Welcome to the GW25 REVIEW – KEEP ON MOVIN

Our first double of the season and it was a polarizing one. For some it was glorious, points delivered, captain success, maybe even a well played chip used. For others it was less successful. Captain fails, rotation, captains not playing the first game then being hauled off before 60 mins in the 2nd game. Can you guess who I am talking about?

I will never forgive Sane

Fortunately it is a quick turnaround this week owing to the double, we have just a couple of days in between to recover. For some of us GW26 can’t come quick enough. So it is with that in mind that this week’s tune is the Soul II Soul classic KEEP ON MOVIN. Especially when everything is moving so quickly. Nothing to see here, onto the next one shortly, but before we do that it would be rude not to have a quick look back at the first double of the season. How did you get on?

OFFICIAL FPL GW25 DREAM TEAM – How many of these did you own?

The Dream Team above is all about two men. Two men if you didn’t own them it hurt. Aguero (19) and his city colleague Laporte (20) both well and truly smashed it. But as you can see there were some other big scores to be on this week. Blue is the colour (this week). Enough of this we have a lot to cover so without further ado lets assess the impact DGW25 had on the FFUK league:

Screenshot 2019-02-07 at 14.06.19

Screenshot 2019-02-07 at 14.06.28

Lawrence Sprigings (1st) is still at the summit but his chasers have caught up significantly. The Sprig (new nickname) only managed 58 points this week, 7 below the overall average, this was largely down to captain as he was one of 39 FFUKers to give Salah (2 x 2) the armband. His vice Sterling (11) would have been a better pick in hindsight. Elsewhere there were points for Rash (7), Pogba (7), Trippier (8), AWB (5) and the Doc (5). The chasing pack closes in.


All the high scores this week have something in common this week and that is an Aguero (19) captaincy. As you can see above 66 of you saw the light and followed the right path. The rest of us did not. Throw in a few well used chips and it really got interesting.

Top score for the week (and if he claims it top score for any GW so far this season) goes to Mark James (102nd) with a ridiculous 123 points scored! Mark laid down his TC on Aguero (19 x 3) which worked perfectly for 57 points but clearly there were other stars on board such as Hazard (15), Walker (10), Kante (9), Ederson (8), Rash (7) and Lindelof (7). Congrats Mark that is a ffuking impressive GW score!

Next best was a couple of managers who both finished on 118 points for the week. Well played to both Jason Beale (122nd) and Liam Whelan (149th). Both used their TC on you know who, but after that they went about their identical scores in different ways.

Bealer got a bit lucky as Danilo (0) missed out twice meaning that in came auto-sub Luiz (13), not a bad replacement! After that it was down to Dilva (8), Pog (7), Rash (7) and Toby (6) to do the rest.

For Liam it was all about his best supporting actor in Laporte (20) who outscored everyone, even his colleague up front. Liam could also rely on a little slice of good fortune as Hennessey (0) missed out so auto sub Foster (8) came in handy. Mane (8), Rash (7) and Duffy (6) did the rest.


Next best was one of the big boys. Props to John Harper (4th) who was another of the 11 FFUKers who used their TC on Aguero (19 x 3). I wonder if we will see a better use of that chip this season. I would be surprised. John could also rely on points from Hazard (15), Rash (7), Pog (7), DDG (11) and Bednarek (7).

And the next best was another big name. Well played Tim McEwan (6th) who used his free hit chip (one of 12 FFUKers to do this, mostly to good effect) for a score of 113. No need to tell you who was captain of course but around him Tim enjoyed points from Haz (15), Luiz (13), Son (11), Ederson (8) and Trippier (8).

That’s enough of the good scores, if like me, you were a million miles away from these then perhaps some scores at the other end of the scale can give you some comfort.

Just one letter different but very different scores. Spare a thought for Tom McEwan (145th) who low scored with 31 points. Ouch. He even had 3 DGW players which makes it even more surprising but those players let him down badly, Sane (1), Zouma (0) and Pickford (2) all disappointed. His captain Salah (2 x 2) didnt fare much better and only Pog (7) and Rash (7) did anything positive. Unlucky Tom!

Next worst was Reece Richardson (138th) with 34 points accrued. Reece’s issue was his captain pick as I know only too well. Sane (1 x 2) managed only 1 point in the double to devastate his owners. Chin up Reece, at least there is not long until the next one.

There were other low scores in the upper echelons but for that we must go to the CONTS eviction to investigate further.

Who goes this week in the CONTS mini league?

Another week where in the end it wasn’t that close. No consolation I am sure for the poor FFUKer that has to go this week. In a double it hurts twice as much I think. If in doubt ask Alex Sadlier (32nd overall) who managed just 46 this week. Where did it all go wrong? Once again Captain Sane (1 x 2) has a lot to answer for. Other than his Man Utd trio of Lindelof (7), Pogba (7) and Rash (7) the rest did him no favours at all and it is with a heavy heart I have to confirm that Alex is the latest FFUKer to be evicted. Alex you have now been removed from the CONTS mini league.

Just 15 remain but be warned it is another double eviction this weekend!

Into injury time…

With the quick turnaround that is all for this week, KEEP ON MOVIN, I will be back on the other side of GW26 but before you go here are a couple of posts that definitely deserve your attention.

Firstly the FFUK Cup and Milk Plate fixtures are now underway for this month, check out Pete’s latest cupdate with all the info including links to the cup pages where you can see who you are up against!

Next we have a brilliant new post from Matt Reid (17th) revisiting PLAYER OWNERSHIP in FFUK. This is the 2nd in a fascinating new series from Reidy. Dont miss this one!

Finally we have a new FFUK suggestion box where you can get in touch with us if you have any ideas, suggestions or comments. Get in touch now if you have an idea!

That is all, thanks for reading as always and look after yourself and each FFUKer.




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