Welcome to an “express” review of GW22 – I’m writing this in “Rashford” speed due to the quick turnaround and start of GW23 being just 48 hours away! There were two candidates to consider the focus of the review (Harry Kane or Rashford) but we all know Harry was going to do it and he is certified ffuking World Class already. With 82% of the FFUK captaining the Utd No. 10 (including myself), I have given the limelight to Marcus Rashford as he delivered once again with a top GW score of 20 points. He’s been like a new player ‘s the last 6 months and finally looking like fulfilling the potential that we all saw when he scored 2 on his debut in 2016…yes…2016!!!! ” Good Lord!”, I hear you shout – he’s been around for ages!” He has indeed but has he ever been this good – and so consistent?

With regards to the GW song choice this week, I thought about (for at least 10 whole minutes) which song to use for the review. With so many great music choices the last 7-8 years of reviews, it’s harder than you think to choose a song/theme that hasn’t already been used. Like Salah’s entire season, I drew a blank on the song choice, so I decided to let technology decide the fate. “Hey Siri, play the Marcus Rashford Song” and this came up from a French rapper called Fantome- its worth a listen and to see if any of that GCSE French is still in the memory bank from the mid 90’s. The opening lyrics are “we wanted to play ball like Rashford but we ended up at home” – perhaps this was in reference to French lock-down laws? As they used to say in the Mary Whitehouse experience, “it’s got a good beat” so enjoy perhaps one of the first review song choices in the French language!

If we do have any FFUK’er that has a degree in French, they may explain more about the Lyrics on the WhatsApp group. Anyway at a mere cost of 7.2 – Rashford for me is now one of the most essential FFUK players to own…and captain! The Norwegian Meat Shield has been found out and is more like Norwegian Pastrami on a rice cracker. Is anyone thinking of not captaining the beast for the Double Game week in 23? Shirley not…

“Get on with it” , I hear you say… OK, here are the important stats for GW22.

GW 22 was a gameweek for the underdogs as many of the the leaders were all pegged back from stretching leads over each other. Man U, Spurs, Brighton and Brentford all close the gap on Arsenal and City. At the bottom of the table Saints and Bournemouth look in real trouble. I doubt even Ivan Toney would take a bet on those 2 staying up.

TEAM of the Week Review – in short. It was a relatively high scoring week as we saw the Team of the week all score double figures (not happened since GW19 and not as common as you would think when you look back at the team of the weeks since GW1.

Chelsea v Fulham 0-0, average game only highlight was if you had Kepa (10) in goal. Chelsea cant buy a goal..blah blah..

Everton beat Arsenal…yes – you did read it correctly, Everton beat a top 4 side. Dyche delivers 3 points in a fighting performance against a full strength Arsenal. Tarkowski (15) – at a cost of 4.2 with a clean sheet and a goal! Anyone putting him in for the Merseyside derby?

Villa 2 – Leicester 4 – Just when you think Leicester are heading south and will self destruct they smash 4 past villa – Foxes favourite “Ian Nacho” with a goal and 2 assists to also deliver 15 points

Brentford beat hopeless Saints 3-0 with defenders Mee (13) and Henry (11) showing super value again. Mbeumo (12) with his second double digit haul of the season.

Brighton grab 3 points with a 1-0 win over Bournemouth, courtesy of the latest bright young thing Mitoma (11), to keep their European hopes alive.

Man Utd beat palace 2-1 – Rashford (20) scores – Casemiro (-1) auditioned to be the new WWE Undertaker and went for the full choke out on the ropes-incredible! His red card and subsequent 3 game ban showed last night they miss his class in midfield as they picked up a point against “dirty Leeds” in a 2-2 thriller at Old Trafford. Rashford (20) scoring again and also good to see my punt of Gnonto (11) picking up max bonus after his first minute goal. Fernandes (12) blanked yesterday but all in all a good week for the Man Utd duo.

Wolves beat Liverpool 3-0 – – Dawson (12), Kilman (11)…how the actual ffuk…I don’t want to talk about it alright #ynwa

Newcastle drew 1-1 with West Ham to frustrate owners of low cost Geordie defenders

Sunday games saw Forest pick up a well deserved 1-0 with Navas (9) at just 4.5M playing a key role in the victory. What a great signing – anyone putting him in?

Performance of the day however was for record breaking Harry Kane (8) who surpassed the late/great Jimmy Greaves to be crowned the Spurs GOAT & the clubs highest scorer. Spurs beating “Financial Fair Play deniers” Man City in a super performance that the absent Conte would “Shirley” be proud of. How long will Harry be a Spur is the next question? He truly is “World Class” isn’t he? Would a move to Europe be a great end to his career rather than joining another premier league rival. Big decisions to be made in the summer for him and Spurs. You do fear for Spurs if Harry leaves or gets injured this season.

This week we say goodbye to Peter Brookes who collected 63 points (not too shabby really), unlucky buddy!

Neil Stewart, Trevor Dennison and FFUK’s own Right Said Fred Tribute act Daron Russell & Jamie Stewart escape – just! Don’t talk just Kiss you too.

Check out the bottom of this review for a reminder of what is happening in this mini league next week. Happy FFUKing Valentines Day!

The overall FFUK leader is Rob Pitt (1st) with 108 GW points, who has a narrow lead over David Moore (2nd), Brendan Ryan (3rd) and Vikram Marwaha (4th). My “wingman” and renewed Arsenal Fan Mark Tarbox (8th) sneeks back in to the top 10 with 101 scored which is incidentally the room number of my beloved Liverpool Team…

Top GW scorer this week was Tina Whitehouse (37th) with 115 points scored – very good indeed! 33 FFUKers made the 100 club this week with the help of the Rashford captaincy so well done to all those – especially those that hit 100 points for the first time this season.

Time is of the essence so I’ll sign off with – Well Done Harry! Well done Marcus Rashford! All good for England and the Premier League.

The GW23 Review will be written by fellow Red – Duncan Hannigan – I’m praying that we get a victory against the Toffee’s on Monday night for you pal.


JPC (97th)

A reminder – this is happening…

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