There are a lot of big names through in the FFUK Cup!!! Commiserations to all who fell foul of the first round but for those who got though, they will face a test in Round 2.

Special commiserations to Amar Shah (73rd) who lost our cup match despite successfully triple captaining a Kane hat trick in GW20.

kane hattie


No less than 8 of the current Top 10 made it through in the first round, so we will surely see some MASSIVE games in the draw. Top of the league, top for December, and current leader in the Best GW Score competition Jamie Stewart (1st) made it through vs an unfortunate David Pegg (187th) winning by a tidy 178 points. Likewise Jamie’s brother Neil Stewart (17th) also made it through, beating John McHugh (194th) by 210 points. Comfortable.

Sean Colohan (4th) did the business vs FPL godfather Ian Galloway (124th), 93 points and Coolers form too much for Ian. My brother in law Sam Clegg (161st) was knocked out by my good friend Mark Tarbox (25th) with a 93 point lead, bad luck Sam and well done Mark!

Elsewhere wins were had by Dan McBrearty (2nd), Phil Smith (5th), John Harper (6th), Sam Blake (7th), James Amar (8th), Paul Browne (10th), Mark Letham (11th), and Andy Letham ().

So that’s 32 teams that go through (and 10 of them are in the Top 12 in the league). Myself (55th) and Chris Galloway (44th) also had relatively decent December’s so are lucky enough to join them in Round 2.

Good luck everyone.

For the draw, watch this video, or go straight to the FFUK Cup page for the updated fixtures.

The Second Round of the Challenge Cup included the two remaining members of the Top 12, Matthew Cox (3rd) and Sam Breen (9th). Both won their second rounds, Coxy with a solid 74 point lead over Guv Singh Kahlon (41st) and Breen doing well to beat former FFUK League Champion Paul Baker (13th) by 77 points (sorry to rub it in Bakes!)

Last season’s champion Nick Johns (31st) is also finding some late form, now established in the Top 50 and winning his Challenge Cup fixture too. Elsewhere strong wins were taken by Jamie Shuell (142nd) and Vivaek Venkat (15th), along with Mark Turnbull (14th), Rich Harrison (39th), Tim McEwan (40th) and even some guy known as JPC (123rd). Not so fortunate was our own Daron Russell (24th), who missed out by 4 points to Ryan White (57th), unlucky Daz, time to concentrate on the league!

Well done to everyone who made it through, and good luck for Round 3! Fixtures have now been updated.

And Happy New Year!!!!


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