower echelons or the “grassroots” as Duncan Hannigan (138th) likes to call it, it is still very competitive. This is no mickey mouse league!

Special mention to one of our youngest FFUKers Theo Allen (205th) who scored 109 points – well played young man!

However for even more spectacular scoring we have to delve a bit deeper.

Marcus Blowers (120th) was on the surface the highest scorer this gameweek with a whopping 114 points scored. However on closer expection there was a -8 involved bringing in Lingard (13), Alonso (14) and Firmino (13) in the process showing us exactly how to do a hit. Well played Marcus!

By my reckoning that is 17 centurions. I reckon that may be a record in a single gameweek.

Eviction notice

This was a seriously tense week in the Conts mini league and following the final game we had a 3-way tie. Unprecidented territory. Daron Russell (17th), Yabah Turnbull (115th) and Jason Beal (149th) all scored 68 points. This means we have to revert to overall rank and that means that Bealer is the one to go. I know the other two were sweating as the scores came in during the arsenal game. Bealer will be removed by Peter shortly

That is it for another gameweek, as always thanks for reading. We have 1 gameweek left in December and currently the Stewart brothers lead the way, can anyone stop Right Said Fred? That also means there is just a week left of all this months cup ties. Have you checked how you are getting on? Remember you can check your December score by filtering by month at the top of the league table.

Does your team need a little extra help to get you over the line and into the next round? Speaking of which Pete will be in touch following this weekend’s games with a cupdate and the draw for the next round of both the FFUK Cup and the Challenge Cup.

Once GW21 is done with we can enjoy New Years Eve then immediately we have GW22 with a spurs/west ham double. Oof. Then a little FA Cup break. I think we will need it!



Right Said Fred / AKA the Stewart Brothers.


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