Welcome to THE CUPS

We are now very close to the qualification for the Cups. Don’t worry if your league form has been letting you down, the cups provide a welcome alternative for many of us to win a decent prize!

The Qualification period is the October game month, Gameweek 8, Gameweek 9, and Gameweek 10 inclusive.

That means there are just 3 gameweeks for us all to qualify. The Top 64 for the month of October will be entered into the FFUK CUP and the next 128 teams go into the FFUK Milk Plate (formerly the Challenge Cup). Check out the relevant tabs on the website for the exact rulings and prizes available for each Cup.

As there are 229 teams in the FFUK League for the 2018/19 season 37 teams will miss out on Cup football so now is the time to up your game! Had we achieved 256 teams this season we would have arranged the Cups differently, and thank you to Paul Baker for his efforts there. As it is, October will be a formal qualification and seeding.


The FFUK CUP will have a live draw for the First Round and then revert to a template for the Second Round of the tournament.

The Milk Plate will be seeded from Round 1, meaning that the team finishing 65th for October will play 192nd, and so on, giving them the best advantage. Notably the prizes are reduced in this cup this season, asserting the superiority of the FFUK Cup.

Watch this space for news of the LIVE DRAW for the FFUK CUP, all fixtures will be updated on the cups tabs when available.

This is the buzz, the gates are open and we’re about to fill our cups.



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