The postponed tournament from last summer will soon be upon us and that means another fantasy game to sign up for. Tremendous!

Some of you may want some time off before FPL restarts (lightweights) and this isnt for you, but we hope that many of you will be up for it. The FFUK euro mini league will have a £10 entry fee and all prize money will be collected pre-tournament and paid out once the final ends.

We may also do a Euro sweepstake for anyone interested. Oh and while I have you, plans have just begun to re arrange the end of season do after we had to cancel it last season. More news on both of these soon.

But for now its all about that Euros Fantasy, we will be playing the official game once again. So sign up using the details below and get your team in, pay your entry fee then get tinkering so your team is all set for the 1st game on June 11th. This format of the game is really good if you haven’t played before as you can set your team and captain before each matchday!

Keep reading to find out how to join the FFUK league


If you haven’t yet signed up to the official game you can do so by clicking the link here

You then just need to enter the league code below to join the FFUK league


Alternatively, if you have already signed up to the game you can click on this link which should add you to the FFUK mini league automatically.

Any problems please get in touch.


Please then arrange your £10 payment before the 1st game kicks off on 11 June at 8pm.

You can pay via the usual methods below

PayPal MoneyPool – Click here for the link

BACS transfer – HSBC SORT 40 08 41 ACCOUNT 1148 5237

By the way, anyone fancies trying to write a little guide or a piece during the tournament, please get in touch. It would be great to have some content for FFUKers to read during the tournament and we are happy to help you get set up. We will announce prizes once all prize money confirmed. We are always looking for volunteers if you want to get more involved with writing or videos.

So that is it for now, we will be back with a reminder just before the tournament starts but now is the time to start tinkering and finding those bargains.



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