Welcome to the GW26 REVIEW!!!

Let us ask the question, who is the best lord?

This disgracefully long gameweek has allowed us to delve deep and get highly nostalgic.

It’s gone on so long it has allowed us to become nostalgic about the gameweek itself. When in fact did GW26 begin?

Ladies and gentlemen if you cast your minds back to Saturday 8th February you’ll remember that this gameweek actually started 12 days ago. We had the joy of Everton giving Palace a whipping, happy days for DCL (11) and Richarlison (13) owners, before the bore off of Brighton 1 v Watford 1. Nice if you had Doucoure (9) mind.

For me it was all about the Sunday, but hey, the Man City game got cancelled due to these neverending storms. Fortunately the Sheffiled United match offered some respite. Scoping a load of FPL veterans in the H2H group almost all of them had started Lundstram (7) but he didn’t start. Nope, this FPL legend, despite being ousted by SHU record signing Berge (2), came off the bench and only bloody scored!

Who is the best Lord? Lord Lundstram of course!


But there was plenty more left in this extended gameweek. When MNF came round despite expectations there were no riches for Vardy, Maddison, or Jiminez, and instead the defenders came out on top in a 0-0 draw. Rubbish. 

Fast forward a week and Dings (7) rang the bell for FPL as Southampton lost to Burnley at home, and in the one we were waiting for, Norwich v Pool it was the returning Mane who came up with points despite like, everyone captaining Salah. 

Sunday was all about Son (13) and Aubameyang (7), unless you want to include Villa’s Grealish (5) who again brought in points. 

Oh god, do you FFUKers really need me to pore through it again?

Apparently United beat Chelsea and Martial (8) got some points. Good news on the Wednesday was that KDB (14) and Aguero (2) both started. Good news for KDB owners not so for Aguero captainers. 

I’m sorry, I really don’t want to impress the slowness of this gameweek upon you. You’re likely feeling quite desperate already. Don’t worry FFUKers, we’re knocking this gw review out nice and quick as the new gw starts in just over 24 hours. We realise this one has been neverending, hence the nostalgia.

Music lovers among you will recognise the benefit of the 8 minute+ 12″ version of Limahl’s stunning theme song here (yes, I own a copy on vinyl). I’m off to shout ‘run Atrieu’ which as many of you will understand, is a lifeline.

Official FPL GW26 Dream Team

At the top of the league there is no change. The trio at the summit are looking good at the moment. Very good indeed. Mr Cups Paul Baker (1st) is trying to pull away but Justin McCarthy (2nd) keeps reeling him back in. Grant Lawrie (3rd) is trying his best to keep up but has a barrage of blokes behind him all chomping at the bit. So much so that a little birdie tells me Grant may have played his WC in the winter break so keep the chasing pack at bay.

Best scorer in the Top 20 this week was Stephen Fielden (4th) with 71 scored, he makes his way up to where it matters. Well played Stevie!

Matt Reid (19th) was the lowest scorer in the Top 20 with 47 scored. It wasn’t all bad news though for Reidy as you will find out later.

Fair play to a trio of players who top scored this week with 87 points, Pete Cronin, who has written most of this review and is pretty much my hero, also Mark Leathem and Simon Beale, who all hit the heights this week. 

Ultimately Pete is my inspiration and I’m chuffed to see him doing so well, especially considering this is my worst season ever.   


This week it was very tight in the CONTS league. Several FFUKers were left sweating going into the final game of the long drawn out gameweek. In the end it was down to 2 FFUKers who tied on a measly 47 points Matt Reid (93k) and Ross Smith (161k). In this situation it goes down to Overall Rank and by that method Matt Reid comes out on top. That means Ross is the one to go this week. The admin for the league will remove you shortly. Reidy lives on to fight another week.

Getting tense now, who will be the first to go hit-tastic to keep them alive and in with a chance of the big prize!


Into Kloppage time and there is loads going on at this time of the season.

Have you entered the brand new FFUK side game – LAST FFUKER STANDING? This one is organised by Tim McEwan and starts this weekend. You don’t have long to sign up and join the FFUK mini league. The rules are simple. And the winner takes all. Details in the image below and click here. At the time of writing there are 11 FFUKers signed up, what are you waiting for?


Cup ties in both the FFUK CUP and the MILK PLATE continue. Plus the brand new FFUK CHAMPIONS LEAGUE is now underway for the 4 preliminary qualifiers. For all the latest from this competition, including the google sheet where you can see just where we are, please click here.

Thanks for reading as always and big thanks to Pete for writing the bulk of this one as I am about to board a flight and have nearly ran out of battery on my laptop for which I have left my pow…

Well Chris, it’s down to me to finish with another little nostalgia, old skool Hardcore geniusses Ratpack with their version of the classic hymn, Lord of the Dance. Who is the best Lord? Lunners!


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