Each and every season, here at FFUK, we like to have a go at predicting what will happen. For last season’s predictions click here and you can see just how accurate they are (or are not in some cases!)

So without further ado here are this season’s predictions from myself, Pete and 5 of the FFUK team including our current champ Jamie Stewart, former Champ Paul Baker plus Everton fan and site poster Stu Allen, resident quizmaster and Liverpool fan Duncan Hannigan and my dad Ian Galloway.

Take Five… 5 questions. 5 minutes. 5 FFUKers. Here we go.

take 5


IAN: It is very hard to look outside the big six so unlike last year I have decided not to. I do not think City are going to win it but they will be up there, so I predict: 1. Liverpool; 2. Man City; 3. Chelsea; 4. Spurs

DUNCAN: 1. City 2. Liverpool 3. Man Utd 4. Chelsea

PAUL: Obviously this is in advance of any transfers we haven’t heard about. I don’t think United have done enough business to challenge for the title. I think Liverpool will run City close, but ultimately Pep’s men will have a little too much. City, Liverpool, Spurs, United.

STU: I have a horrible feeling ‘the scum’ aka Liverpool will win the league this year! I sincerely hope not though, it’s too much fun watching the Premier League Trophy elude them each year!! It’s difficult to have a measured opinion on Chelsea & Arsenal due to each getting new managers – both with great pedigree though! So with no tangible basis to form an argument for either of them, I’m going for: – Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Spurs.

JAMIE: I can’t see anyone finishing above City. Liverpool looked to have the beating of City in H2Hs last season but I don’t think they’ll be consistent enough to win the league so I’ll put them in second. I kind of fancy Arsenal to break back into the top four but think I’ll play it safe and say United third and Spurs fourth.

PETE: 1st Man City, 2nd Liverpool, 3rd Man Utd, 4th Spurs

CHRIS: 1st Man City, 2nd Liverpool, 3rd Arsenal, 4th Man United. Chelsea will push the top 4 close if they hold on to their key players (Hazard and Kante).

top 6


IAN: Normally it is one season up for some and then straight down, however this season I think both Fulham & Wolves will stay up. So I predict 18th Newcastle; 19th Cardiff; 20th Watford

DUNCANBrighton, Huddersfield and Cardiff (Bottom) – Just not enough goals in these teams.

PAUL: 20. Huddersfield, 19. Cardiff, 18. Fulham. The promoted teams did really well last season but they are usually relegation favourites and for good reason. Huddersfield did well to survive last term but I can’t see them repeating the feat. Wolves are doing such good business they must surely have enough – conversely Cardiff and Fulham look weak and I see them missing the cut.

STU: Relegation will surely come Cardiff’s way, who I think lack the quality required for the PL. They’ve not really spent much to change that since they were promoted. I also feel their aggressive play won’t wash in the elite league either! I can see a belligerent Neil Warnock getting into a lot of bother with the FA this year!! I have higher hopes for the other newbies – Wolves and Fulham who will comfortably stay up. I think time is up for both Huddersfield and Brighton, with Bournemouth struggling this season too! So Cardiff 20th, Huddersfield 19th, BHA 18th.

JAMIE: I don’t know that much about the promoted sides – should probably try and address that!!). The bookies appear to fancy Wolves so maybe they’ll stay up. Bottom three for me will be Cardiff (20th), Huddersfield (19th) and Fulham (18th).

PETE: Southampton, Huddersfield, Cardiff

CHRIS: Cardiff bottom along with Huddersfield and Southampton. Same as Pete basically then, he must have copied me 😉



IAN: Most will go with Salah or Kane I guess bearing in mind their performances last season but I am going for Aguero this season.

DUNCAN: The Egyptian King Salah. If Mahrez gets regular game time he could score crazy too!

PAUL: Tough question. Can Salah repeat the trick? Recent FPL history would say no – it’s been a long time since a player backed up a top scoring season with another. I think attacking returns will be spread more evenly at Liverpool this season. For me the top dog has to come from a top 4 team, so I’m going with Kane. I think August will be dry for him again but I expect him to have another stellar season.

STU: The highest scoring FPL player has to come from a team that play attacking football, so that means Liverpool, Man City & Spurs. The 5 highest scoring players were all from one of these teams last season! It will probably be Salah again! But you don’t want me to say the obvious!! Man City’s attacking players will do well especially De Bruyne, Sane and Mahrez – rotation normally ‘stunts’ City players though, which is why they won’t top the scoring. Kane is another ‘nailed on’ obvious pick who will score freely, in his new golden boot!! Despite all I’ve just said, I’m going for Aubameyang!! He has an excellent goal scoring ratio, the one to watch this season!

JAMIE: Kane or Salah. Or Aubameyang. No, one of Kane or Salah. With doubt over Salah being on pens I’ll opt for Kane.


CHRIS: This is so tricky. Salah is favourite but can he hit those heights again, I’m yet to be convinced. Whoever plays most for City will also be up there but who that will be is so hard to call. So I am going Aubameyang. Him or Kane. Auba. Kane. Toss a coin. I wonder if Sanchez might have a resurgence too.



IAN: I think Watford are on the down spiral. They are not going to win anything and they are looking at the Championship for 2019/20

DUNCAN: At £50m Richarlison has to be a good chance – Any attacking players Jose signs also in line to be a flop – he loves killing flare that bloke – Can you guess who I support 🙂

PAUL: This question depends on expectations. £50m is a lot to spend on Richarlison and can’t see him living up to that price tag. West Ham have spent a lot of money on players I think will struggle in the Premier League. Ultimately though I think the biggest flops, in terms of a team, vs expectations, will be United, so here I’m looking for the principle architect of that, so I’m going with Lukaku. He has been so inconsistent in the past so backing him to follow up his decent season last time out with a dog this time around.

STU: Biggest flops this year will be: – Sterling (less game time & contract dispute), Aguero (less game time), Lacazette (better Arsenal attacking options), Morata (too many reason to list!) and Alexis Sanchez (not suited to Utd’s style of play). None ground breaking I know! I think they will all score ‘okay’ but poorly, proportionate to their price!

JAMIE: If Chelsea opt for 4-3-3 then I think Alonso’s points will be seriously impacted. As I’m writing this he’s in 16.9% of teams, which could mean a lot of disappointed managers. The other one is Neves at Wolves – he’s in 15.4% of teams, presumably off the back of a couple of wonder goals last year, but I’m not convinced he’ll score highly this season.

PETE: Kane

CHRIS: Salah. Now with over 50% ownership in the game!!! As it stands i dont have him in my side, I cant see him being as good as he was last year. He broke every FPL record going. I do think Liverpool will do well this season but I wonder if they may spread the points around a bit more. At 13m he needs to be banging almost every game (which he was last season). I am currently planning on treble LFC but no Salah. However I may well chicken out and end up going back on all this and getting him in for the first few.



IAN: I am not over ambitious. There are many in the league who have a high degree of skill/knowledge and a large percentage of luck thrown in as well. I will be happy if I finish in the top 40!

DUNCAN: I could be referred to as a YoYo manager – one good season then one bad is a typical pattern for me- last season was baaaad so I’m hoping I keep the trend going this year – I’d love a page 1 finish and that’s my goal this season.

PAUL: FFUK is so competitive it’s difficult to be too confident of finishing anywhere. Another Top 20 finish would be great and then hope to sneak one of the other prizes like MOTM or a Cup. It’s so important to get off to a good start so I’m focusing on those first few weeks for now.

STU: I think I’m going to do okay this year; I want to break into the top 10! I finished 26th last year and 16th the year before that, so I’m not far away. It’s about thinking and playing objectively, with discipline and a large slice of good fortune!! Last year my 9-year old son Theo played for the first time, we spent the first part of the season collaboratively ‘playing’ with our teams, making transfers (taking plenty of hits) and enjoying the whole process / experience together – whilst being a great fatherly / son bonding experience, it proper FFUKed my season up!! I had a strong finish when I went ‘solo’ towards the end to finish respectively! So this season he’s no longer my ‘ Padawan learner’ – he’s on his own and I’m going for it!!

JAMIE: Long as I beat our kid I’ll be happy!! Another top 10 finish would mean I’d had a good season.

PETE: Top 10 obvs. I’ve reflected on last season’s mistakes and have a surefire masterplan for success this time round.

CHRIS: I am going all out this season to win a prize having blanked in the last couple of seasons. I don’t care which one. Top 10 would be lovely, A win in either of the cups would be superb. Manager of the Month or Best Gameweek score will do for me. I’m really not fussy. Oh did I mention the new and improved CONTS MINI LEAGUE this season, there are some big prizes on offer in that one too!

Take-5 stay alive

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