Well as Chris isn’t around this week I thought I’d have a rare go at the GW review. I read the review every week, and as it’s basically a discussion of how badly Chris’ gameweek has come I thought I’d follow suit. Yes. 
So Chris had another bad gameweek this week, his level of misfortune is reaching new heights, and there was a moment earlier this week when I was reminded of his Phil Collins period. That depression, a couple of years back now, was because of Chelsea’s demise, but it’s good to see that CFC are doing better. Chris Galloway (246th) scored 37 this week making my 44 look ok. It wasn’t ok though, maybe Chris is trying to make me feel better by performing worse, giving me a lift of sorts?
My gameweek 10 started at 19.02 on Friday, two minutes after deadline, seeing that the game was already updating, knowing that this would mean my transfers wouldn’t go through. My transfers were Pukki (2) and Mahrez (0) (Cantwell (1) came in as a sub) to Vardy (20) and James (6). I wasn’t planning to captain Vardy though. 
Chris’ gameweek came down to City, for the second gameweek on the trot. You’d think it’s impossible to own x3 City players (Mahrez (0), Aguero (1), Otamendi (0)) and have none of them start two gameweeks running. It’s not. 
Chris is in FPL Hell, and I fear it’s just around the corner for me too. Here’s Tricky:
The GW10 Dream Team 
Who knew that Leicester would score 9 goals on Friday night. I’m not bitter. This means that x4 Leicester players hit double figures, Maddison and Barnes got amongst it too and all the defence got clean sheet points. Owning none of them hurt a little. 
Tim Krul saved two bloody penalties against United. Lolz. I guess sometimes ytou do have to be Krul to be kind. Lascelles and Fernandez got attacking points in a 1-1 showdown with Wolves, and some guy called Maupay seems to be doing ok. Sterling was my saving grace, though it’s always nice to see Chelsea boys performing well.


                                                FFUK Top 20 after GW10

Heaven is place on Earth according to Belinda Carlisle, and for a lot of FFUKers there’s no need to listen to depressing music or make rage transfers. I won’t put a link in for Belinda, but thoroughly recommend everyone checks out her back catalogue.

Chris Bennett (1st), had another top week, 81 points looking super. There were in fact a load of 80+ scores about (apparently other people had a decent enough week?) These include Robert Simpson (5th) with 83, Clayton Deakin in (8th) with Jamie Cooper (15th) with 86. Paul Reid (50th) tops the bill this week with 94. Heavenly. 

Still there is hope. It’s said often, but can only be said for so long. It is still early days, and we have almost 3/4 of the season to go. 

FFUK Points Markers

1st – 601 points 

10th – 569 points (32 point gap)

20th – 562 points (7 point gap)

50th – 543 points (19 point gap)

100th – 525 points (18 point gap)

200th – 484 points (41 point gap)

As we can see from the above, it’s still pretty tight. 200th to 100th seems a long way away, but is in fact only 41 points in distance. This is nothing in the scheme of things. We should expect to see ranges of 100+ points in the Top 10 by season end, and achievable to make up if there are enough weeks left, so just 40 odd to make up 100 places is nothing at this stage. 

Beyond that, looking at the little needed to get from 100th to 50th or 50th to 10th highlights the tightness of the entire league. Frankly, it is unlikely to stay this way, chip use, motivation, and luck, are all in play at these early stages, and just 26 points would take you from 50th place to 10th in a week! Interestingly, CB (1st)  is building up a fair lead, with John Parkinson (3rd) 23 points behind him. Compared to the 7 point gap between 10th and 20th in the FFUK League this seems strong, but of course, so much can change in a short space of time. 

Keep the faith FFUKers.

                              Congratulations to October’s MOTM

Obviously the guy above should never be MOTM, Pep is purely out to sabotage FPL, be annoying, and only satisfy Man City fans. Wanker.

However, FFUK have got all the time in the world for our own MOTM, and this month’s £50 prize goes to one Duncan Galloway. Jazz man Duncan, is Chris’ uncle, putting him to shame with his stylish ways. DG’s ‘Schadenfreude’ (81st) scored a smooth 87 points this week, 184 points for the month puts him in a prize position. Well done Duncan, and I look forward to hearing your wonderful band again!


                     Who goes this week in the CONTS mini league?

Jamie Stewart (93rd) took over the administration of the Conts this week, seeing that myself and Chris have already been knocked out. It’s been rumoured that this is a curse, that The Conts Master is highly at risk, and JDS had a hairy time of it this week, evading the evil spirits despite only seeing 46 points. Jamie, as it goes, is not very hairy at all, even on his body. Lucky or unlucky, you can be the judge. 

But unlucky are Craig Sharman (42 points) AND Roy Browne (43 points). Unfortunately all Conts get FFUKed sooner or later, and this was their time. There are two more gameweeks of double evictions (GW11 and GW12) and after that, at least, it will only be the single worst score that gets evicted. 


Ladies and gentlemen, the cups are in full swing. You can check out Cup Master Paul Baker’s sensational updates for the new season’s Milk Plate here or the FFUK Cup here.

If you didn;t make it through the FFUK Cup you’re into the first round of the Milk Plate (the league cup of FFUK). If you made it though in the FFUK Cup well done to you. Full draws listed below:

To see the FFUK CUP 2nd draw click here

To see the MILK PLATE 1st round draw click here

And that’s it from me, I have Belinda Carlisle’s ‘We Want The Same Thing’ cued on the record player and I’m about to give Chris some team advice. He will likely reciprocate. 

Peace out FFUkers.




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