This Cupdate belongs to one man, so let’s start with him, and the Challenge Cup.

Challenge Cup

He probably doesn’t know he’s beating last season’s FFUK league winner by 57 points, and he probably won’t read this either. In fairness, it would probably be best if no one actually told James Page-Chatton (85th) that he’s beating Nick Johns (35th) by 57 points in the cup with 1 gameweek to go. Still, for today, father of two JPC is ‘Daddy Cool’ (maybe one of his kids might read this?) JPS is actually second highest score for January by the way.

However, I do implore all of you to watch this video. He’s a bloody mentalist and one of the singers even fakes an orgasm over ‘Daddy’. Those were the days.

Sean Galsworthy (31st), like JPC, has a 57 point lead and can basically start planning for February now. Likewise Vivaek Venkat (13th) is 63 ahead in his tie so can sit back and relax during the midweek games.

Not many of the other ties are looking done and dusted, Marcus Blowers (83rd) has a sturdy 37 point lead, Rich Harrison (26th) is ahead by 31, and our own Tim McEwan (30th) is looking good with a 35 point lead. Ben Pycz (42nd) can be confident with a 22 lead, and Allan Tomkins (23rd) is 24 strong. That means exactly half of the 16 Challenge Cup ties are very much in the balance. Good luck for the final gameweek guys!

Challenge Cup Round 3

1 Matthew Cox 170 v Chris Norman 192
2 Marcus Blowers 197 v Tom Motley 160
3 Mateusz Kaleta 148 v Joe Pizans 148
4 Liam Whelan 168 v James Macnamara 174
5 Darrel Cooper 163 v Sean Galsworthy 220
6 Glenn Murray 168 v Richard Harrison 199
7 Josh Prentice 165 v Joe Warrington 170
8 Vivaek Venkat 193 v Jamie Shuell 130
9 Andrew Fogaty 192 v Stephen Fielden 172
10 Nick Johns 166 v James Page-Chatton 223
11 Ryan White 173 v Sam Breen 176
12 Mark Graham 140 v Allan Tomkins 164
13 Steve Shaw 167 v Martin Whitlock 171
14 Robert Simpson 197 v Mark Turnbull 192
15 Ben Pycz 200 v Richard Green 178
16 Tim McEwan 202 v Stuart Newton 167

The FFUK Cup

The FFUK Cup is very dear to my heart. I managed to win it last season, but that is not looking so likely this time round. I currently trail Sean Colohan (4th) by 29 points and knowing the strength of my opposition, fear it is just too much to ask in a single gameweek. My compatriot Chris Galloway (48th) is much tighter with Mike Cowans-Kebby (MCK) (50th), and a current deficit of 7 points. I know Chris is working hard to find the genius move to down MCK at the final hurdle, and this is definitely one to watch this gameweek.

The Right Said Fred Derby, battle of the baldies Jamie Stewart (1st) and Neil Stewart (24th), is leaving Neil feeling Deeply Dippy right now. A 50 point lead for Jamie really shows us who really is too sexy. (Don’t worry Neil it’s just a joke, I actually find you both equally sexy .

3rd place John Harper versus 7th place Mark Leathem is another tie that’s as tight as a wotsit’s wotsit. Just 4 points separates two of the highest scoring players this month. However, Paul Browne (7th), leads Phil Smith (8th) by 20 points, as Phils’s rough month sees the same man overtaken him in the league and the cup! All to play for in both of those ties!

10th placed Sam Blake completes the Top 10’s FFUK Cup action, 30 points v Jordan Davison (57th) looks a confident lead going into the final gameweek of January. Elsewhere, strong leads are held by Paul Austin (22nd), Alexander Thomas (130th), Tom Shepherd (19th), Ally Edwards (58th), Sam Lukes (21st) and, Jonathan Gledhill (34th). Good luck for the final gameweek everyone, expect Coolers – please can you take lots of hits and then captain Tom Carroll! 😉

FFUK Cup Round 2

John Harper 212 v Mark Leathem 208
Jonathan Gledhill 200 v Trevor Dennison 176
Clifford Fox 133 v Sam Lukes 180
Tom McEwan 133 v Ally Edwards 189
Chris Galloway 170 v Mike Cowans-Kebby 177
Pete Cronin 177 v Sean Colohan 206
Joel Shine 190 v Reece Richardson 202
Greg Ferkin 170 v Josh Kelly 160
Alex Schroffenegger 141 v Tom Shepherd 186
Neil Stewart 162 v Jamie Stewart 212
Mark Tarbox 189 v Andy Letham 189
Alexander Thomas 180 v Stan Maniak 135
Paul Browne 206 v Phil Smith 186
Danny Burgess 159 v Paul Austin 197
James Amar 196 v Dan McBrearty 198
Sam Blake 184 v Jordan Davison 154

Final gameweek for the Cups is this gameweek, so polish up your chips if you feel that way inclined. I used my free hit for Spurs double gameweek so will not be using a second chip to try and catch up with Coolers, instead leaving that to fate. Seriously though, best of luck Coolers, and to everyone else, midweek games are always a bit unpredictable, and should be excellent fun!

The next draw will for the FFUK Cup will follow on Thursday or Friday, and we shall endeavour to prepare all fixtures ready for Gameweek 26.

Thanks for reading

Pete Cronin (55th)


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