Welcome to the GW24 Review – The Boys Are Back In Town

The vast majority of humans are dichromats. We tend to have two cone cells in each eye enabling us to see around 1 million colour combinations. Some humans are trichromats having three cone cells per eye, and it’s believed a tiny number of humans are what are called tetrachromats having four such cone cells per eye.

Trichromats can see approximately 100 million colour combinations, but a tetrachromat can see more than a billion! What on earth could this possibly do with fantasy football I hear you cry (those that I haven’t lost already) ….

Well looking at the state of this I feel like you to need to be a tetrachromat to make sense of it all!

This is the time of season when we consider the blanks and the doubles, and start planning our chip strategy, however anyone coming here for some advice on that will be disappointed!

Those on the WhatsApp group and/or keeping a close eye on the lower echelons of the FFUK league may have noticed this hasn’t been my greatest season. I’ve not been devoting the time to the game that you need in order to keep pace with the template, much less get ahead of it – so the transfers are made in haste and are usually ineffective, so I languish 193rd where I’ve roughly been for many weeks.

I do leave with you with the above image though from Ben Crellin as the fount of all wisdom on such matters. I’d probably be looking closely at GWs 28 and 29 …. !

So let’s have alook at the team of the week for GW24:

80% of FFUKers captained Haaland (2). Why wouldn’t you? United and Spurs had the double, but he was away at Forest. Hat-trick incoming ….. but no. Nothing. Nada. Not a sausage. Star of the week was undeniably that man Marcus Rashford (15). What a rich vein of form he’s on! Now with 151 points for the season, he sits third behind Harry Kane (5) (155) and Haaland (183) – truly world class company to be keeping!

And with Sancho (6) scoring as well it feels like THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN!

Last time I wrote a review (GW9) I took some pleasure in dissecting City’s demolition of United that week. Ten Haag has them purring now and with Arsenal and City proving consistently fallible in recent weeks who knows where their run will take them? Could Sancho be the differential to push me back up the table? Not a transfer for this week mind …

The re-appearance of the lesser-spotted Trent Alexander Arnold (12) in the team of week points to a mini-resurgence for Liverpool. Yes being torn a new one by Real on Tuesday night won’t have helped, but good results in a juicy looking double gameweek could springboard them into tilt at the top 4. We all know what Liverpool are capable of, so I wouldn’t back against them.

Top scorer in FFUK this week was Clayton Deakin (3rd) with 81 points, taking him up to 3rd place in the league – well played sir! Captaining Rashford was key for Clayton with strong backup from Fernandes (12) and what look like masterly, if slightly rogue, picks in Zinchenko (7) and Tarkowski (8). His team name “Michu at De Gea Ba” is also very strong.

Talking of the upper echelons of FFUK, Rob Pitt (1st) is still out in front, but his lead has been reduced to 7 points by Brendan Ryan (2nd). Just 26 points separate 1st from 10th, which feels incredibly tight compared to previous seasons, so I expect the top places to change many times between now and GW38.

No manager of the month to award, or cups to report on, this week, so we’re onto the Conts.

After surviving last week’s Valentine’s Day Massacre of seven Conts, it’s Trevor Dennison (80) who succumbs to the single eviction this week. 14 remain if my maths is correct – getting towards squeaky bum time there!

That’s all from me.

See you down at Dino’s Bar and Grill!

Bakes – Red 5 (193rd)

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