GW24 REVIEW – Can I Kick It?


After waiting nearly 3 weeks for the last games week to finish this one was done in 3 days, goodness me wasn’t it nice to have some football back in our lives? So, what happened?

Sadly, once again the main news of the week was not football related, Mr Zouma has been a very, very silly boy and Mr Moyes has come under fire for putting points ahead of cats. For those of you who don’t know; this week a video emerged of Kurt kicking a cat, I have not seen the video, but it sounds pretty self-explanatory and I don’t have enough spare time in my life to watch videos of footballers being dickheads. The video was filmed and posted by Kurt’s brother Yoan. Why would you post the video Yoan? What did you think would happen Yoan? Yoan may have some explaining to do at the next Zouma family gathering.

  • Yoan has been suspended by Dagenham & Redbridge
  • Kurt had been fined a quarter of a million pounds
  • The RSPCA are investigating

Kurt played 90 minutes for West Ham this week, this has caused outrage not just amongst the general population but also within the much-famed FFUK WhatsApp group. People love cats.

David Moyes played Zouma, David Moyes would have known what the reaction would be, David Moyes didn’t give a single FFUK.

The fact is that David Moyes knows how important every point is this year and once again morality has been pushed to one side. This cat is not the first and won’t be the last casualty of the ever increasing, mind-bogglingly huge sums of money revolving around the Premier League.

Anyway onto football:

Newcastle continue their revival and beat an Everton side who can’t buy a point at the moment. Newcastle have climbed out of the relegation zone – if they survive this season we could see a much changed line up for the Magpies next. Will the Saudis start to flex their financial muscles this summer?

West Ham continue to be top four contenders with a victory over Watford and the mighty Burnley held Manchester United to a well-deserved draw. City and Liverpool continue to march ever onwards, and Mo (1) is back for Liverpool. What will this mean for Jota’s (16) points, as a non-owner (idiot) I think he has earned a well-earned rest now the sheriff is back in town.

Norwich, Palace, Villa and Leeds drew with Coutinho (16) slotting in at Villa nicely, Ramsey (14) looks an absolute beast and I look forward to him signing for Arsenal this summer. Spurs lost to Southampton with Kane (2) blanking again. Arsenal beat Wolves with 10 men after a bizarre 2 yellow cards in one passage of play for Gabriel Teodoro Martinelli Silva (0). It was strange, but at least Martin Oliver (0) gets to grab a few more headline inches.

King’s of GW24


Here are the kings of the GW24 –  I have one Ramsey (14)  he was buried on my bench FFUK! How did you do?

The top ten sees Chris Brophy (Castle Inn Casuals) tighten his grip on the trophy and our very own Peter Cronin (Eze Rollers) stomp into 6th position. Past Champion Paul Baker (Red 5 ) climbs to 15th – an ominous sight for the current top ten.

JPC (203rd) top scores this week with a huge 96 points – well done that man!


the Conts

In The Conts we lose John Parkinson, his 38 points just not enough this week, sorry JP it’s been lovely having you. For those that are left this week brings the Valentine’s Day Massacre. 8 of us will face the axe, as someone who has flirted with expulsion nearly every week for the last 2 months this does not bode well. It is however a timely reminder that I should visit the florist, we really don’t need two massacres this weekend.

8 GO THIS WEEK. (not 7 as in pic)

I hope you are all prepping well for the doubles. That’s all from me except a quick reminder – Please don’t kick any cats this weekend (or next).

Big Love

Mark – Unwitting Accomplice (117th)

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