Welcome to the GW 12 REVIEW – SUNDAY SUNDAY

The focus of this weekend was never going to be on Saturday. Still, it could have done a better job of stirring-up the excitement and cajoling the Fantasy Football emotions in us than it did!

It was always about SUNDAY SUNDAY!!


Don’t worry, I haven’t developed a stutter! Sunday was so anticipated, so welcome, so relieving, so enriched, that I had to say it twice!

Back to Saturday… yawn! Which, was a massive anti-climax!

Scrooge Saturday meant there weren’t many points ‘doing the rounds’ through the usual / expected channels.

This was especially the case, with the regards to the heavily bought in of late, and ‘fancied’ players – Arnautovic (2), Pereyra (2), Wilson (2) and to a lesser extent – Femenia (2), Murray (2), Success (2) and Trippier (1).

As their respective scores show, they all did FFUK all!!

So very disappointing!

There is a ‘template’ forming amongst the ‘good’ teams. There is a reasonably small gaggle of players that most of these ‘good’ teams are made up from.

No one cares that Foyth scored 15 points or that Paterson gleaned 12 points or even Rondon garnering 10 points, they’re irrelevant as less than 1% of ALL FPL players has any of them in their squad!!

So, looking at Saturday’s relevant players, those who had noteworthy scores were – Hart (10), Lloris (9), Felipe Anderson (9), Holebas (8), Chilwell (6), Fraser (6), Ings (6), Kane (5), Deulofeu (4) – that’s it!

Saturday ended with a team’s average score being 11 points – from six games! Bloody stupid Saturday!! Someone should have just cancelled it – it was all just a Blur 😉

Let’s quickly get back to discussing SUNDAY SUNDAY!!

The early KO on Super Sunday Sunday got us back on track. Liverpool defenders (most people have one) kept a clean sheet, with the full backs assisting (ahem) further by setting up the goals; snaffling up Bonus Points too!

Thank you, Robertson (12) and Alexander-Arnold (11) for breathing life back into us!

And then of course, there was, the internal ‘battle’ / ‘shoot-out’ between Salah and Mane.

You have one or the other don’t you!

Captained one of them didn’t you!!

Wanted yours to outscore the other, didn’t you!!!


Unsurprisingly, they were the top two FFUK captain picks – 30% gave the armband to Salah and 23% went with Mane.

Salah (8) owners came out on top! With Mane serving up 3 measly points! This 10-point swing made a significant difference to Salah-Owners GW scores!

Things took a bit of a dip when Chelsea entertained (hardly) the Mighty Everton.

No goals but valuable and much needed clean sheet points! Alonso (8) is looking pretty essential – he’s now the highest scoring player in the entire game!!

Hazard (3) failed to reward the 28 FFUK’ers that entrusted him with the armband. If nothing else, it made the Mane (3) captain’ers less clammy!


The Manchester derby brought joy to Bilva (10) & Dilva (9), Aguero (7) and Martial (7) owners and frustration to those with a City defender and goalie!

Whilst Arsenal and Wolves players (Jimenez – 6 pts apart) brought joy to no one, a blast from the past poked up like a meerkat! Mkhitaran (8), remember him? Once highly sought after, now… meh! SUNDAY SUNDAY aside, he’s provided minuscule returns of 10 pts from his previous nine games!! Is he due to return to the fray?

Hey Mkhi the Meercat

Lacazette (2) & Aubameyang (2) continued the theme of letting their FPL managers down – 15 FFUK’ers captained one of these lollygaggers!!

In fact (stat of the day)! 38% of the FFUK League captained a player who never scored more than 3 points!


If we look at the FFUK table below, the top four have all swapped places.

Lawrence Sprigings (1st) reclaims his place at the summit and is the first player to pierce the eight hundred ceiling with a total score of 802 points – we bow down to you, master!

Chasing Lawrence are three gallant Toffee-Men! Moving up to second is Tim McEwan, dropping to third is Mark Ford and falling to fourth is 2016/17 winner Nick Johns. Completing the top five is Mark Storrar.

Screenshot 2018-11-12 at 2.01.28 PM

Screenshot 2018-11-12 at 2.09.08 PM

Only four people (post HIT deductions) topped 70 in this relatively low scoring week!

Highest scorer is my old uni pal Dean Collins (72nd) with 87 points; he only went and played his Triple Captain Chip! That’s move him up from page 3 to page 2!

However, like an excitable sixteen year old lad with the hottest girl in school in his bedroom; I think under pressure, he’s probably jizzed too soon and felt compelled to pull it out early!! Time will tell…

jim AP

He was followed by James Simpson (69th) with 76 points – well done to you both; however, knock 4 points of each of those scores, as both took a HIT!!

Reece Richardson (110th) placed with 74 points and Tom Shepherd (90th) sneaked in with 71 points.

The week bottomed out with Danny Burgess (171st) low scoring with 27.

His team is actually very good on paper (Ryan, AWB, Mendy, Trippier, Martial, Mane, Ozil, Sterling, Morata, Lacazette, Mitrovic) – on another week that team could have easily top-scored!

It just shows how cruel and ruthless FPL can be!

A word for our very own Daz Russell (31st) who was the highest scorer in the Top 50 with 69 points. After an average start, he has gained some momentum and is gradually climbing the table each week! Inspiration to all those who have had or are in a ‘sticky patch’ – that’s ‘counsel’ and not a euphemism!!

warning double eviction
Who goes this week in the CONTS MINI LEAGUE?

Now to the Conts League…

I was in communique with our Great Leader Chris ‘C-Max’ Galloway (25th) for much of Sunday afternoon, he was convinced his time in the Conts was up!

It was extremely close all day, coming to a Climax (sorry) at the final whistle of the final game!

Those safe breathed a sigh of relief! Those not, were probably glazed over, staring futilely at the eleven ffukers that let them down!

It brings me no pleasure to announce that Neil Gordon goes out with meagre 35 points.

Joining him, in this Double Eviction week is Sean Griffin with 43 points.

Now to (malevolently) name and shame some of the lucky Conts who narrowly avoided expulsion – Matthew Cox (45 pts), Ian Galloway (45 pts) and Chris Galloway (46 pts) all live to fight another day!

My son Theo Allen of just 9 tender years is turning into Harry Houdini! His head is always painfully close to the Conts chopping block; it was once again, he ‘escaped’ this time with 47 points – keep it up boy, it’s a battle of attrition!!

Harry Houdini performs the great milk can escape c.1908 (sepia photo)

I hear C-Max is seriously contemplating ‘pushing the button’! He’s probably one of very few to have his Wildcard left – it’s about time, do it Gals!!

For those involved in the Milk Plate Cup, a reminder to keep your eyes on your opponents score for the month of November – only the one GW left to pull things back if you’re behind!

Let’s now hold hands, be strong and chant kumbaya! We can get through yet another barren FPL spell during this pointless International Break.

Laters FFUKERs…

Stu Allen (28th)


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