Well with GW21 finally finished and behind us, its time to reflect and review on what just happened!

With the guru that is Ben Crellin whipping up a fervour amongst his disciples for the riches awaiting us with a DGW, many of us spent hours working out which Everton players we’d enjoy DOUBLE BUBBLE with….but Shirley when you are relying on Everton the only outcome will be TROUBLE!

And that’s exactly what happened, with Leicester ruining Everton’s DGW. DCL (0) was transferred in by 135,378 managers, selected by 475,939 and captained by 3 FFUKersno DOUBLE but plenty of TROUBLE for his owners.

So we were left ‘salivating’ over Brentford’s double with Villa and Southampton, with Toney’s frustrated by rich (in team value terms) owners hoping for a masterclass. His 2pts matched the number of yellow cards he got. DOUBLE TROUBLE.

And all eyes looked on enviously to anyone who owned West Ham assets. 325,915 mystic aka smart aka lucky punters transferred in BOWEN (21), alongside 253,716 slightly less fortunate punters who transferred in ANTONIO (9), with LANZINI (18) the 3rd most transferred in by 51,508 players. DOUBLE BUBBLE for some, TROUBLE for many.

So it’s no surprise that the King of the Game week was BOWEN, with the Hammers having 6 players appear in the KOTGW XI – FABIANSKI (9), COUFAL (12) and DIOP (8). Standout players joining them included “Flash a-ah Saviour of the Universe” GORDON (14) – whose 2 goals couldn’t save Everton being beat 3-2 at home to Brighton, where MACALLISTER (15) also scored 2 goals and secured max BPS.

In the other fixtures, the FPL gods ensured RONALDO (2) went missing again along with Man Utd’s entire squad except for….PHIL JONES (2), making his first appearance since January 2020 – owned by 1130 managers and captained by 11.

Arsenal showed promise for much of their game with City with SAKA (6) scoring first via an assist from TIERNEY (4). MARTINELLI (2) missed a sitter so no DOUBLE BUBBLE, instead TROUBLE came with XHAKA (1) doing what XHAKA does and giving away a penalty and GABRIEL (-3) then getting himself sent off in the 58th minute…such a spursy thing to do.

Match of the DGW was the 2-2 draw between Chelsea vs Liverpool. KOVACIC (10) scored a worldie – owned by 2.3% and costing £5m, he’s an interesting differential pick.SALAH (7) scored his 16th premiership goal of the season before departing for AFCON, whilst TAA (4) picked up another assist along with Covid, giving him the chance to rest up ahead of GW22’s match vs Brentford. DOUBLE BUBBLE.

And with that, we’ll end with TROUBLE.

SON (6) was transferred in by 396,570 managers and subsequently got injured and is said to be out until 9th Feb – or GW24 if you live by the FPL calendar and not the Gregorian. My youngest daughter’s birthday is GW27, she’s almost one season old already… I know she’d love a CR7 hat trick present vs Watford.

Best and Worst

Best game week score goes to ANDY JACKSON(96pts) who put his 2nd Wildcard to good use! Closely followed VINCE SIRACUSA (94pts) in 2nd and DAN HUMBY (91pts) in 3rd.

Worst GW score was EOIN REYNOLDS (266th) with just 13pts scored – a quick look at his team and with Martinez (2) captained and plenty of players not featuring Eoin has it all to do. DOUBLE TROUBLE.


In FFUK, KEVIN FLYNN (1st) remains the manager to beat in top spot, with CHRIS BROPHY (2nd) – “rhymes with Trophy” – moving up and BRENDAN RYAN (3rd) dropping back.

123 pts separate the 50th placed manager from the top spot, but with numerous DGWs ahead plus possible BB and TC chips to be played, there’s plenty still to play for!

With 54pts, PHIL SMITH was the lowest scoring CONT. That’s a high score to go out on but that’s CONTS for you. 143pts away from top spot in FFUK, PHIL SMITH you can now focus on hunting down KEVIN!!!

So we move onto GW22 and another DGW… DOUBLE BUBBLE or DOUBLE TROUBLE…good luck FFUKers!

James Simpson – Southcoast Gunner (8th)

p.s. the song is a tad annoying I know, just like DGWs, VAR and Liverpool’s false positives!!

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