Welcome to the GW7 REVIEW – TEMPTATION

Tune of the week is this belter from Heaven 17 – Temptation. Whether you are old enough to have heard this first time round or you discovered it as an awkward teenager watching Trainspotting, it was an easy choice as I am looking longingly at a certain Harry Kane (13) after his brace vs Huddersfield and with the calamitous Cardiff next up. Many of you are already on the Kane train but for those of us who have ignored his advances until now, thinking we knew best, the Hurricane is tempting us back in once again. I can resist everything except temptation!

Which player have you got your eyes on? Who is tempting you in by fluttering their fantasy eyelashes? Perhaps you have got your eye on one of this week’s Dream Team below.

dreeam team
GW7 DREAM TEAM – any of these tempt you?

Star Player this week is Harry “Slabhead” Maguire (18) with a goal, assist, clean sheet and max bonus he completed the set. I wont go into more detail about the others because we have more important things to discuss like page 1 of the FFUK league before we get to some Manager of the Month news!

Screenshot 2018-10-03 at 5.22.53 PM

Screenshot 2018-10-03 at 5.23.05 PM

Former champ Nick Johns (1st) will believe he is back where he belongs after scoring 71 points. I also note he has made a couple of early transfers, might we see a certain Mr Kane in his team for next week? Nick was one of a whopping 162 to give Aguero (8 x 2) the armband. He already own Kane’s colleague Trippier (11) who top scored for him this week, Patricio (10) & Hazard (10) were the other big scorers for Johnsy’s Giants.


Right behind him is Neil Stewart (2nd) with 67 scored but NDS already has Kane (13 x 2) in his ranks and of course captained him. Of course. Now I am really tempted.

While we are at it my nemesis Neil also won the Manager of the Month for September with 287 points scored (see below for the top 10 for September). £25 prizemoney already earnt for that one. Shout out to our Duncan Hannigan (41st) for his 2nd place finish for the month. No prize but he will get the adulation of the WhatsApp group 😉 While we are at it the August MOTM was Lawrence Sprigings (6th) who has also earnt himself a £25 prize. Who will be the top dog in October? Check out the MOTM page for more details.

Screenshot 2018-10-03 at 6.05.54 PM.png
Manager of the Month for September (top 10)

Watch out for Richard Green (43rd) who top scored with 91 points with his fresh Wildcard side. Now I am tempted to Wildcard. Rich went with captain Kane (13 x 2) along with Sterling (14), Aguero (8), Hazard (10) and Doherty (12) who all combined to smash through the 90 point barrier. Impressive stuff. Strange that the Liverpool fan has removed all his Liverpool players but with their fixtures last week and this week clearly he is one step ahead.

warning double eviction

We were treated to MNF once more this week but Bournemouth Vs Palace meant nothing was settled as almost everyone had players involved. Sean Griffin, Mark Tarbox, Damien O’Neill, Neil Gordon and Danny Finnigan were all in the danger zone. The permutations were exhausting but Statto Steve was all over it. As the game unfolded the evictions swayed one way and then the other but at the end just two ffukers were left out. Both Mark Tarbox and Danny Finnigan ended up on 32 points and with that they are evicted. You have both now been removed from the CONTS mini league. Suggest you focus on the league now (and the Cup)…


Speaking of the Cups have you seen the news about the FFUK CUP and the MILK PLATE. Qualification begins this weekend (GW8) and throughout October. This is your chance to qualify for the prestigious FFUK Cup and if not make sure you qualify for the MILK PLATE.

The season playlist has been updated. MOTM has been updated too. Watch out for a special MEET THE FFUKers video in the international break that follows GW8. Lets hope I am not crying after making the wrong decision about that Harry Kane.

Thanks for reading as always, see you on the other side of GW8.





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