Fail We May, Sail We Must – Andrew Weatherall

This week’s theme is inspired by that euphoric end of season feeling that’s beginning to creep in. For a lot of us it’s been a long hard slog of a season. This is supposed to be fun you say? Well it is that too but it’s also been one of the strangest seasons in living memory and chances are at some point you’ve experienced football fatigue (unless of course you’re one of our breakaway big three, more on them later). Not being able to go to games hasn’t helped and the staggered nature of the fixture list has lead to a kind of football overload and deprived us of some of the best fantasy moments when all the games are on at the same time and it’s all going off on a Saturday afternoon.

Well this weekend it’s back. We have all the games kicking off at the same time on Sunday and what’s more the fans are back in the stands. All going well things will be fully back to normal next season and we can never speak of this year again (unless of course you’re one of our breakaway big three, more on them later). So for this weeks theme it’s time to get loaded (optional) and have a good time.

“And that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna have a good time, we’re gonna have a party”

Just what is it that you wanna do?


Well done if you owned any of the above journeymen. Bamford does have 43% ownership but beyond that the next highest owned is Robertson on 15 % with most in low single digits. In fact I’ve done the math(s) and you could own this lot for as little as £60m. Hope for all those looking for a differential punt for GW38. If they can do it anyone can.


So on to the Famous Big 3 who have been leading the way most of the season. In pole position is Chris (1) whose score was matched by Darron Russell (2) this week. Lots of important decisions and a couple of sleepless nights ahead for those two. Steve Cronin (3) has been playing down his chances and looking to the cup for consolation but we’ve all seen gaps like that made up on the final day before. A daring captain and a bit of luck can go a long way. Apologies for not including Stu Allen (4) in the big three but that extra gap looks a bit too much to make up right now. Stranger things have happened though. A GW37 high score of 83 for Sean Colohan has moved him firmly into fifth with eyes for fourth and maybe above. Behind that there’s plenty of jostling between sixth and ninth, including me. Some of us are heading to Europe proper, some of us will have to make do with the Europa Conference League.


In this section I’m going to briefly try and summarise what’s still to play for in FFUK. We’ve already seen how close the league table is and you can check out the full prize money breakdown here.

It’s all still to play for in the Cups too. In the FFUK Cup ⁨Steve Cronin (3)⁩ leads ⁨Mark Leathem (13)⁩ by just 6 points. Steve is still in contention for the double. In the Milk Plate Chris Smith (6) leads James Simpson (59) by a more comfortable 28 points.

Over in the Champions League Club Brugge – Theo Allen (21) defeated Molde – ⁨Lewis⁩ Bell (70) by a single point in an epic tussle to make the final. Theo / Brugge will face Sevilla – Mark Storrar (10) who beat Liverpool – Pete Cronin (45) by 26 points. Good luck to everyone still in contention but special shout out to Theo Allen who is doing the young FFUKers proud. Also a big shout out to Mr. Cups Paul Baker (88) who has done a sterling job again this year and given everyone extra enjoyment.

And for those who think they’ve nothing to play for there’s good news. There is a brand new prize of £50 to the highest scoring team in GW38. Best of all hits don’t count here so why not go for it!

One prize has already been settled. Congratulations to the main man himself Peter Cronin (45) who is this years King Cont with a gw score of 52. Pete saw off Sean Griffin (50) who scored 42. Sean won’t thank me for pointing out it could all have been so different had he not left big Nat Phillips (13) on his bench. As I’ve been saying since gw1 you’re better off out of it anyway Sean. Wait, that line doesn’t work anymore, sorry. Just know you’re Godzilla to Pete’s King Cont and it was a great run. Pete pockets a cool £250 as well as a £50 donation to Football Beyond Borders  on his behalf.


Once it’s all done and dusted take a look back on who won what and how on Sunday night here. Expect both winners and losers to be loaded and at least one of them will be having a good time.


That was a surprisingly business like review for all my talk of getting loaded and having a good time. Now that we’re all clear on what’s up for grabs Sunday promises to be an epic finale so make your transfers, set your team and kick back and enjoy the last GW of the season. Thanks for reading and good luck with your final decisions.

Justin – More Barnes (8)

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