Welcome to the GW4 REVIEW – LEFT HAND FREE

This week it is all about the Left Backs. 4 of the top 5 scoring players this season so far are LB’s. They are increasingly popular picks with good reason. Can they continue this form throughout the season? Will the right backs have their day? Are centre backs not worth their money when the men either side seem to get the vital attacking returns that can bring the bonus points?

We need a tune of the week with left in it so lets go with LEFT HAND FREE from Alt- J. The season playlist has been updated, we have instructed the FFUK lawyers to get De La Soul’s 3 is the magic number on Spotify as for some reason it isn’t currently so there is a cover by the Jellydots whilst we wait.

Now it is time to look at the top scoring players for GW4. Only one LB among them this time round.

Screenshot 2018-09-06 at 11.04.22 AM

12 points isn’t exactly a mammoth score which meant the GW scores were all a little lower this time round. By virtue of the fact Cedric (12) is the cheapest on 12 points he wins the top scoring player of the week. The Portuguese right back was a popular pick pre season but then missed out in the opening gameweeks, perhaps he can begin the fight back from the Right Backs.

Cedric could even afford himself a little sit down he was that good

Watford continued their incredible winning start to the season defeating Spurs. That is now 4 on the spin along with Liverpool and Chelsea. Cathcart (11) and the aforementioned Holebas (10) both play their way in via a goal and 2 assists respectively. More familiar names make up the midfield with Hazard (11), Mane (10) and Sterling (10) all reminding us of their prowess. We can’t have them all but goddammit we can try.

Up top the Glenn Murray (12) rolled back the years with a brace and max bonus earning him a place in the dozen club. Joining him is Lacazette (12) with a goal and an assist outscoring his more expensive colleague Aubameyang (8) who could only muster a goal. Completing the trio is forgotten man Lukaku (2) who scored his first brace for ages, is Kaku going to be an option this season with most of the other premium picks already firing?

Screenshot 2018-09-06 at 11.32.06 AM

Screenshot 2018-09-06 at 11.32.15 AM

No change at the summit. Lawrence Sprigings (1st) holds on to top spot with 54 points scored. Lawrence was one of 161 of us who captained Aguero (6 x 2). With Salah (2) and Kane (2) both blanking the assist for the Argentinean was just enough and he is now the owned by 51% of teams. (Salah still most owned at 52%).


Mr Side Games Tim McEwan (2nd) is his closest challenger after scoring an impressive 66 with the use of his wildcard, he has gone without Salah too! Time will tell if that is a brave or stupid move. He does have the holy trinity of left backs Mendy (5), Alonso (9) and Robertson (5) though.


However the best score in the top 10 was Jordan Davison (9th) scoring 71 points with the help of his Wildcard. Clearly was a good time to use it. If like me you still have it in your back pocket you can know look forward to thinking each week that you should have used it until the week you do when you question if you really need it. The joys of Fantasy Football! Jordan has that same trio of LBs.

Right behind him is Joseph Colliass (10th) with 70 points who did it without the aid of a wildcard. Fair play to him. Although his team does have some bench issues, perhaps he will push the button this week to address that. He already has the left backs.

Best scorer in the league this week goes to Tom Spicer (28th) with 72 points scored. Bucking the trend Tom only owns Alonso (9) from the left back club but shows there are other ways. Schurrle (7), Knockaert (6), Aubameyang (8) and Firmino (7) were the stars for Get Your Wengers Out this week.


As you can see from Pete’s super Stat Flash below there are some that don’t have the comfort of the left backs. Those from the other end of the scale that struggled to bring home the points and fell the furthest.

Watch out for Pete’s Stat Flash every week!

The lowest scorers in the top 50 were Mark Storrar (30th) and our very own Statto Steve Cronin (48th) who both could only manage 38 points.

Mark even owns Robertson (5) and Mendy (5) and got the captaincy pick right with Aguero (12). The rest of his team, as you can imagine, didn’t do much to help.

For Steve it was a similar story but with Cedric (12) on his bench it possibly hurts even more. I bet this international break has come at exactly the wrong time for you two. Or perhaps you need the time to re-evaluate where you are going.

warning double eviction

Time for another double eviction in THE CONTS mini league…

First man out this week is Grant Lawrie with just 30 points on the board. Captain Bellerin (0) was the big mistake here and if he had gone Mane then he would be safe. Hindsight is a wonderful thing though.

Then its a photo finish for the other evictee. Both Richard Harrison and Sean Colohan ended on 35 points but by virtue of his overall rank Rich is saved and Coolers has to go. Brutal. But we know this is how it has to be. Coolers and Grant you have both been removed from the CONTS mini league. 44 remain. Another double eviction next gameweek. If you don’t want to be evicted don’t finish in the bottom two. Simples.


We are still in the final stages of collating entry fees and we hope to announce prize monies over the International Breaks so bare with us and we will let you know as soon as possible. Apologies for the delay this season we have decided to change things next time so this doesn’t happen again. We will be removing non payers and any unknown players over the break so if you are one of these then please get in touch now.

The first international break is upon us. We have a special BOOK OF CONTS coming your way very soon but now the season is in full flow we would love some more posts on the site. I will be contacting the FFUK team but if you would like to write something get in touch and we can set you up. We are also planning a special International Break MEET THE FFUKers next week – would you like to join us for this?


Finally, another reminder for the FFUK mid season do on Saturday 1st December. Details below on the flyer, so far myself, Pete, Tim, Daz, Bakes and JPC have already signed up but we want more of you there so we can get a couple of teams, especially the Shaftesbury lot, you have no excuse. For everyone else Shaftesbury isnt quite as far as you think it is 😉

Thanks for reading the review as always. Enjoy the break as they are few and far between and come back refreshed for GW5.






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