And so it all comes down to this ….. one week to go to qualify for the FFUK Champions League. 54 Managers have sealed their places. Another two are nailed on. So 23 places yet to be decided and EVERY Manager is in with a chance of getting one of them.

As I have covered in a previous post, there are several ways to qualify for the competition:

  1. The top 20 managers from last season’s FFUK
  2. The two cup winners (FFUK Cup and Milk Plate) from last season’s FFUK
  3. Top 5 new entrants to FFUK this season as at GW24
  4. The six managers of the month for August to January
  5. The highest points scorers in each Gameweek (up to Gameweek 24)
  6. Up to ten teams will qualify among those left in the FPL Cup at Gameweek 24 (last season eight teams were left at this stage). If more than 10 teams are left in the FPL Cup at Gameweek 24, the ten places will go to those with the highest overall scores
  7. Top Junior in FFUK at GW24
  8. Writing a post on the FFUK website last year (2019)
  9. The remaining places will be filled by the corresponding number of teams as determined by the highest scorers in GW24

It’s all to play for in several of these categories. Manager of the Month for January is currently led by Stephen Fielden (6) but he only has a slender 8 point advantage over Jemma Gibson (25) although Jemma has already qualified through her FPL Cup run.

Things are even more interesting in the top new entrants category. While the top 4 are nailed on for Justin McCarthy (2), Dean Cummings (8), Peter Hayes (11) and Jez Penn (14), the fifth spot is up for grabs. It’s currently shared by Adam Vardy (20=) and Shane Newton (20=), but they only have a two-point advantage over Luay Alfraham (23). Another manager yet to qualify, Andrew Downie (35), is just 15 points behind.

The top young FFUKer is, by contrast, all over. Tom Page-Chatton (107) has 31 point lead over Danny Fielden (151) with Theo Allen (160) a further 8 points back.

As things stand there will be twenty places available for the top scores in that gameweek among Managers who have not yet qualified. Given it’s a double gameweek for Liverpool and West Ham there’s potential for absolute carnage! The total number of places will depend on whether qualifiers in other categories have already qualified and/or there are ties for qualification (under which circumstances all teams who tie qualify).

The draw for the first ever FFUK Champions League will take place on the evening of 31st January.

The following have already qualified. To the rest of you – good luck!

1Allan TomkinsTop 20
2Jordan DavisonTop 20
3Nick JohnsTop 20
4sean colohanTop 20
5john HarperTop 20
6Neill GoodwinTop 20
7mark leathemTop 20
8Vince .SiracusaTop 20
9Tim McEwanTop 20
10James AmarTop 20
11Jamie StewartTop 20
12Lewis BellTop 20
13Paul ReidTop 20
14Damien O’NeillTop 20
15Marcus BlowersTop 20
16Daron RussellTop 20
17Lawrence SprigingsTop 20
18Steve CroninTop 20
19Chris GallowayTop 20
20Ben PyczTop 20
21Tom NewmanCup winner
22Steven MountfordMOM
23David SullivanMOM
24Duncan GallowayMOM
25Steven WatsonMOTW
26Malek MansourMOTW
27Sean GriffinMOTW
28Chris NormanMOTW
29Jason BealMOTW
30Ryan CorbettMOTW
31Peter HayesMOTW
32Stuart AllenMOTW
33Jez PennMOTW
34James NalepaMOTW
35Glen JohnsonMOTW
36Matt PackhamMOTW
37Scott HassellMOTW
38Jamie StephensMOTW
39Joe WarringtonMOTW
40Alex KassnerMOTW
41Roni FrielMOTW
42Danny BurgessMOTW
43Paul BrowneMOTW
44Toby GlicherFPL Cup
45Jake WalkerFPL Cup
46Jemma GibsonFPL Cup
47Alex SadlierFPL Cup
48Phil AndrewsFPL Cup
49Pete CroninPosts
50Paul BakerPosts
51Matt ReidPosts
52Duncan HanniganPosts
53James DowniePosts
54Justin McCarthyPosts




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