Welcome to the GW23 REVIEW – NEED YOU 100%

After the disappointment of the double in 22 and a bit of FA Cup action we approached this one with trepidation. Despite our misgivings 139 FFUKers gave the armband to Harry Kane (13) once more, which I think is a record this season. Not sure on that, can anyone remember a week where there was a higher number of captains on one man? We needed him to deliver.


Thankfully he did in style with a brace and max bonus. In the process he cemented his status as the top scoring forward in the game and the 2nd highest overall. Roberto Firmino (8), 2nd place in the forward rankings, is a full 30 points behind the Hurricane. Essential is a word often used but is the Spurs front man approaching that status? For those that didn’t own/captain him I would guess they might want to reconsider that. However he ties a lot of money up so if you can pick good captains each week maybe there is an alternative path to go down. Do we need him? 100%


With regards to a tune for the week I couldnt find anything decent with the word “essential” so am going with NEED YOU 100% by Duke Dumont! The GW REVIEWS 2017/18 playlist has been updated for you if you would like something to listen to.

In terms of the gameweek action, other than Harry’s heroics, the other big news was the end of Man City’s incredible run. Fantasy managers weren’t sure what to expect in this game and we were just beginning to believe they could go unbeaten but Liverpool saw an end to their run with their Teriffic Trio (the Fab 4 is no more since Coutinho left for Barca) all contributing. Salah (11), Mane (7) and Firmino (8) saw off the Cityzens 4-3 despite the Liverpool defence almost mucking it up and letting them back in at the end. I missed the game but even from the highlights you could tell this was a cracker, one of the best this season and plenty of FPL points shared around for all of us to feast on. We needed that – 100%.


Screenshot 2018-01-16 at 4.59.41 PMScreenshot 2018-01-16 at 4.59.51 PM

No change at the top. Our fearless leader even found time to write an article recently, if you haven’t read it already check out JDS v SHED SEVEN – GETTING BETTER for some tips as to who the big man is looking at right now. Can you afford not to? Jamie Stewart (1st) managed a more than respectable 90 points and is up to a magnificent 585th in the world. Incredible stuff!

However, Dan McBrearty (2nd) will not let him run away with it and keeps pace with 85 scored. Dan also finds himself currently inside the top 1000 overall – Once again incredible stuff! The top two have now opened up a decent little cushion to the rest. It isn’t quite time to take out the cigar but these two must be favourites to win the league this season.

Not if top scorer in the top 10 this week has his way. John Harper (4th) scored a wonderful 95 points. I don’t need to tell you who these guys all captained.

However top scorer in the league was this week Guv Singh-Kahlon (25th) who was the only man in the 100 club this week. Other than Mee (2), Sterling (1) and Richarlison (2) all his players scored big and his team looks well set up going forward. Well played Guv – another one to watch!

Worst score in the top 50 went to Vivaek Venkat (17th) who managed 56 points but that looks a lot worse when you realise he took a minus 8. Although on closer inspection his moves actually worked out pretty well. Walker (3), RLC (0) and Gross (3) out for Shaw (6), Lingard (2) and the top scoring player of the gameweek Arnie (16) seeing an immediate net profit of 10 points. Could have been worse then.


The overall FPL average was 58 with the FFUK Average  60. Not much in it this week.

Who were the biggest risers and fallers in the FFUK league this week?

hero to zero
4 UP, 4 DOWN

First up 4 HEROES, these 4 all scored incredibly well, and don’t really need any help at all:

  • Sam Parker (84th) rose 27 places after scoring a fantastic 91 points!
  • Robert Browne (164th) rose 24 places after scoring an even better 94 points!
  • Joel Shine (82nd) rose 22 places after scoring 81 points.
  • Ben Pycz (45th) rose 21 places after scoring 92 points.

Next up 4 ZEROES who all struggled somewhat, I am guessing none of these own Harry Kane and if they did they certainly didnt captain him:

  • Alex Scroffenegger (90th) fell 31 places after scoring just 35 points!
  • Glenn Johnson (100th) fell 26 places after scoring 43 points.
  • Jim Wheat (105th) fell 22 places after scoring 46 points.
  • Jordan Davison (60th) fell 21 places after managing 48 points with his wildcard team, ouch.
Eviction notice

Another gameweek another eviction. This time round our Peter Cronin (58th) was rather nervous as he was a little too close for comfort. He was relying on Phil Jones (6) to save him and we all know how that can end. However one man didn’t have the Phil Jones comfort blanket and that man now faces eviction. Sorry Jake Walker (123rd) but it is now time for you to go after scoring 50 points. Perhaps it was his lack of Liverpool players that did for him in the end. Brutal. But we know this is how it works. Another manager gone. 15 remain.


Once again thanks for reading as always. Those of you on Facebook may have noticed we have been adding people to the FFUK Facebook group and we are now at 99 FFUKers but clearly there are lots more that can join as we have 225 in the league. However I dont know everyone on FB so please could I ask that you invite your fellow FFUKers to the group, just visit the page and you can invite them to join. Its the perhaps the easiest way to be kept up to date with everything going on in the FFUK league and both of the Cups as we approach the season’s climax. Would be great to get a few more in by the end of the season.

What else? All this month’s cup ties have 2 gameweeks left to run – how are you getting on in yours? I currently have a 2 point deficit to overturn in my tie against Mike Cowans-Kebby (50th). Good luck to everyone in their ties (apart from MCK of course).



Can anyone think of a better name than Terrific Trio?



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