Welcome to the GW26 REVIEW – TRAGEDY

As you may have guessed from the title of the review it didn’t exactly go well for me this week. And that is without even mentioning the absolute battering that Chelsea took at the hands of City on Super Sunday. I have been hanging on in recent weeks and to everyone else I am sure it is no surprise that this has happened (which doesn’t stop it hurting). I have finally had my comeuppance (if that is how it is spelt!). One man is to blame, actually three or four but it sounds better to blame one.

Sergio Sergio Sergio. We have a checkered past. I have owned you for the tantrums, the injuries and elbows, I have transferred you in when I shouldn’t have, I have cursed you before but this time was different. A hatrick in DGW25 was painful but I was planning ahead, I could see the bigger picture, I was playing the long game. These things happen.

But another hatrick in GW26 pushed me over the metaphorical edge. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I wasn’t prepared for this.

Thanks to the Bee Gees for soundtracking my disaster with the aptly titled TRAGEDY. Pretty sure this is what they had in mind when they wrote it.


That all being said let’s check out what happened over the weekend, by way of the Official FPL Dream Team for GW26:


Player of the week was Raheem Sterling (18) with his brace and assist plus a couple of bonus meaning he just outscored his colleague Aguero (17) who only managed a hatrick and max bonus vs Chelsea. Urgh it hurts writing this.

Elsewhere in the Dream Team there were points on offer for the Man Utd trio of Jones (11), Pogba (16) and Martial (12) as they took down Fulham. A couple of Spurs stalwarts in Lloris (12) and Eriksen (13) also turned it on for their owners.

The final 3 are less popular but perhaps could offer differentials going forward. Anyone fancy Jack Stephens (10), Wij (11) or big Chris Wood (13)?

stat_of_the_day_white_letters-1030x651STAT OF THE DAY: Did you know that Sterling is the first player this season to be top scoring player of the GW for the 2nd time. That’s right, it has been a different player each week so far top scoring. He is having another incredible season, proving his doubters wrong once again.

There is one other man in the Dream Team but he will be mentioned later for reasons that will become clear but before that lets assess the latest from the FFUK league:


Screenshot 2019-02-12 at 15.47.27

Screenshot 2019-02-12 at 15.47.33

We have a new leader. It’s been a long time coming and our former leader Lawrence Sprigings (4th) slips 3 places after scoring just 54 points 3 below the FPL average and certainly not good enough for someone in his position. The chasing pack needed no second invitation and made their moves.

Congratulations to Jordan Davison (1st) who now sits in top spot after a rather impressive 80 scored. Jordan was one of 121 FFUKers who captained Salah (2 x 8) but around him there were points a plenty. Aguero (17), Pogba (16), Robbo (9), Ederson (7) and Son (6) did the rest. Fair play once again Jordan we will watch your progress with interest going forward.

Right behind him is John Harper (2nd) who outscored Jordan with 81 points but sits 10 points him in the table, John is certainly in the best position of anyone to overthrow him now. John also captained Salah (2 x 8) and had many of the same points scorers as Jordan but perhaps his pick of Mane (8) over Son (6) was the reason for his score.

Mark Leathem (9th) was the other big mover at the top of the table after his score of 89 points. Mark also captained Salah (2 x 8) but he had points coming from all directions after that from Aguero (17), Pogba (16), Lloris (12), Robbo (9), Laporte (6) and Son (6).


However for the best scores we need to look at those that didnt Captain Mo…

Joint top score for GW26 goes to Ben Pycz (31st) and Loz Kelly (108th) with 99, but only one of these didnt take a hit so the best score of this week goes to Ben Pycz. Congratulations.

Ben was one of just 13 FFUKers who captained Aguero (17 x 2) which was exactly the right decision in hindsight. But it didn’t stop there as Ben also got points from Sterling (18), Pogba (16), Salah (8), Holebas (7) and Shaw (6). Well played Ben!

Loz Kelly (108th) did it in a very similar way with Captain Aguero (17 x 2) but took a hit and made up for his lack of Mo with extra clean sheet points from VVD (6) along with Pogba (16), Sterling (18), Robbo (9) and Shaw (6). Well played Loz!

One man decided to use his TC this week and went for it on the player of the week. It doesnt get much better than that. Congratulations to Gary Parsons (38th) who scored 88 with TC Raz (3 x 18).

Ok that is enough good scores, some of us were at the other end of the scale. Even if we picked a captain who did ok like Mo it was a case of one too many of our players missing out and whether our subs could cover. In my case they couldn’t so without further ado lets see who has been evicted in the CONTS mini league…. (have you guessed yet?)

warning double eviction

After the debacle of the weekend Statto Steve was on hand to remind us exactly what was required going into the final game of GW26.

MNF was Wolves vs Newcastle. Many of us were relying on Wolves assets to save our week/season. Plenty owned Jiminez and unless he got a brace or more he was kind of irrelevant, as it turned out he could barely manage a shot on target let alone a goal. So in my case I was relying on the Doc (2) who had saved me before. Could he do it again? In short no. Even so as the game went into the final minute of injury time Statto informed us on the WhatsApp Group that I was going to be safe on overall rank unless Boly (11) did something, it was Wolves 0 – 1 Newcastle and we were well into the last minute of added on time.

Doesnt get closer than that. I sighed but felt relief for a moment. Then it happened. Just like Big Chris Smalling all those years ago. TRAGEDY struck. Dubravka flapped. Boly scored. My mind went into a blur. Urgh. Game over for me. 61 points.

Would VAR have disallowed it?

Going out with me this week is Mr Side Games, Tim McEwan who has had a rather up and down ride recently but the down this week meant he only managed 56 points. After smashing his free hit last week to eviction from the conts league this week. What a Rollercoaster! We will rise again Tim and I wonder if you have had as many messages of “support” as I have had this weekend, particularly after the Chelsea game. Thanks FFUKers!

This also means I have had to hand over admin duties for the CONTS league to Statto Steve. He is now in charge of evictions and has been asked to remove both myself and Tim before the next deadline. It’s all over for me. Remember Steve, with great power comes great responsibility…

JUST 13 REMAIN. Another single eviction next week… Good luck to all those that remain.

Into injury time

Well thanks for reading and writing this has been somewhat cathartic I guess. This isnt the first time I have had to write a review after a nightmare GW. It has to help. I think. I don’t mind admitting I had to go into hibernation on Sunday. This game of a game we play can certainly get to us. It really doesn’t help when the team you support also gets battered in the process. Still what doesn’t kill you makes stronger (apparently) and we have to try and learn from our mistakes. Not sure I will recover from the Aguero mess this season and he will scar me FPL wise for a long time. OH KUN!

To take your mind off it all have you seen the brilliant recent post from Matt Reid (18th) all about player ownership in FFUK? It’s well worth a look if you haven’t yet.

And finally if you have any suggestions or ideas about FFUK we would love to hear about them, contact us via the FFUK Suggestion Box.

That is all for this week, take care of yourself and each FFUKer






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