GW11 Review – I Just don’t know what to do with myself

Remember GW11? Me neither. I have entered a dreamlike state where all sense of time and place cease to exist – or the international break as it’s also known. FPL managers can be spotted checking for deadlines that don’t exist and spending time with family members they had all but forgotten exist. Long postponed DIY projects have been resumed, garden work attempted, even tax returns have been contemplated. What is this madness? When will it end? I just don’t know what to do with myself.

It’s been so long that Dean (I live in the real world not the fantasy world) Smith has managed to get fired and hired again – in the real world. There have been a few other comings and goings too which will no doubt have an impact on the Fantasy landscape. The hope is that the new Villa boss will be a bit more straightforward in his dealings with the press – and by extension us fpl managers – but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Speaking of which, I for one would welcome this level of detail when getting injury updates from a club:

Obviously I have no idea what it means but it could be fun to get some ffuk doctors on board and speculate based on this level of detail, rather than just he “has a knock, could be out for a few weeks”.


Own many of these? Didn’t think so.

I am assured GW11 did in fact happen so let’s take a quick look and see what we can learn before we move on for good. Probably the most remarkable thing from an FPL point of view this week was the Salah captaincy stats. We’ve never seen anything like it with 94.4% of the top 10k and 75% of ffukers captaining him. Indeed you have to go as far down as Tom Newman (46th) in the ffuk mini league to find a top ffuker that didn’t captain him. While he didn’t set the game alight he still got the assist for Trent’s free kick and with none of the next most popular candidates firing it looks set to be the same dilemma next week. Trent himself scored 12 points thanks to a goal and an assist, despite conceding 3 goals. Cancelo (14) got a clean sheet and two assists and could have had more again with Rico Henry (10) rounding off the defensive returns somewhat to the frustration of us Toney (1) and Mbeuno (2) owners whose patience may be wearing thin despite favourable fixtures and underlying stats. Foster (11) rewarded the small number of his 22.8% ownership that actually played him with a penalty save and all 3 bonus points.

In terms of the attacking returns this week there was very low ownership among top managers. Barnes (10) was a popular pick at the start of the season but most managers lost faith after a series of poor to non-existent returns. Raphinha (9) who just misses out on the team above was the top returning attacker for most managers. Gallagher (11) does have 15.3% ownership and alongside ESM (8) looks great value as the emerging budget midfield options start to solidify. Hayden (10), Trossard (10) and Fornals (12) make up the differential team with less than 2 % ownership (0.2% in Hayden’s case).

Pukki (9) rolled back the years for the forward picks but it’s hard to imagine a return to the heady days of the Pukki party. Armstrong (8) just highlights the dearth of options up front at the moment where it’s slim pickings for fpl managers.


It looks like the Cork Mafia atop the FFUK mini league and I have to take the blame for inviting Kevin Flynn (1st) and Brendan Ryan (3rd) into the league. It’s early days lads, it’ll never last. I don’t know if Chris Brophy (2nd) has Cork connections but The Castle Inn is one of the best pubs in town so he can have honorary status if not. There is the usual jostling for position elsewhere with some notable names in the top 10. The biggest mover this week is Dan Hardwick (8th) who moves up from 42nd to 8th courtesy of the GWs highest score of 95. Excellent use of bench boost from Dan with 28 extra points making all the difference.


After last week’s halloween horror show where we lost 10 conts (and this cont hung on by the skin of his yellow country teeth) we’re back to bread and butter double evictions this week. Still, no rest for the wicked and this week we lose Paul Bagshaw with just 30 points scored and Ben Eastwood with 32. Ben’s whole side apart from Mo didnt know what to with themselves and Paul got negative returns from his captain Aubameyang (-1) – that will do it for you, sorry lads.


The good news is that when FPL returns it’s for the bumper delay free period up to Christmas and beyond. No more interruptions until the FA Cup 3rd Round in January. Roll on GW12 and the Christmas fixture bonanza, oh and the 12 CONTS OF XMAS:


One other reminder – for those involved check out the Milk Plate page here to see who you are playing this month, good luck to everyone in their ties!

Justin Mc Carthy (37)

I just don’t know what to do with myself

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