Winding your way into Baker’s Lead

This weeks tune is in honour of long time leader and world number 2007, Mr. Paul Baker (1st). But with his once mighty lead of 50+ points down to 19 are the wheels starting to come off? That’s right, we’ve entered the mind games stage of the season. ‘Squeaky bum time’, ‘Devon Loch’, ‘Facts’, ‘I would love it’. Sure the practice has been largely discredited with our frankly far too nice current crop of top level managers not getting involved but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of it here.

You used to think that it was so easy
You used to say that it was so easy

On the pitch a few of the usual suspects delivered with Pope (8) keeping a clean sheet and Salah (18) richly rewarding the 11.81% of you who captained him. Bruno Fernandes (14) is pretty much the new postman, in that he always delivers, with only one blank since he joined the league. However there were some surprising storylines too. Who could have guessed that Wellbeck (9) with a worldie and Rodriguez (9) would have been the top scoring strikers. Or that Cork’s John Egan (15), York’s Charlie Taylor (11) and er Burgos’s Diego Rico (9) would be the top scoring defenders. Dilva (17) looks a great shout in his last few games for City and Willian (11) and Pogba (10) look good mid price options if you can find a coveted midfield slot.

FFUK Top 20 after GW34+

It’s still pretty much as you were at the top with the chasing pack jostling for position. A fairly underwhelming bench boost puts me (93) back into 2nd with Ben Carter (69) slipping to 4th. With only 10 points between 3rd and 7th and some big prizes up for grabs it’s all to play for. Will we see more risks taken or do you stick to the fundamentals of the game as teams start to look very similar? So many of us had promised we were going to give up the Hits and the one week plans but…

Another hit and then you’d be happy
Just one more hit and then you’d be happy

Daron Russell (92) and his -12 was the standout this week but overall only 5 of the top 20 took hits. Proving that there’s merit in the daring approach we had three new entries in the top 20 this week with Chris Webb (107) moving from 21st to 11th, Steven Coffen (99) 23d – 14th and Stephen Fielden (115) 32nd – 17th.

You’re trying. you’re trying now

And Stephen Fielden (115) was this weeks top points scorer with an impressive points haul, earning himself this week’s project restart prize of £15. On a wildcard all his attackers returned as well as super John Egan (15) – he’s from Cork you know. Only Liverpool’s failure to keep a clean sheet denied him a clean sweep of returns from his starting XI. Steve has submitted his score and it moves him into 2nd on the best gameweek score page. Remember top 4 win prizes here so lots to play for still.

This silly game can make you feel so cold

Special shoutout to Jemma Gibson (18th) who had a bench of Dean Henderson (7), David Silva (17), Charlie Taylor (11) & John (did I mention he’s from Cork) Egan (15) for a combined score of 50. Possibly a record but no prizes unfortunately. Thing is all the decisions were correct on paper.

And you’re going, you’re going home:

This week’s unlucky cont is Sam Blake (58). Ultimately it was his forwards Kane (2), Rashford (2), Jimenez (2) who let him down but with an average score of 82.25 it was never going to be easy. And then there were four. Get your chips out lads.

You know he’s never gonna stop Pepping
‘Cause he’s rotating, he’s rotating Stones

Pep Roulette continues apace. KDB (7) owners – 79.53% of us – could be the next in trouble. If the thought of the Ginger Prince getting injured leaves Pep”trembling” the cotton wool could well be out for a fairly meaningless game against Brighton but then second guessing Pep is a fool’s errand so moving swiftly on.

And when you wake up, it’s a new morning
Son is starting , it’s a new morning

Transfer deadline is 11:30am on Saturday 11th. That’s tomorrow if you’re reading this today! This looks like closest thing to a normal gw we’ve had since the restart (Hallelujah). The games are spread out still but in the more traditional Saturday – Monday slots. GW 38 when all the games are on at the same time promises to be extra special after all this.

And forget about everything

Don’t mention the VAR

Justin Mc Carthy

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