Welcome to the GW9 REVIEW – SHOUT

FFUK. Shout. Let it all out. These are the things I could do without. Oh Come on.

The above is a polite version of what happened over the weekend. Thanks to Tears for Fears for the song, the season playlist has been updated for your listening pleasure.

Another disaster of a weekend, not that I was on my own this time round, but I am now getting used to it. I am doing a man utd this season, I can barely remember when I was relevant, I now spend my days flirting with relegation (thankfully we don’t have relegation in the FFUK league because if we did I would be a goner). My players are all unreliable, half of them don’t even start and the man in charge of my team is clearly an idiot.

On Saturday a few friendly FFUKers met at The Thirsty Bear near Waterloo to watch the afternoon’s events unfold. It all started fairly reasonably, the beer was flowing and the 3pms delivered a smattering of points for some of us. Not me obviously but I was ok at this point, little did I know what was about to happen.

As we got to know each other we couldn’t ignore the elephant in the room… We were all waiting for the team news from the evening game. I had 3 city players to play, this could be glorious. And then it happened… I got fully Pepped. Otamendi (0), Mahrez (0) and my Captain Aguero (0) all not playing. FFUK shouting, I wanted to Scream but all I could do was order another drink from the iPad.

Massive thanks to all those attended on Saturday. We may look to schedule another meet up in the new year if there is demand for it.

Now let’s get on with the review…

There is a distinct lack of big hitters here, once again, this is not a predictable season. I’d be amazed if anyone had more than 2 of these players in their sides.

Top scoring player was an old favourite, Marcos Alonso (14) who rolled back the years with a goal, clean sheet and max bonus.

Up top it was Dings who top scored with 9 points. Definitely a bargain if you need one for your front line.

There was a City player involved but not the one that was (I) expected. David Silva (11) got his 4th double figure score of the season which is the most of any player.

Then it gets random. Janmaat (12), O’Connell (11), Targett (10) and Steve Cook (9) are not big names in terms of FPL but they were the ones to own this week. In midfield it was Bernard (10), Grealish (13) and Harvey Barnes (11) who returned.

FFUK knows who will be in the Dream Team next time. It would be nice if I could have 1 player featured. Just 1.


There was plenty of movement this week at the top of the league.

Top scorer with 61 scored is Chris Bennett (2nd) I am reliably informed that this is the first year Chris has played FPL, he doesn’t support a PL side (supports Portsmouth) and doesn’t watch live football. Clearly we are doing it all wrong. Whatever he is doing, congratulations and we will keep an eye on your progress. Chris was the only FFUKer who captained David Silva (11 x 2) for his haul.

At the other end of the scale we find Andrew Downie (6th) who low scored with 29 with his fresh wildcard side, how often does a wildcard lead to a disappointing score? It’s like the FPL gods are against us. Some of us especially. Andy was one of 23 FFUKers to captain the prolific Argentinean but we were all left scrambling to remember who we had vice as Pep didn’t feel the need to introduce Kun. Or Otamendi. Or Mahrez.

I think we need some stats so we can shout about just how crappy this GW was…

  • This is the first time we have had back-to-back GW averages under 40 (excluding BGWs) since GW 5 & 6 of 14/15 (36 & 38 pts) – 193 GWs ago. Including BGWs: GW 35 & 36 of 15/16 (39 & 38 pts).
  • The GW high score of 98 is the lowest since GW 23 of 16/17 (94 pts) – 101 GWs ago.
Which 2 FFUKers go this week?

Another double eviction and it was a bad week to get a low score this week. Is there ever a good one?

As ever Statto Steve was on hand to provide us with the latest situation going into MNF and for Jake Walker and our Pete Cronin it meant an evening of hoping, praying and eventually shouting as their hopes were dashed. Even Lundstrom couldn’t save them. It’s a cruel game. Jake with just 27 and Pete with 29 were the latest pair to be evicted which means that Pete is no longer admin. That responsibility passes now to Jamie Stewart, will it prove to be a poisoned chalice? Check back next week to find out as another two ffukers will be evicted. Good luck to those left involved! It gets less brutal in GW13 once the double evictions are done with!

Into injury time

It’s all kicking off in the FFUK Cup – The first round ties are 2 fixtures down, just 1 to go! How are you getting on in yours? I am 6 points down in my tie with John Willson. Do I pull out a chip out to try and ensure the W or do I leave it to the FPL gods to decide? Big decisions. 6 points is not insurmountable. But I need a good week more than ever especially if I want to be in the draw for the next round.

Speaking of which the LIVE draw for the 2nd round of FFUK cup ties will take place on the evening of Monday 28th October on YouTube, tune in to find out who you get! The link will be shared on our WhatsApp and Facebook Groups and on our Twitter. What’s more we will be announcing something very exciting during the video – tune in to find out exactly what!

While you are still here, did you check out the latest post from Matt Reid where he delves into the ownership within the FFUK league. This is the first in a rebooted series this season, there will be more so you can track the progress of player ownership as the season unfolds/unravels.

One last SHOUT before we go, if you are up for writing a review or an article on the site please get in touch. We also have a space for one more FFUKer in Monday evening’s video. Join us and you can get involved with the draw!

Thanks for reading as always and remember, look after yourself and each FFUKer.

Until next time


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