Welcome to the GW16 REVIEW – THE GAMBLER

Another gameweek under our belts. What did we learn?

Personally I learnt just how much this game can do your head in. Saturday was painful. But for some in the league this was a great week. I feel the need for something philosophical in terms of a tune. This calls for a bit of Kenny Rogers. After all we all love a gamble in this game.

“If you’re gonna play the game boy,

You have to know when to hold em, know when to fold em.”

Wish I had known that with regards to this week’s top scoring player…

Screenshot 2018-12-11 at 11.28.00 AM

He is back, was he ever away? Salah (21) is the top scoring player of the week for the first time this season. Now the top scoring player in the game. Did anyone doubt him? The price point is a problem but still the shock is that more down own him. 35% ownership says he is still very popular but how much of that is dead teams? Salah is still the most owned mid in the game and 3rd overall after Wilson (0) with 39.1% ownership and Auba (6) with 35.8%. Is he essential for your fantasy xmas list?

Perhaps you are more partial to a gamble on someone like Rashford (14) who bagged a brace of assists along with a goal and max bonus for his best score of the season. In fact his previous best was just 7 in GW14. His teammate Mata (13) also got in on the act but is less assured of starts it would seem. What is going on with all these Man Utd players in the Dream Team? Unheard of.

rash goal

Elsewhere in midfield there are some other juicy options. Felipe Anderson (12) of West Ham scored again along with an assist and a couple of baps. Son (14) also bagged a goal and assist for Spurs.

At the back more some familiar faces in Robertson (11) and Luiz (15) but not sure many own Tarkowski (14) or Young (12). Anyone gamble on Foster (9) who provided the pen save this weekend which meant delight for his owners.

I am now casting envious glances over many of these players as the only one I own is the Liverpool left back. Especially with my Wildcard burning a hole in my fantasy pocket. One more week, that means I can gamble this week.

With all that in mind let’s investigate how this has all affected the FFUK league.

Screenshot 2018-12-11 at 11.27.11 AM

Screenshot 2018-12-11 at 11.27.28 AM
FFUK Top 50 after GW16

The top 2 remain the same, as they have done since GW11. Our leader Lawrence Sprigings (1st) used his WC this week to decent effect scoring 57 points. But you have to go a little further down the league to see the big scores.

Mark Storrar (4th) was the biggest scorer in the top 10 with 83 scored. His captain Auba (6 x 2) was ok but his vice Salah (21) was vital. Chicharito (9), Felipe (12) and Hazard (9) did the rest with Richarlison (7) and Robertson (11). Didn’t even need Alonso (6) off his bench.

How about Alex Thomas (25th) who managed 91 points using his WC to great effect. Like Mark he captained Auba (6 x 2) with Salah (21) vice. Son (14) and Torreira (11) banged.Double LFC defence of Alisson (6) and Robbo (11) Chelsea’s Rudiger (6), plus a lovely last min winner from the Doc (7) all combined for a magnificent score.


But one man went even better. Congratulations Neill Goodwin (34th) who got the captaincy bang on with Salah (21 x 2). No big guns up top but Hernandez (9) and Snoddy (8) did the business with Richarlison (7) and Haz (9) also starring. At the back Digne (10) was a great last minute points scorer! Top scorer for GW16 – Well played Neill! Glad I am not up against you in the cup 😉

Looking at the overall gw average of 55 points plenty of FFUKers including myself fell way below that total. A lot of that was down to captaincy. My own selection of Laca (1) was looking ok until he was hauled off at half time. Horrendous, a true fantasy nightmare. I don’t mind admitting I switched off from all football for the rest of the day. Fortunately I had plans, don’t worry I wasn’t sitting in a darkened room alone wondering where it all went wrong, well I guess I was metaphorically but in reality I went out for a lovely tapas dinner in Liverpool with my sister. The problem was that after Saturday there were only two games left to save my gameweek. Despite some last minute heroics from the Doc (7) and Richarlison (7) which restored some sense of normality, but by then the damage had been done.

warning double eviction
Who are the unlucky two this week in the CONTS mini league?

It was time for another double eviction this week. I was one of the unlucky ones looking over my shoulder and trying to work out what combination of factors I needed to stay safe. As it happened, and as I have mentioned, I had a couple of late saviours so it wasn’t my time.

For others it got even closer. Joseph Colliass with 37 points and Alex Kassner with 40 can both breathe a massive sigh of relief as they live to fight another week. Unfortunately the pair leaving us are Ian Galloway with 35 and Ben Pycz with 30 scored. It’s with great regret (and relief personally) that your time is up and you will both be removed from the CONTS mini league.

Next time it’s back to a single eviction, the next double is GW21. For all the info check out the CONTS mini league link on the website.


Into injury time then.

The cups continue, 2 gameweeks down, 4 to go. How are you getting on in your tie? In my own match up in the FFUK cup with Mark Ford (5th) I have the very slimmest of leads. Just a solitary point means I can take nothing for granted and our tie is very much in the balance. Don’t worry Mark I am checking your team regularly and the I will be wielding the WC very soon just for you 😉

Check out the full draw to find out who is playing who on the menu tabs on this website.

And at a risk of repeating myself we would love some festive fantasy articles on the site. Get in touch if you fancy getting involved.

Thanks for reading and as always look after yourself and each FFUKer.




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