May I cut this dance to introduce myself as the chosen one to speak….. about GW 23

What a week in the world, a Double Game Week that included City and Arsenal assets, Valentines Day which resulted in 7 Conts being evicted (more on that shortly). I’ve chosen a tune that pays homage to the recently departed Trugoy from De La Soul, 3 Ft high and rising was a seminal album for me as a kid growing up and has a tenuous link with Valentine’s Day so please allow me to indulge myself.

Let’s start with team of the week and for many 3 was the magic number with 34 FFUKers slapping the Triple Captain chip on Haaland this DGW. The Norwegian goal machine scored 10/20/30 points depending on your strategy but was out scored by 4 Citeh midfielders including Rodri…. It also looks like Grealish is finally becoming a FPL asset worth considering. Saka was the only Arsenal asset to offer a genuine DGW return.

Big shout out to Alex Sadlier (54th) who not only top scored in the league this GW with 105 points but also did it without using any chips, Rob Harding (122nd) scored 102 points with Haaland Captain and BB active and Pichon Yves (193rd) went Haaland TC scoring 102. All three entered the FFUK 100 club this GW – I bet Alex is very pleased with me, myself & I.

Now lets look at more of the FFUKers who had potholes in their lawn! The 7 evicted Conts – no love lost on Valentine’s Day in FFUK and certainly no room for sentiment with some of our leagues “Faces” getting their marching orders.

Jamie “Countdown” Stewart, Tina Whitehouse, Harvey Smith of GWR fame, Nitin Patel, James “Space Cowboy” Amar, Mark “Leafy” Leatham (who is 11th in the league so a big surprise) and lastly Sean “Coolers” Colohan. ALL GONE

Here is the top 20 – what can I say other than some proper big scores accumulating, very well done to you all, but who has upgraded Mark Tarbox in 8th, just keep your head down and focus on “me, myself and I” Tarbs – nose bleed territory pal – keep it up!

Right I’m signing off but before I do I’d like to add one more song for Vinny Siracusa (50th) in the FFUK WhatsApp group – those in the group will appreciate it. We’re here for you Vinny

Thanks for sticking with me this far


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