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13 game weeks in and I’ve officially enjoyed my worst start to a campaign. Every week I keep getting knocked down – poor captain choices, transferring players out that go on to haul (Son) and subs scoring points and staying on my bench…. But I get up and go again with naïve optimism that the next game week will be different….

I get knocked down, but I get up again
You are never gonna keep me down

Game weeks are coming thick and fast so with a short turnaround I’ll keep the GW13 review short…

Kings of GW13

As someone remarked in the WhatsApp chat, this is the week of differentials – of 29 players who scored more than 6 points, only 3 had ownership in double figures. Well done to any FFUKers who own any of the above, with a special well done to the 4 who captained Rashford (14) and there was even 1 who captained Aubameyang (10)!

The notable absentee from the team above is Bruno (2), who got knocked down registering his first blank away from home and causing 56 FFUKers to curse their misfortune, but with a DGW coming up against Liverpool and Fulham, and fixtures against Leeds (H), Wolves (H) and Aston Villa (H) on the horizon, he undoubtedly get back up and smash a VAR penalty or two away….

Other significant captain fails included Vardy (2), KDB (4), Kane (2). Even Sterling (7) at home to West Brom felt a fail. Best reach for a whisky, lager, vodka and cider drink to numb the pain.

FFUK top 20 after GW13

The good thing about doing the GW review is that I get to see what page 1 of FFUK looks like.

With 65% total ownership in FFUK, 8 of the Top 20 captained Bruno and with a GW average of 42pts, it’s clear a number of FFUKers got knocked down.

We have a new leader, Sean Colohan (1st) on 854pts, whilst Ameet Shah broke into the Top 5 on 831pts. Our defending FFUK champ Grant Lawrie moved back into the top 20 with the best GW score in the league of 71pts – giving Rashford the armband was inspired whilst Neto and Son also scored well for him.

Lowest score of the week award almost went to Ollie Beckworth 23pts, propping up the FFUK league table before I spotted that Matthew Page-Chatton pipped him by 1 point scoring 22pts. Unlucky guys not long until we do it all again and you can forget about this week.


Last week (GW12) Rich Harrison was quaffing champagne celebrating being the highest scorer in FFUK, this week he’s back on the White Lightning having been booted out of the Conts with a score of 32pts, followed swiftly by Roy Browne swigging from a bottle of Glens Vodka cursing his 33pts. You’ve both been knocked down, but you’ll get up again for sure, just not in the Conts league.

GW13 also saw the final week of double evictions from the Conts, so everyone can breathe a little bit easier right… Wrong!

ITS CHRISTMASSSSSSS…. which means we’ve arrived at game weeks 14-16 and the inaugural TWELVE CONTS OF CHRISTMAS. 4 unlucky CONTs will face evictions each GW over Xmas, any survivors from GW17 onwards will then be on the home stretch and face single evictions until the end of the season. Good luck everyone!

Right it’s just gone midday, less than 24 hours until GW14 deadline so I’m off to the pub for a business meeting, a scotch egg and a cold pint of lager whilst I contemplate what changes I can make to my team that will knock me down again…

James Simpson (212)


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