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The song choice this week is David Bowie – Changes. The video is from a live show – think he looks a little like anyone? Maybe a certain Liverpool manager?

12 teams, 6 Games- Last minute cancellations. Panic. We were up to our necks in it. This season is FFUKing mental. One minute you’re the richer one, the next you are in a dead-end street. Out of Chelsea, Spurs, City, United and Liverpool who is the faker? Or is it just going to have to be a different one?

Its moving so fast, FPL has become a proper test. 120 Free Hits this week and 13 wildcards used in FFUK, so many changes.

FFUK Captain and Chip stats for GW18

I had this week all planned out. For many gameweeks I had been transferring players for this game week and planning for next week. I was going to be able to get through this period with no chips used.

FFUK that…. I thought I’d got it made, but the taste was not so sweet. I was not alone there are millions just like me. So reluctantly, as the virus struck Aguero (my differential) and Villa, I played my FH. My team scored 25 points more than if I left it, so I am reasonably happy.

The kids are alright

The PL felt It would be unfair to villa to play the kids in the league. Take note PL pretty soon they’re gonna be older. Time will change these kids, that and puberty.

This weeks scores were low. Obviously less games but those that were played did not deliver points or goals. In the case of a few games, they also didn’t deliver entertainment. From a fans point of view it was poor. But for FPL and FFUK players it was a strange fascination, fascinating me.

On the plus side of lockdown and shielding, although the days seem the same,  I can see almost every football game. Most on iPad with headphones as I don’t want my wife to leave me! Headphones with transparency mode are the best and not just for rock ’n’ rollers. This week the only game I didn’t see was the highest scoring.

Official FPL KINGS of the GAMEweek

With the exception of Kane, I don’t think many FHitters had any of these.


I feel for the 30 people who captained Bruno. He never blanks. United normally get a Pen and even when he has a poor game he delivers points. Not this time.

KDB (32%) was the most owned and captained. As one of the 32% I was chuffed when, due to his efforts, he got a pen at the death. I turned to face the screen and couldn’t believe he had given it to Sterling. But he would still have 2 assists. No Sterling where’s your shame? With KDB’s 6 point hall it was advantage Son (15%) and Kane (30%) captainers. However Son and Spurs didn’t do enough. Kane did and it was a lovely goal he scored.

Everywhere the points were low and you know its a strange week when Pogba is joint top scorer. If only he would grow up as he is the richer one.

Everyone who used a FH take a lesson from it – Never rely on Arsenal.

Well done to Neil Stewart (215) for getting 66 this GW. He is not having a great season but a great GW FH score.

I am not a stat man, I leave that to others in WhatsApp (and thanks to you all) I love reading it. One that stood out was in the top 10k the average gain from using FH was 18.65 points. So if you used FH and got 19+ than you would have done ok!

On a personal note I still don’t know what am looking for this season, but still in FFUK Cup, Conts and top 20, so well happy, but things change.

Top 20

18 out of 20 in top 20 played FH. Special mention to Chris Galloway (6) who climbed up to 6th without using a FH. Notable faller was Steven Almond (7) who also didn’t FH.

Steve Cronin – The Hurrikanes (1st)

So good he gets his own heading. He is not only the leader in our league- but is 94th in the world. I am not jinxing it or going on about it. Please note I will never be immune to your consultations and I would love a glimpse.

So would your brother Pete Cronin (133) who used his FH in GW12. Oops..

It’s nice of Pete to keep giving Steve, the younger more attractive Cronin, all his points!

ContS Eviction

Sorry Darryl James but you can’t trace time. I feel for you as you are evicted on overall rank. But you can Eat your Goalie and curse the fact Tierney didn’t play and Mitchell got 2bps! He’s was on the bench for many a FFUKer and delivered 8 points. The bottom 6 in conts didn’t use FH- it could have been any of them.

I hope the PL players are aware of what we are going through.

Time is running wild – the next deadline is just a few hours away.

Be safe and fingers crossed PL keeps going as we try to change our world.

Apologies for all the miss-quoted lyrics.

James Downie (14)

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