Welcome to the GW23 Review – Glad All Over (some are)

The theme of this week is ‘glad all over’. Well some FFUKers are and every Liverpool fan is. This song is tribute to Liverpool and Palace. The league is now beyond doubt. They are 16 points clear, game in hand and have dropped only 2 points. Congratulations you throughly deserve it. Liverpool fans we will now accept your gloating!

This GW has a quick turn around so I am doing this in reverse chronological order for my convenience!


The Vardy party is officially over? The Clarets pour misery on Foxes, with Pope as saviour. Southgate please take note Pope has long arms.

Liverpool showed United how it feels! I will leave talking about Liverpools dominance to a Liverpool fan. I just say congratulations, you are awesome!


Many years later, another Gazza is the Spurs hero. His heroics meant Watford didn’t sting the cock’s at the end.

Arsenal still struggle to win but things seem to be moving in the right direction for the Gunners, patience is needed, before things go off.

Seagulls nearly shit on the Villa. Without Jack Villa would be bottom, he keeps getting them out of jail. 

City’s PL season seems defined in one brilliant game, the Eagles, like the band, just keep going.

Pukki just popped the Cherries. Bournemouth seem to want to get relegated but have maybe given us the image of the year (below incase you missed it).

Wolves’ Jimi was the saint after they rose from the dead. He is the Raul deal.

In the battle of two new managers the Hammers and Toffees got stuck at 1-1. 

The Magpies got one right at the death, which gave Chelsea sorrow. I really feel for the blues…


As this GW has a very quick turn around (GW24 starts Tuesday) I thought I would try to predict results before the GW.  My wife knew I was doing the review this weekend and I was off work on Friday. She said on Friday ‘why don’t you do the review today you have time!?!?’

Just like Mark Lawrenson on BBC website (although I’m less of a cock?) I thought I would do my prediction of all the games. What I predicted on Friday was posted on WhatsApp to prove I didn’t cheat (although I’m sure i did badly and should have cheated)

So here are my GW23 predictions all based on my gut feelings and haven’t heard any press conferences. I am a little Villa biased. I am not going into detail on any predictions.

  • Watford 1-1 Spurs
  • Arsenal 1-0 Sheffield U
  • Brighton 0-5 Villa
  • Man City 3-0 Palace
  • Norwich 1-1 Bournemouth
  • Saints 1-1 Wolves
  • West Ham 2-1 Everton
  • Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea
  • Burnley 0-0 Leicester
  • Liverpool 3-2 United

I am not a gambling man, not that there is anything wrong with it, but I have seen what addiction can do. Add to this I am FFUKing useless. I know gambling has bought a crazy amount of money into football- but like cigarette and alcohol advertising IMO should be banned. Plus I hate Villa having shirts with betting companies on!

Well I got 2 out of 10 results right. Mark Lawrenson got 3. Without doubt that makes him my superior in every way, and I am more of a cock.

I wasn’t going to mention VAR as I am hoping the FFUK seniors will let me do another review. Then I can rant about VAR, BPS and Double Captain!

My FFUK season has been very poor. Like many of the chasers we search for points every week. The need to take risks, find differentials and pick different captains every week is just too much. Since joining FFUK I have learnt so much about the FPL game. But it has inevitably led to me overthinking and FFUKing up. I know I am not alone. I would love to set up a team and let the points come in, instead of chasing each week.

This season I am making the same mistakes over and over- especially when it comes to captain choices. Sterling, every week I think he will have a blinder so I don’t transfer him out, most weeks I still captain him. So many times he has shattered my dreams, especially his cameo the other week, which cost me 21 points, for the 30 seconds he came on. Like an ex lover- I keep taking him back, just giving him one more go, he has changed, he will come good right……?

For me this season now is all about champions league- feels a bit like I got in to the CL on UEFA Fair Play but thats OK. I am building a team for European football!


Have you seen the latest FFUK Champions League Cupdate? The FFUK Cup and Milk Plate cupdates will follow in due course from Mr cups and league leading FFUKer – Paul Baker.

Dream Team

It was good week for goalkeepers. Gazzaniga (14) Alisson (13) Pope (12) Foster (9) Dubravka (8) and even Krul (7). Gazzaninga and Pope making penalty saves, and Alisson’s beautiful ass.

Liverpool again had the stand out Defenders with VVD (15) and TAA (10)

In the midfield the budget boys came good. Super Jack (10) (please someone remind Southgate he is English) was the only midfielder valued above 6M. Traore (10) Trossard (10) and Westwood (9) made up the rest.

Jimi (13) and Aguero (13) were the forwards. Well done to those who had Aguero as captain. I had him in my team, but Sterling as captain!

In FFUK we had 50 proper captain fails. I won’t go into detail- you know who you are!

Top 20 FFUKers (22)

Despite not having a good week Paul Baker (1) still sits at the top, thanks to Jack and TAA. He might transfer Rashford out, who’s injury seems pretty bad. He went with the wrong keeper with Pope (12) benched and McCarthy (1) playing. KDB was his Captain who blanked, could have been worse he could have had Vardy (0). Despite this he is still 33 points clear.

Jamie Stuart (5) got the most points of top 20 (22) with 75. Pope and Captain Aguero were his big scorers.

Top scorer this week in FFUK was Paul Browne (54) with 83 points. He had Jimi and Traore on a BB. CL football awaits! Roy Browne (165), his Dad, was second highest scorer with 81, who captained VVD.

Mark Storrar (13) had the worst week of top 20 (22) with a score of 27. Which was also the joint worst score of everyone in the top 200 FFUKers. Don’t worry Mark it can’t get worse…

Conts Mini League

Sorry Mark it did! You are also out of the CONTS mini league. The admin will remove you shortly.

Kloppage Time

Well the next GW starts tomorrow. Then chill’s out for a bit with Villa and Leicester battling in the semi to see who gets thrashed by City in the crap cup final.

James Downie (161), thanks for reading.

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