GW23 Review – Waiting for the Ghost Train – Utter MAdness!!!



Welcome to the GW23 Review – I started making notes on this review 17 days ago, and like many of you – (including myself) we took a “Punt on Dennis”… Punt and Dennis (Remember these guys!) – what an absolute School Boy error we made – amazingly 107 teams (40%!) of us backed Dennis (-1) the Menace.

To “Kop that”, another 36 Ffukers backed King (3). So, your return from a combination of a Dennis Captain and King was…………..1 point…”Surely you cant be serious?” – I am Serious…and don’t call me Shirley!”…


So, digging deep in to the Music brain I thought about the FFUK WhatsApp groups use of the word “all aboard the Dennis train” when the DGW was announced and we all thought “what can go wrong?” – quite aptly I thought the lyric “waiting for a train that never comes” was perfect ( I could have also chosen Embarrassment from Madness as well!) I think this song describes the excitement of expecting a big haul to “come” in and also ironic for the length of time the game week took (it’s the longest one ever).

As you can see I’ve tried to lighten the mood with a comedic link to Punt and Dennis as clearly there are many of us that need a Monday morning boost after what can only be described as a catastrophe of a ffuking GW. I am glad that we can look forward to more DGW and blanks where we can once again get it all wrong and reflect on another missed opportunity to gain crucial ground on those top 20 League places along with those lucky enough to be in Cups and Conts.

Kings of the Gameweek

Not sure if this has ever happened before but 4 Burnley Defenders make the team of the week (Tarkowski (14), Pieters (12), Roberts (12), Mee (12)). Plus Pope (19) was the highest scorer of the week. Only one striker made the team Josh Sargent (13) for Norwich.

Some interesting results occurred with relegation bound Norwich smashing Watford away from home 3-0. Everton’s poor form continued with another home defeat to Gerrard’s Villa. The Geordies picked up a rare win away at Newcastle to keep their hopes of premier league football in 2022-23 alive. City slipped to a draw with Saints to give Liverpool (who beat Palace 3-1) a glimpse of the title. Chelsea continued their domination at the bridge with another victory over Spurs. Team of the GW has to go to Burnley for back to back clean sheets – when is someone going to give Sean Dyche a job with a budget – a definite Premier League managerial legend!

New FFUK leader Chris Brophy (1st), sounds like trophy, overtakes Kevin Flynn (2nd) whilst Josh Paxman (3rd) completes the top 3. All to play for with some big gameweeks coming up!

Shout out to Duncan Galloway (205th) who top scored this week with 65 points (net 61) – his inspired captains pick Pope giving him 38 points!

Conts eviction

James Downie will be feeling “Downie” indeed after a miserable showing of 21 points and is this weeks casualty in the CONTS league – well done for getting this far. Lets hope you are “James Uppie” in GW 24… Mark Leathem – you escaped with a mere 25 points but we wont talk about that too much. Oh and watch out for the below in GW25…

That is it for another GW, the next one is a bit quicker and wont last nearly as long. Enjoy.


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