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Well well well…… what a week for me to be on GWR duty, Utd win 9-0 to 9 men Southampton reserves and Liverpool lose at home to Brighton, whilst City march on! What a strange season this is with so many crazy permutations.  I think Justin McCarthy (30th) has shared a stat in the FFUK WhatsApp group about there being more away wins than home wins this season!

The main football story has to be red cards! Anthony Martial (13) diving and getting brushed by “Down down you bring me down” Jan Bednarek (-7) who goes into FPL folk law with an unprecedented -7 score.  On the same night David “Down down you bring me down” Luiz (-3) gave away a penalty and got sent off because his name is David Luiz and he ran past an attacker in the box.  In both cases Peno Fernandes (17) and Ruben Neves (7) scored the resulting spot kicks for double jeopardy on Southampton and Arsenal respectively….. The FA had both clubs knocking down their door, they couldn’t quite sleep at night with Tony M’s dive and overturned the Bednarek red card but they said to David Luiz & Arsenal your tongue is far too long, I don’t like the way it sucks and slurs upon my every word and added insult to injury by also saying “your face it has no place, no room for you inside my house I need to be alone” – Social distancing and all that and he was left with a 3 match ban.

Mean while Chris Wilder can be heard shouting, I am the Resurrection and I am the life after not getting a win in the first half of the season he’s banked 2 wins in 3 games with a credible 1-0 to Citeh sandwiched in between.  Wilder telling Allardyce, stone me why can’t you see, you’re a no-one, no-where washed up baby who’s look better dead was particular highlight for us all in FFUK Towers.

I cant do one of these reviews with-out mentioning Pep roulette and his press conferences and to that we say, don’t waste your words, I don’t need anything from you, I don’t care where you’ve been or what you plan to do!!!

Right let’s get down to business – team of the week is above and I’m putting some serious money on no one reading this GWR having that midfield line up!  WHU fans saying to J Lingz (15) after his 2 goal debut – I couldn’t ever bring myself to hate you as I’d like!!!


FFUK Top 20 looks a little something like this above, with plenty of FFUK legends and Daron Russell (3rd) in the mix!  Top shout out to Clayton Deakin (4th) with his half Nelson 111 mammoth GW haul.    Nice to equally see some new blood in the top 20 too. 

Our very own Sam Blake AKA Jim Smith AKA Blakey in 67th position has been brutally ejected from the CONTS with a 56 point score – just 1 point below Mr A gets you evicted in that later stages, just goes to show the standard of the players left.   

Right that’s it from me, it was a quick turnaround so short and sweet! I’m currently languishing in 157th and having a horrible season but I say to this most intoxicating of games:

I am the resurrection and I am the life
I couldn’t ever bring myself to hate you as I’d like

Peace – Duncan

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