If you hadn’t heard the Premier League is back! Fantasy Premier League is back and that means FFUK is back! It all kicks off again next Wednesday 17th June and there is a FFUK load of football on TV for us to enjoy as the season climaxes.

For the latest Fantasy Premier League update click here

But what happens here at FFUK? Well out simply we go again. See below for the very latest news from FFUK HQ:

Firstly we have tried to, where possible, leave prizes as close to theur original format as possible.

For the full list of FFUK prizes awarded this season please click here

TOP 20

This prize, importantly, remains the same. Prizes will be paid out to those that finish in the top 20 positions in the FFUK mini league, plus a trophy for the winner too.


The Cups are both at the quarter final stage and will played out in line with the originally planned game-months:

March will now be GW29, GW30+ and GW31+

April will now be GW32+, GW33+, GW34+, GW35+

May will now be GW36+, GW37+, GW38+


Unfortunately we have had to cancel this competition but it will be back again next season, it was just too complicated to try and finish it, however we do have new prizes instead of this!


We have already announced the MOTM for each month up to and including February here. These prizes are safe and there will also be a MOTM prize of £50 for June and July months.

The March monthly score has been voided as only one gameweek was played.


Nothing changes here, we still have 4x Best GW score prizes up for grabs. Remember, you must submit your score to us for a chance of winning one of these prizes. For the latest best GW scores click here, as you can see there have definitely been higher scores that have not been claimed.


For those involved 9 CONTS are left in this mini league. For more info on this one click here. There are NO CHANGES meaning that the NEXT EVICTION happens this gameweek DGW30+ and it will be one a week until we crown the King Cont after GW37+.


This is an exclusive mini league for FFUK contributors. H2H has been finished for the season so we will award reduced prizes based on the season so far. Paul Baker wins £45 (reduced from £60) and Tim McEwan wins £25 (reduced from £35). This means there is a £25 prize up for grabs for who ever wins the remainder of the season H2H. Tim or I will send you details this week so you can join the new H2H for those involved.


Pete and I, along with a panel esteemed fantasy experts, will be on your screens on Monday evening where we will discuss the restart and offer some tips of players to look at or avoid. We will also take your questions about absolutely anything fantasy related. Make sure you are in the WhatsApp group or following us on Twitter or Facebook to be reminded about this one.


Unfortunately we have to cancel this event, however we will be organising something else in its place. We are thinking of a Summer FFUK Zoom party of some sort but if anyone has any ideas we would love to hear from you.


We promised new prizes and here they are… The top scorer in the FFUK mini league each and every GW until the end of the season will be awarded a £15 prize. In the event of two or more players tieing on the the top score each gameweek, this prize will be decided on overall rank.

Please also remember that these scores may also be eligible to win the Best GW score. Check the leaderboard for what could be a nice double whammy!

N.B Danny Burgess also wins a £15 prize as he was the top scoring player in GW29. This is because there is now no Manager of the Month prize for March.


It is Pete’s 40th birthday on Wednesday 17th June just as the football returns so we thought we could do a zoom watch along of the Manchester City Vs Arsenal game which kicks off at 8.15pm. If people are keen I will set up a zoom and post details on the WhatsApp and Facebook groups. Feel free to drop in and say hello!

Hope this all makes sense, if not just shout, or watch the video on Monday evening and we will try and explain further.

Thank FFUK it’s back!


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