Good morning FFUKers, Welcome to February, and the FFUK Cup and Challenge Cup round up.

For me this was all about BIG GUNS, as there were some epic battles between players in the Top 10 of the FFUK league being fought out in the Cups this month.

But let’s start with a couple of big guns that blanked, misfired, backfired, and ended up like water pistols that ran out of water. Sorry Chris. Yes, so one certain Big Gun, Sean Colohan (4th) had no difficulty in seeing me (58th) off in this round. I rue my Kane to Aguero move back in December, but ultimately, Coolers quality was just too much for me. Well played Coolers, the double dream is still very much alive for you! Likewise Chris (50th) fell foul of young gun Mike Cowans-Kebby (43rd) despite best efforts to stalk him. This stealth-like-being isn’t even on linkedin so trying to work out his captain and transfers each week was a minefield. Mike (MCK) increased his lead this week largely to the exploits of Nick Pope and Callum Wilson. Well done Mike.

The RSF dogfight was over early in the month, as JDS (1st) continues to soar, and swiftly dealt with his younger balder RSF brother challenger NDS (27th). Unlucky Neil, I feel for you. There were also three Top Ten battles as Dan McBrearty (2nd) played James Amar (9th), John Harper (3rd) played Mark Leathem (7th) and Phil Smith (6th) played Paul Browne (8th). These were always going to be closely run fights, and James really took it to the wire, winning by just 2 points and despite Phil Jones’ -2 coming off the bench (leaving Callum Wilson out). Dan will I’m sure be dealing with the missing Riyad Mahrez accordingly – what a letdown.

Likewise Phil and Paul’s tie came down to just 8 points and Phil was pretty damned unlucky not to make up the points in a successful 66 point wildcard week. Again, the work was done earlier in the month, not least Aguero’s hat trick captain for Paul last week. Finally, John Harper beat Mark Leafy by a nifty 3 points, seeing off another big gun, which is surely good news for the remaining players!

Well done to Jamie, James, Paul and John.

Elsewhere in the FFUK Cup, wins were had by Gledhill (33rd), Lukes (20th), Edwards (47th), Shine (85th), Ferkin (42nd), Shepherd (13th), Tarbox (24th), Thomas (131st), Austin (21st) and Blake (10th). Watch out for the 3rd round draw on Friday guys!!!

Because I can. 

9 of the Top 10 played out fixtures in the FFUK Cup and the remaining 1 was in the Challenge Cup. Another Big Gun was knocked down as Chris Norman (65th) finished off Matthew Cox (5th). Sean Galsworthy (31st) was the biggest winner with a tidy 53 point lead, and Marcus Blowers (77th) also won with a comfortable 44 point cushion. Rich Harrison (30th) beat Glenn Murray (56th) who is probably concentrating more on Brighton, and Vivaek Venkat (15th) showed Jamie Shuell (148th) the exit door. Congratulations to our own Tim McEwan (29th) who is through to the next round, along with JPC (99th) who managed to finish January 8th highest for the month without knowing about it.

For all other scores and all the fixtures for the next round the Challenge Cup page is now fully up to date!

And that’s it for January, life moves pretty fast in this game, and now it’s time for me to reflect on the loss of a title, and re-focus on battles still to be won.

Good luck to the 32 into February cup rounds!


Gun Songs – Please take your pick

The Clash – Guns of Brixton

Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins – Big Guns

Cypress Hill- A to the K

Nine Black Alps – Get Your Guns

Jon Bon Jovi – Blaze of Glory (from the Young Guns O.S.T.)

Nirvana – In Bloom

Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang

Wham! – Young Guns (Go For It!)

Vampire Weekend – Giving up the Gun

Bob Marley – I Shot the Sheriff

Young the Giant – Guns Out!

Guns n Roses – Welcome to the Jungle

The Beatles – Happiness is a Warm Gun

Rage Against the Machine – Bullet in the Head

Bruce Springsteen – Dancing in the Dark

The Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls

Grizzly Bear – Gun Shy

Widowspeak – Gun Shy

Hurray for the Riff Raff – The Body Electric


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