Thanks to Pete for taking the reigns last week, i enjoyed reading his battle cry. Here is my response. Drop the beat (or play the video if that is easier)…

If you had
One shot
Or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted
In one moment
Would you capture it
Or just let it slip?

You had your opportunity P Rabbit. But you blew it. You needed to play your triple captain chip. Liverpool don’t play Huddersfield at home every week, I can even take a hit now.

We must move on, I’m sure everyone doesn’t want to know that I am currently sitting 5 places and 9 points above you. Try not to LOSE YOURSELF.

Thanks to Eminem for the musical motivation I am now fully pumped and ready for the last 2 weeks of the season. Sometimes we need a little musical boost and this was the one I needed.

We have a lot to get through this week as we look at the league, the cups, MOTM and best GW scores, plus our customary CONTS eviction. So lets get to it.

What about this week’s Dream Team. How many of these guys did you own?

Screenshot 2019-04-30 at 12.24.51

Player of the week was Old faithful Mo Salah (19). His Liverpool colleagues Mane (13), Robertson (14) and TAA (10) also went big vs Huddersfield on Friday meant that anyone with LFC assets started the GW with a bang. A few TC’s made Friday night massive too, more on that later.


Up front Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy (13) continued his Party vs Arsenal along with team-mate Pereira (10). Chelsea’s Alonso (10) rolled back the years with his goal. And Wilson (16) is also finishing the season in style. Jota (12) scored big for Wolves and the 2 left both come from Fulham who look to have turned a corner since being relegated. Christie (11) & Rico (11) could be a cop team from the 80s but this week were content with just being Dream Team Super Stars.

How did all this effect the FFUK league?

Screenshot 2019-04-30 at 12.24.21

Screenshot 2019-04-30 at 12.24.30

We have a new leader and what a time to take top spot. That’s what former champs do. Congratulations to Allan Tomkins (1st) who scored 111 points with his BB chip earning him the 11 points. That was the top score in the top 10. Captain Salah (19 x 2), Mane (13), TAA (10), Jota (12) and Aguero (9) were the big scores for Allan.

Can Jordan Davison (2nd) or one of the chasing pack come back at him? This and many more questions will be answered over the next 2 weeks. This is massive now. Pressure is well and truly on.

Who else is making moves at the top? Well Neill Goodwin (5th) moves up on the back of his 102 score. Another man in the 100 club, Neill was one of 23 FFUKers to get over that magical figure. Always very impressive in a single GW. And now is the time to get the big scores in.

callum wilson


But for the very best scores let’s go deeper, lose ourselves in the music for a bit. Until we find this week’s best scorer, Congratulations to Don Macaulay (39th) who scored a quite frankly stunning 124 points. Don laid down his TC on Salah for 19 x 3 points. He also owned Mane (13) and Robbo (14) so he had the perfect Friday night. It got even better after that with AWB (9), Vardy (13), Jiminez (7) and Ederson (6) topping up his score nicely. Well played mate!

He is not only the top scorer for this week but also goes straight in at number 1 for best GW score of the season. Huge. The page has been updated, click here to see the latest BEST GW SCORES for this season and if you have one better make sure you claim it before the season ends!

Just a point behind was Rachel Lynch (159th) with 123 scored. Once again using her TC chip. So close to a spot on the best GW score leaderboard but so far (each top score has to be for a different week). Rachel was one of 20 FFUKers to use their TC this week but there were just 8 who used theirs on Salah (19 x 3) which was clearly the right move. Well done to you all!



Whilst we are talking about top scores congratulations to Danny Burgess (54th) who top scored for the month of April and wins the penultimate MOTM of the season. Well played Danny you saw off plenty of the big boys to claim the prize. To check out all the winners from this season click here


While we are talking about winners its time for a little CUPDATE from our Peter. Over to you Pete…

And so, the time has come for the finals of the FFUK Cup, and the Milk Plate.

The semi finals of the FFUK Cup were pretty much decided last week. Vinny Siracusa (7th) had a 60 point lead against Matt Frost going into the final week, and despite Matt’s worst efforts Vinnie still won, extending his lead to 73 points… Cheeky Vinnie kept a Triple Captain in the bank too, rather than using it last gameweek. Can you drop me a text to tell me your plan Vinny? I’m still trying to decide whether to use mine this week or next!

Vinny will be facing Allan Tomkins (1st), who overcame a solid performance from Neill Goodwin. Allan’s whopping GW36 score of 111 took him to top of the FFUK League, and he has no chips going into the final. Prize money will be £200 for the winner, and £100 for the runner up, prizes now guaranteed for both Vinny and Allan. Well done gents.

Moving onto the FFUK Milk Plate final, a familiar name, former FFUK Champion Nick Johns (currently 3rd in the FFUK League) will face catapult man Tom Newman (75th). I say catapult man as this strikes me as something of a David and Goliath match up, with Tom pretty damned lucky to reach the final at all. Tom reaches the final from 122nd for the month of April, with his opponent Lorna Edwards doing even worse. It’s times like these where the pressure can break the best of us, but somehow, Tom Newman has his bench boost and his free hit still in his pocket!!!

Suffice to say we will be watching these fixtures like a night’s stalking with a bag of red bulls in the bushes. Best of luck to all of you.

The FFUK CUP page has been updated as well as the MILK PLATE page. Check them out!

Next up it’s another eviction in the CONTS mini league.

Who goes this week?

We were down to 3. All 3 of John Harper, Mark Leathem and Robert Browne are now prize winners but we now need to find out who is the last FFUKer standing. After handing the admin duties to Damien O’Neill last week it proved to be somewhat of a poisoned chalice so I wont inflict that extra responsibility on any of the final 3.

With solid scoring this week all round it was always likely to be a close affair and in the end going out with a more than respectable 85 points is Mark Leathem. Unlucky Leafy but at least you bagged a prize!

2 remain. John Harper and Robert Browne. We will crown the CONTS champion in the next review and they will get the final week to bask in their own glory. Glorious.


Finally we have a bit of injury time to discuss the hottest ticket in town. And that is the FFUK END OF SEASON DO.



Deposits are coming in (slowly) but we need more of you to sign up. The pitch has been booked and paid for. I played 5 a side last night for the first time in years and my legs feel like they have gone 12 rounds with Tyson this morning. All essential preparation for the first ever FFUK 5 a side tournament followed by a night out in Shoreditch with a load of FFUKers. Get involved! We will be chasing over the weekend if we haven’t heard back from you and think you should be coming!

That is it for another GW, as always thanks for reading and remember to look after yourself and each FFUKer!



West Ham United v Leicester City - Premier League - London Stadium
Who wants a Jamie Vardy Party?


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