Good morning FFUKers

I am very pleased to say that the time has come for the cups to begin.

The time has come for the cups to begin.

Well done to everyone who made it into the cups, especially those of you that earned a place in the FFUK Cup. Those are the Top 64 for October, which includes Jamie Cooper and Dave Foster who both got through on overall rank. Places 65-192 then make it to the Milk Plate which starts today while 37 FFUKers will miss out entirely on Cup football.

Commiserations to the god forsaken 37, but please remember that this game is not a matter of luck and you are entirely responsible for your fate. For FFUK’s sake, Rob Harding and Dan Calabrese are even through and they’re not even playing!

Actually, scrap the commiserations, you have brought this on yourself, you can try and blame Harry Kane but he doesn’t care. Do better next season.


Moving on, some notable FFUKers made it through to the FFUK Cup, how about a married couple? Steve and Helen Cronin are both through (yes, that is my brother and sister-in-law), our chairman Chris Galloway and current FFUK League leader Mark Ford. Manager of the Month Jamie Davis will of course get a spot along with Duncan Hannigan who is in the form of his life (last time he did this well Liverpool almost won something too). Elsewhere Neil Gordon had a strong month, me old mate down under Kaine Sinclair, Phil Smith, Dan Mogridge, Sean Colohan, James Amar, Mark Tarbox, Daz Russell and Tim McEwan…. Asmir Begovic is also in the FFUK Cup, who wants to play him?

You guys will have to wait until later this month when the FFUK Cup 1st Round Draw will be carried out.


But news of the day is of course the Milk Plate, all fixtures have been updated on the tab here. The pick of the round has to be Sam Blake v Jake Walker and it will be interesting to see which of these two get to enjoy a long and prosperous cup run. We wish it could be both of you!

So best of luck to all of those playing Cup Football in November, which leaves the rest of us to chill out, and worry about our league positions…



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