On a weekend which sadly saw the Leeds, Irish and English Hero pass away, it seems right that the song choice should be one that was penned for our Big Jack. Put Em Under pressure was his philosophy and appropriate theme when you consider the shake up and variety in scores across the teams in the top 20.


With 4 GW’S to go, how was your team looking? Heavily invested in expensively priced european talent or have you scoured the transfer market and not been swayed by the more expensive assets. It was the week for the bargain basement and homegrown talent to shine. You know something weird happened when there are 3 Wham players in the Dream Team. With Pep Reina(9) in goal and a back line that includes Diop (10) & Fredericks (11).  Everyone knew they had to put Ant Toe Knee O in their squad, just wait until his fixtures change because the stats don’t lie.

But when that transfer deadline looms ever closer, it’s so hard to do, as Pulisic is in great form and he plays for Chelsea, right! So I will give him 1 more week. 4 goals and 26 points later and that ship has sailed. Or has it? With a trip to Man U sandwiched between home ties against lowly Watford & Villa there may still be some fun to have with the OOP Englishman.

Not far behind was hat-trick hero himself, Mr Raheem Sterling (21).  Having burnt many and FPL Managers in the past, we have all been hesitant to go back there. Unless of course you are Mr. Peter Cronin and had both in your side and gave the city frontman the armband for good measure. Inspired. 

Upfront it was a story of two buses David Mcgoldrick  (13) had waited what feels like 12 1/2 years for his premier league goal and sure enough along came two at once. Likewise, Liverpool and Bournemouth outcast Domnic Solanke (13) finally got his first Premier League goal for the cherries and no sooner had he popped that cherry before he was back for more, finishing the game with a brace and max bonus.

Our Kevin does his best Raheem Sterling running impression in honour of the Englishman’s 2nd hatty of the season. 

In our very own race for the title, Grant Lawrie (1st) has been busy putting the boys under pressure Jack Charlton style he knocked our long term leader Mr Baker (2nd) off the top of the table to storm into the lead, thanks to his Sterling Captain performance. What was a 2 horse race for most of the season has also seen Justin McCarthy drop down into third.

Chips always have a major influence on who walks away with the title so let’s have a look at who has what chips left out of the top 10, or make that 12, as Mark Storar’s triple captain, executed correctly, with a garnish of luck could see him rise the rankings: 

  • 1st – Grant Lawrie – TC
  • 2nd – Paul Baker – FH
  • 4th – Jamie Stewart – BB
  • 5th – John Parkinson – TC
  • 7th – Ben Carter – FH
  • 12th – Mark Storar – TC 

The standard is certainly high this year. The lowest ranked for the prizes is currently Marc Speer in 20th place and yet he has an overall game rank inside the top 64,000 in the world. Well done to all. 


GW 35+ Top Scorer goes to our very own Pete Cronin. 116 points and just 1 hit has seen him rise 17 places into the top 10. The Chelsea man has been inspired since the lockdown, rising from 230k to 22k overall in just 5 GW’S. Go Pete! £15 on its way to you. 

It was fairly cut and dry in the conts this week as the Everton man Tim McEwan bowed out with 40 points. Despite actually picking a scoring captain, there was no competing with Daz who had Antonio on a free hit and Roni Friel who wisely invested in Sterling and captained Tony M. The admin will remove you before the next GW. Just 3 remain.

Poetry in motion FPL Stalwart ‘Jimmy’ did the business again for Wolves in their 3-0 whipping of the Toffees 

Special Mention

Goes to Mr FFUK himself, Chris Galloway. On paper a wisely timed triple C on Mo Salah resulted in just 6 points, this was duly followed by a dismal defeat for his beloved Chelsea to Sheffield utd and just when he thought it couldn’t get any worse, step up the handsome Leicester centre half Soy and Chew for a -3. Chin up Chris, happens the best of us. 

This week’s transfer deadline is 7.15pm today. Fancy a game of Pep roulette, second guessing the team he puts out in advance of an FA Cup tie, or what about Frank and his CHelsea men who can’t afford to drop any more points but he too would dearly love some FA Cup success in his first season. Personally I will be watching FPL Rockstar for some early team news to see if Alonso and Pulisic start v Norwich. If not, with such few games to spare, best look elsewhere. 

On a weekend when Leeds went within a bee’s dick of rejoining the elite in Premier League for the first time in 16 years I  will leave the final words to their all time record appearance holder, Big Jack Charlton:

“The game is about Being effective. Being aggressive. Winning the ball. Getting it on with the play. We’ll Put ’em Under Pressure”

Good Luck and don’t forget to enjoy these last few rounds as it will all be over in 2 weeks.

Damien O’Neill (22nd)


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