The first double gameweek is one of those times every fantasy manager looks forward to. There are points to be earned. Chips to play. Hits can be taken with far less guilt. And we allow ourselves to dream. However it isn’t always plain sailing. Sometimes things that can’t really be predicted occur. Sometimes all our best laid plans are left in tatters.

As you can see the Triple Captains were out in force as FFUKers laid theirs down on predominantly 3 options. 25 went for the relative safety of Mane (1) whilst 28 went for a former fav who was perhaps returning to some form in Mo (16) meanwhile 15 went for the revelation that is TAA (12). All 3 with very different outcomes. This is the game we all know and love/hate.

In my horror season it is absolutely no surprise that I captained Mane who went off with an injury early on in the first fixture. The only surprise for me was that I didnt TC. But you have to feel sympathy for those who used a chip only to be let down so early on in the double. It’s enough to make you want to SMASH SOMETHING.

The tune of the week is a stone cold classic from Adam F, this is a favourite album from my youth and still sounds as good today in my biased opinion. If you feel the need turn it up loud, it might just save you from having to SMASH SOMETHING.

The Official FPL GW24 Dream Team

As you can see from the Dream Team above there is a trio of Liverpool players. Two of them are to be expected in Mo (16) and TAA (12) but the 3rd is more of a surprise. Did anyone bring in Jordan Henderson (16) for his haul?

There was another Henderson (11) in nets an at the back he was protected by Lejeune (14), Pereira (12) and Stephens (11).

In midfield there were a trio of mid priced gems in Perez (15), Redmond (13) and Alli (13) all vying for our attention. Meanwhile up top it was left to Wood (12) to represent the strikers.

How did all that effect the top of the FFUK League?

The top 3 stayed the same but there was movement below. Biggest mover was Steven Mountford (10th) with an absolutely amazing 116 points. In fact it was top score in the league. Easily enough to lead the Best GW Score leaderboard – IF and WHEN he claims it. All the info here. Even with his 4pt hit Steven was one of the lucky ones who TC Mo for 48 points. A 45 point swing to those who went with Mane. Instead of smashing something Steve is smashing leaderboards. Impressive skills!

Just to prove that it isnt that easy the 2 lowest scorers in the top 20 were two time league champion, Allan Tomkins (12th) with just 58 scored and FFUK site poster and all round legend Reidy (13th) with just 54! A harsh reminder for all of us that this games cares not for reputations.

As it end of the month I can also announce the MOTM for January is Steve Coffen (36th) with a very impressive 311 points scored! Check out the MOTM page to see all the winners so far this season. Incidentally all MOTM’s so far and every highest GW score so far this season has earnt a place in this season’s first ever FFUK Champions League – more on that one later.

Next up its eviction time!

Who goes this week in the CONTS mini league?

It was always going to be a tough week to go out of the conts. In the end it was very close and of course the DGW had a big effect on who goes. Alex Kassner with 42 points scored just outscored Mark Turnbull on 41. I dont think I need to tell you who they both captained. Mark must want to SMASH SOMETHING right now. The admin has now removed you from the mini-league!


Into Kloppage time and there is loads going on right now here at FFUK. As the month has ended that means cup ties have been decided. To find out the very latest go to the relevant pages below to see the final scroes for this month.

For the latest from the FFUK CUP click here

For the latest from the MILK PLATE click here

For all the info about the inaugural FFUK Champions League, which starts next week (GW26), click here or here where you can find out the latest qualifiers!

That means there are 2 very big draws to be done and that means a special LIVE VIDEO DRAW, details below. Join Paul and I, along with a couple of special guests, to find out who plays who in the Last 16 of the FFUK Cup and who gets which team in the FFUK Champions League. Links will be posted in the WhatsApp and Facebook groups on the day along with Twitter, better yet subscribe to the FFUK YouTube channel to keep up to date!

That is all for now, thanks for reading as always, and remember to look after yourself and each FFUKer. I’m off to SMASH SOMETHING to make me feel better!


This was not part of the plan

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