In the true spirit of all things FFUK, it’s only right to soundtrack this moment.

For various reasons I’ve chosen the wise words of James Brown, because sometimes you gotta get down to get up.

As always, congratulations to all who made it through in the cups, and commiserations to the unlucky ones amongst you.

There were some riotous scenes in the final fixtures of the FFUK Cup and Milk Plate this gameweek. Let’s go from the top, there are plenty of big guns to talk about, as 7 of the current Top 10 made it to their next rounds.


Lawrence Sprigings (1st) saw off Brett Evans (113th) comfortably, while Mark Storrar (3rd) didn’t do enough to stop getting knocked out by Joseph Coliass (11th). Old Ffuker Allan Tomkins (5th) is enjoying another strong season, smashing Dan McBrearty (16th) by 58 points here! Neill Goodwin (7th) is a strong contender who enjoyed a 39 point win over Paul Reid (41st) while Tim McEwan (12th) made easy work of Aaron Barringer (125th). Our own boss Chris Galloway (22nd) missed out by just 9 points to Andrew Fogaty (25th). Watford lad Sam Breen (17th) and Westfield legend Dave Foster (9th) are also through with competitor Daz Russell (18th) joining them after slapping his bench boost on the table this gameweek.

Milk Plate

Nick Johns (2nd), Neil Stewart (6th), and John Harper (8th) all made it through in their fixtures and joining them are Duncan ‘Smooth’ Galloway (48th), Jimmy ‘Red Sauce’ Spence (39th), me old mate John Parkinson (35th) and no other than FFUK legend Paul Baker (55th) who made it through by 3 points in the end!

The scores and fixtures are now updated on the FFUK Cup and Milk Plate pages.

All that’s left is for me to remind you to rubber up gents, the next gameweek is already upon us! Stay safe.





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