With just days to go until the new season we hope you have all signed up to the main FFUK league and have invited your friends and family to join us.

Last season we introduced a new additional mini league for our nearest and dearest, a contributors league called THE CONTS. Containing 38 of the finest FFUKers from the WhatsApp and Facebook Groups. The competition was brutal but brilliant. The weekly evictions humiliating yet humbling.

But one man rose above the rest to claim the £100 prize and title of FFUK KING CONT and with it the adulation of his community – that man is Daron Russell – He will be going all out to hold onto his crown this season!

The rules are simple… it is £5 to enter (on top of your £10 FFUK entry fee) and at the end of every gameweek the team with the lowest score gets evicted until we are left with one FFUKer at the end of GW38. For more detailed rules see the bottom of this post.

This season we will be running THE CONTS mini-league once again but instead of there being a limit of 38 we are setting the bar higher. Much higher. And that means more prize money and more evictions – in fact there will be some double evictions at the start to get things going.

THE CONTS minileague is open to everyone in the FFUK WhatsApp and Facebook Groups. No exceptions. If you want to join you must be a member of one of these groups. If you are not yet part of these but would like to join one let us know and we can add you.




We have not set an upper limit in terms of the numbers allowed in the league this time round but we expect in the region of 50 teams to enter so that means more prizes!

Exact prize money TBC but we will pay the final 3 left. Based on 50 persons paying £5 entry fee we will have £250 total prize pool therefore a 1st prize of £150, 2nd prize of £75 and 3rd prize of £25.

How will it work?

  • if there are 40 signed up = first 2 gameweeks have double evictions
  • if there are 50 = first 12 gameweeks have double evictions
  • if there are 60 = first 22 gameweeks have double evictions



  1. THE CONTS mini-league is open to all in the FFUK WhatsApp and Facebook Groups
  2. The person with the lowest GW score will be removed from the Contributors League after each gameweek. This will be confirmed in the gameweek review.
  3. If more than one player gets the same lowest GW score on a given gameweek, the tie will be decided on overall FPL rank.*
  4. NEW In the case of a double eviction the 2 lowest GW scores will be removed from the league.
  5. All scores will be calculated in game, as per the FPL rules.
  6. TRANSFER HITS DO NOT COUNT towards GW scores in the Conts League. This means that the gameweek score on the league page will be taken at all times.
  7. When a player is removed from the league they will be informed by FFUK.
  8. Entry to this mini league is £5 per person
  9. Prizemoney will be awarded to the final 3 exact monies TBC (based on £250 = 1st £150, 2nd = £75, 3rd = £25)
  10. Prizemoney will be paid out with all other FFUK prizes following the FA Cup Final 2019

*In the unlikely event of a tie on overall rank (particularly in GW1), we will resort to lowest Captain score, lowest bench score, and if not, a coin toss.



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