GW22 REVIEW – Run rabbit run… but i can’t hide!!


Run Rabbit Run…but I cant hide!

This article was meant to be a petty story of revenge! My cousin James Downie and I have always been competitive so when he had the pleasure of writing the article the week Villa beat United earlier this season, I immediately volunteered to write after the return fixture…sweet revenge!! All was looking rosy when United went 2 – 0 up…then Coutinho (6) happened!! An excellent first cameo and one to consider in this transfer window!

The only thing that could make this worse is James had an inspired captain choice selecting Bruno (23 points) to really add egg on my face! I considered grabbing the passport and ‘run rabbit run but there’s nowhere to hide’ so here it is!

City and the Pep rotator grabbed the most vital win of the season. A number of Dias (0) owners will be angry to see their best centre back on the bench in their most important game to date…only Pep!! Cancelo (11) continues his battle with TAA (10) for a huge defender return.

Kings of the Game Week 👑

Has Kane (11) finally decided he better stop chilling for a new team and tempt some big offers. Who is getting on the Kane train now? Bruno(23) had a poor start to the season but hitting some form this DGW makes him a tempting choice while Salah is away and Son’s out!

The 100 Club 👏

Massive shout out to Steven Patterson (19th), Toby Glicher (12th), Josh Paxman (3rd) and Trevor Dennison (65th) who all defied the changing fixtures and their masterplans hit over a ton this week. Impressive lads.

Steven top scored with 106 points. Toby managed 108 but took a hit.


In the league Kevin Flynn (1st) still leads the way from Chris Brophy (2nd) but Josh Paxman (3rd) has now joined the top trio. Ashley Mather is up to 4th whilst Brendan Ryan drops to 5th.

Who’s the CONT this week?

Poor Simon Chatten is the latest to be eliminated from the Conts league with just 43 points scored. You can join me in saying its all about the main league now mate!

So to this GW- City have Southampton, very tempting to captain KDB, Cancelo or a number of their key players, just watch out for that Pep!

Captain suggestions below show Jota as a certain starter against Crystal Palace, never write off the GOAT and Dennis is at home to Norwich. Good luck with your picks this week.

1 piece of huge wisdom to share with you all. Its life changing and I can hear your thanks already. When playing your precious wild card, do NOT do it on New Years Eve, get smashed and forget to finish it New Years Days before the deadline. Not my finest moment!

Peace and love FFUKers,

Ben Eastwood (156th)– wow Im shit!!

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