Welcome to the GW4 REVIEW – REHAB

That’s the first month of the season done. Good riddance is all I can say. Another shocker. I don’t want to make this review too depressing but at the same time it’s hard for my own team’s performance not to at least affect the general tone. I will at least try not to swear and I’ll do my best not to write an obituary. As I go in to more detail later the song choice will become more evident. I clearly have a FPL problem this season and I am not sure any amount of REHAB can cure it. Please allow me the melodramatic intro, if nothing else it is a great way to get an Amy Winehouse track as the theme of the week.

Speaking of which I have started the 2019/20 Season Playlist on Spotify, feel free to follow and by all means suggest songs! I will keep it updated with any tracks from posts on this site throughout the season.

For last season’s completed season playlist click here


dream team gw2

Once again Vardy is having a party, first one of the season, bet his neighbours aren’t happy, but for those who own Jamie Vardy (16) it was blue WKD time. But it wasnt just Vardy’s Party, his team mate Tielemans (12) also scored well with the girls.

Upstairs it was the almost forgotten Kun (16) who was having his own little soiree, a more classy affair than Vardy’s I reckon, maybe some Argentinian malbec on offer for his guests. Chelsea’s new number nine Tammy (13) was there after his back to back braces. In the middle of the park it was down to Ricky (15), KDB (13) and Cal Rob (11) to blow up the balloons for their owners.

Manning the back door were a couple of budget picks alongside the most expensive defender in the game. Whether you are an owner of Masuaku (12), Vestergaard (11) or TAA (11) life is good for your team this week.

Between the cocktail sticks it was last season’s favourite Fabianski (7) who top scored.

Have a quick tot up of how many from the Dream Team you own, I am sure it will be more than the ZERO i do! I’m still sat here at the Pukki party but it ended ages ago, is it time to leave already?


Screenshot 2019-09-02 at 12.23.05

Screenshot 2019-09-02 at 12.23.13

I almost announced Neil Stewart (2nd) as the first Manager of the Month winner last week, my head is all over the place at the moment, not sure what month we are in. So I checked the calendar and found there was another weekend to include. August is now done. Officially. However despite Neil being in pole position going into the final week of the month he was pipped at the post by Steven Mountford (1st) who wins the first MOTM prize of the season on the back of his 76 scored this week, congratulations Steven! Commiserations Neil, you are (almost) guaranteed my side bet money to make up for it pal.

Top scorer in the top 10 was in fact John Parkinson (10th) who pipped Steven by a couple of points to register 78. Captain Mo (6 x 2) was an acceptable start but he had plenty of others to call upon including Tammy (13), Kane (6), KDB (13), Siggy (5) and a clean sweep of clean sheets/attacking returns from his defenders.

Even better than that is Matt Reid (11th) who scored a dreamy 84 points. Captain Kun (16 x 2) was genius, then he followed that with points from KDB (13), Iwobi (9), Mane (8), Digne (5) and Kelly (6). Cracking stuff Reidy.

But Reidy’s score was actually only 7th best overall this week. Top of the pile for GW4 was Paul Monger (152nd) who used his free hit to achieve a massive 98 points. Incredible skills. Captain Kun (16 x 2) clearly worked but it didnt end there as Tammy (13), Ricky (15), KDB (13), TAA (11) and Robbo (6) all returned big.  Well played Paul!

In terms of captaincy the 29 FFUKers who were clever enough to captain Kun reaped the rewards big time whilst the the masses were on Raz, well 146 of us, unfortunately Sterling had a quiet afternoon, even more annoying for the 6 who TC’d him. Those who went with Salah will be feeling satisfied if not elated and those who went with KDB will be well chuffed. Only 1 out of the top 6 captain picks didnt return, no need to remind you who that was.

Statto Steve’s GW4 Stats



These reviews sometimes are quite a good way of getting closure on a bad week, but when you have had 4 shockers in a row and its only GW4 its a tough sell. I’ll be honest I would have preferred not to have written this one. Fortunately I have a couple of guest reviewers lined up for you for the next couple of reviews so, after much resistance, I will have time to book myself into an FPL rehab centre and try and come to terms with just what is happening.

My poor gameweeks should have been a warning, my early WC a chance of revival but nothing is working right now. TBH I am amazed I survived until GW4 in the CONTS mini league. This mini-league doesn’t accept bad weeks and excuses it just evicts you and leaves you out in the cold. Shivering.

So no beating around the proverbial bush, I am out. Gone. I have now passed on admin duties to Pete who will take absolutely no pleasure at all in removing me from the league. I only hope this isn’t a poisoned chalice I am passing him. We will find out soon enough I guess.

But it’s double evictions for the first 12 GWs so who else is being thrown out? Apparently Duncan Hannigan has set up a support group, we need it!

That man is Steve Coffen who managed just one point better than me with 36. Steve and I have been nearly men in recent week so perhaps it isnt too much of a surprise he joins me out in the cold.

Next week another 2 FFUKers will face the harsh reality of an eviction. I speak from experience – make sure it isnt you!



Into injury time and we announced PRIZE MONEY for this season early last week, I hope by now you have all seen the fantastic news. Records being broken left right and centre. Plus there is also a section on pre-season prize winners.

Speaking of which I am sending out all the pre-season prizes this week. The Mugs and spot prizes are being packaged up as you read this. If you have not yet sent me your address then you wont get your prize – Get in touch today!

What else is on the horizon? Well you must watch this space for news about the 3 CUPS this season coming very soon from our new man in charge of everything cuppy, Paul Baker. I think I may have to concentrate on the cups this season, the league may well have gone!

More excitement on the horizon… Have you heard about the next FFUK Meet Up?

We already have a few special FFUKers who have signed up. Myself, Pete and Damo will all be in attendance. Join us. See below for all the details, are you free on Saturday 19th October? Let us know so we can work out numbers and reserve an area!

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-31 at 12.21.46

Don’t forget to also get in touch if you fancy writing a post for the site or taking part in a video or getting involved in some other way.

Enjoy the international break and we will be back on the other side with the GW5 review, by a special guest reviewer!

As always thanks for reading and remember, look after yourself and each FFUKer!



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